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For some reason the date April 20th is National Pot Smokers Day. Who decided this? Why do pot smokers need their own day? They get to relax all the time! Seems unfair.

I never smoked pot. I tried to smoke cigarettes but I couldn’t really figure out the whole breathing smoke into my lungs thing. How are people so good at harming their bodies?! I feel like I should have been given this gift, but alas, I have not. So I didn’t even try smoking pot because apparently it makes you cough even if your doing it right.

I went on a run last night (I know) and I could smell someone smoking weed around me. The only two people I was approaching were this older, well to do couple. It had to be them. Unless one of them likes Eau de Cannabis, I’m pretty sure they were tokin’ like a pair of teenagers. During this part in my run, I was getting pretty exhausted (5 minutes in) and I had to cough, but I didn’t want them to think that I was coughing because they reeked of pot and that was a way of me telling them that they’re gross. So I held in my cough until they were far enough behind me that I felt safe. Should there be an age limit on pot smokers? I feel like once you reach 40, it’s seems kind of desperate. Like, grow up dude. Although I’m 24 and I still say dude.

I guess you could say that people in my high school were into weed. And by into weed I mean they dressed in patchwork clothes and talked about jam bands. Those kinds of people. But I loved them. They were always super nice and appreciated my sense of humor. Although I think they appreciated any attempt at humor.

Always havin' a good time.

My friend went to Hawaii a couple of years ago and she traveled for hours to go see some natural wonder that I’ve forgotten the name of. While she and her family were deep in the Hawaiian jungles (does Hawaii have jungles?) they saw Woody Harrelson smoking a doobie. He saw them and literally ran away. That’s how I remember the story being told. I feel like a lot of celebrities do this. Remember when Miley Cyrus was caught smoking pot and her publicists made up a drug that “definitely wasn’t marijuana.” So Miley just happens to be the only one into salvia right? And salvia has all of the same effects that pot does except that it’s not illegal? Look, my spell check doesn’t even recognize the word salvia. I don’t know what kind of fast one her publicists think they pulled, but they weren’t fooling anyone. Miley should have taken the Woody Harrelson approach and booked it outta there.

I feel like I’m on the island of misfit tokers over here. Everyone does it. The oldies, the young ones, and everyone in between. Why is it so prominent here? Are they better at growing it? Someone please give me answers!

Why are people like Bob Marley and Willie Nelson considered pot smoking gods? Both of these men severely freak me out. Not Bob as much as that inbred Willie. Celebrities are definitely into the ganja. It’s probably so easy for them to obtain. Michelle Phillips from The Mamas and the Papas said in 2001 “Marijuana should definitely be legalized. I think we should let everyone smoke it without fear of being thrown in jail. It’s the greatest drug in the world!” Oh Michelle you messed up creep. Anyone that was married to John Phillips, destroyer of Mackenzie Phillips’ life is not someone I would take advice from.


So whats the consensus? Weed–good or bad? How are you going to celebrate 4/20? I’m going to celebrate by watching Finding Nemo on mute and listening to Dark Side of the Moon. And surrounding myself in tie dye. So trippy.


28 thoughts on “4/20

  1. natalie says:

    Dude, Woody was smoking so much more than a doobie! He was at a smoothie shack owned by hippies that live off the land. Norms.

    P.S. Took seeing Hunger Games twice to realize he was in it…

    • Well yeahhh haha but isn’t he known for his doobies? I don’t freakin know. Hahaha Smoothie shack. I like that I remembered this story so distinctly out of all of the stories you’ve told me.
      So glad you saw it twice! But yeah he looks pretty weird with long hair so I don’t blame you.

    • Yeah I sometimes like the smell–it kind of makes me smile because I know someone is trying to be sneaky. But you really can’t escape that smell, ya know?

  2. I thought I was the only one who had never smoked it. And lemme tell you, I certainly tried! I must’ve had the squarest group of cohorts ever known because the closest I ever got to smoking weed was at church camp when I was 16. And even then I failed.

