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My Husband and I Are Basically Cam and Mitch From Modern Family

I was talking to one of my blogging friends, Mooselicker. Maybe you’ve heard of him? He asked me which TV or movie couple I would compare Paul and myself to. What an awesome question. I couldn’t come up with anything right away, so think of this entire post as your answer, Moosey goose (sorry, never again).

I asked my family to help me think of an identical couple to Paul and I, but they only came up with dumb ideas usually resulting in me being Renee’ Zellweger. Like, just no. Either Paul was Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, or Tom Cruise and I was Renee’. In what way is that fair? I said Tom Hanks and Wilson from Cast Away, which I think was a pretty good fit. I’d be Wilson, obvs. But then I mentioned Cam and Mitch and everyone ignored me because our food was served. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a perfect match. Except that they’re both gay men. Minor detail.

Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett are the perfect couple in my eyes. They don’t always get along, but they make things work and they’re consistently the best part of Modern Family. Kind of like how Paul and I are the best part of the world. They’re the definition of the phrase “opposites attract”. They balance each other out.

The only difference is that Paul's not a ginger. And I'm not a large man.

Mitch is mild, yet sometimes tightly spun. He’s a lawyer and Paul is going to be a lawyer! He loves Costco and Paul loves Costco! In older episodes Mitch mentions that he likes ice skating, musical theater, and building things. Guess what, guys? Paul likes doing all of those things too! Did I marry a gay man? Possibly. Mitch was also nervous about raising a child. I’m not saying that Paul’s nervous about child-raising, but he definitely is. He’s responsible, level headed, and always makes fun of me and my dumb ways. In the exact same way that Mitch makes fun of Cam.

Cameron has a very bubbly, outgoing personality. Being slightly over-dramatic, like myself, he contrasts Mitch perfectly. Cam has lot of unusual interests. We don’t share the same hobbies, per se, but my interests are also unique and diverse. He’s a stay at home dad, and I’m basically a stay at home mom. Besides the whole “mothering” thing. Cam is definitely the woman of the relationship. Like all good women, he’s sensitive.

I distinctly remember a scene from Modern Family where Cam and his adoptive daughter, Lily ( I KNOW), are having fun baking in the kitchen. He makes a mess and then walks away. Mitch complains about how Cam has all the fun and how he leaves all the cleaning up for Mitch. After that, Cam pretends to clean up but doesn’t actually do anything. So yeah. That’s Paul and I in a nutshell.

Which TV or movie couple have a similar relationship to yours?


27 thoughts on “My Husband and I Are Basically Cam and Mitch From Modern Family

  1. They are a great couple to emulate! Honestly they are the only characters on Modern Family that I like at all. I don’t even know who I’d compare my husband and myself to. That’s a pretty fun thought experiment, tho.

    • Yeah it’s kinda fun to think about! I only like Cam and Mitch and Phil. Everyone else on the show annoys me. I’m starting to think we’re the same person.

    • Lol I had never heard of The Bickersons, but I wikipedia-ed them, and I love them. But yes, Cam and Mitch are way better. Yeah think about it!

  2. I’m Nan, from Catherine Tate’s collection of characters. She has a cat, doesn’t she? I think being Cam and Mitch would be swell, if I’m honest.

    • You could always be the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons. I think she threw cats at people. Sounds like something you would do, right? 😉

  3. How did I not see this until now? I get a mention and everything.

    I know there has to be some TV couple out there who my girlfriend and I are like. In our nutshell she thinks she’s smarter than she really is and I’m smarter than I behave. So we equal out and join in the middle. Too many women on TV are mean and nasty and get stressed out over having to make lunch for their kids.

    The most unhealthy relationship I can think of was Dexter and Rita. She was a nuisance to all blondes.

    • Yeah , seriously, what the hell? That’s the last time I dedicate a post to you. jk. maybe.

      I agree about women on tv. That’s why I chose to be a man. I asked Paul if he liked this post and he said, “You compared me to a gay man. No.” Oops?

      Rita was okay at the beginning, but ultimately, yes. She got what she deserved.

    • Definitely heard of it, but haven’t watched a lot of it! I’ll make sure to find some old episodes and take a watch! Since the title is “Mad About You” I’m guessing they’re a great couple to be like!

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