    • Hahah how did you get a hold of some at church camp?! That’s pretty ballsy! But yeah I think it takes skill. Skill that we weren’t born with.

  3. I have tried it several times in the past. I am not a smoker so I often ended up coughing a fair bit but it was good fun.

    It always makes me laugh when there is a huge outcry over an allegation of a celebrity getting caught maybe perhaps being within 500 miles of someone who might have once smoked a spliff a decade ago.

    • Hahah yeah well aren’t celebrities there so we can zoom in on their every move? It’s their fault for being in the public eye all the time.
      That’s good that you’re not a smoker. I hear it causes some damage…ha

  4. Haha! Enjoyed this Lily. Especially the part about Woody Harrlson running away! For some reason it reminded me of a story that happened to a friend of a friend. They were in England (I think) and wanted to find Paul McCartney’s house. So they did a lot of research and a lot of hiking and finally found his ranch and here he came riding up on his horse and they were so excited and greeted and he said, “Get the ‘ef off my land.” HA!

    • Yeah that seems pretty normal. If you still smoked it now, that would be a bit weird, right? But I’m constantly amazed at people who still smoke it even though they’re much older!

  5. Mallory says:

    This post reminded me of the good ol’ days in the LLC. I believe his name was Jeff and he lived in our first dorm (F403) just down the hall from my room in 402. We get a knock in the middle of the day and there’s Jeff high as a kite, barely able to keep his eyes open and he asked us if we had any jam. I told him I didn’t think we did and he proclaimed “I just need some f*cking jam man!” He was later arrested when cops found weed in his jacket pocket. He claimed it wasn’t his jacket. Great times.

    • Ohh I think you mean Geoff?! I mean, definitely the same name, but I used to call him Gee-off because that’s how he spelled it! But yeah we had some good times in the LLC! Poor Geoff and his jam. Probably had the munchies…for jam randomly.

  6. There’s no real good argument against it. Most people who do it are already lazy and unproductive. People say it doesn’t harm anyone so it should be legal. First define harm. If by that you mean it doesn’t kill or physically hurt anyone then why not make smacking your nude ass into people’s faces legal then? Pot doesn’t help a normal person achieve anything more. I’ve never met a pothead and thought “Gee they sure do things well.”

    Potheads are like Dave Matthews Band fans. It’s not so bad but those who partake in it are the ones who ruin everything. Oddly enough most Dave Matthews Band fans are also potheads. Has anyone ever thanked pot in an accept speech? It literally ruined Kevin Smith’s career.

    • It would always amaze me though during high school because a lot of the kids were way smarter than me that smoked. How were they so good at everything? Maybe I’m just playing devil’s advocate.
      Ugh yes I Don’t really like DMB. I love when people refer to him as Dave. Like they’re the best of friends.

  7. Marya says:

    Back from Spring Break. How is everybody?

    Here in Shorewood, WI it was announced today that it is, “National Weed Day.” The local news anchors revealed that it was really, “National Get Out and Weed Your Garden Day.” I believed them.

    Then, Elizabeth announced that today at Shorewood High School they brought in four sniffing German Shepherds and, “Searched Jimmie and Silvestre for one hour for pot.” Oh, now I get it. That’s why they call Shorewood, “Shore-weed.”

    Lily, I loved your anecdote that it seems at times that, “EVERYBODY IS DOING IT.”

  8. Pete Howorth says:

    I’ve smoked weed before, it does nothing for me, it’s just like smoking a cigarette to me so it’s pointless. Plus it makes you smell like a hippy.

  9. I just recently quit smoking (cigarettes) about 9 months ago. I think they should be outlawed instead of pot. I’ve smoked it a few times, and it really depended on the situation, whether or not it was a good thing. I usually didn’t like it, but there were a couple times when I was drinking (I quit drinking too. Man what a ragging Alchy I was) that I had a happy balance where the pot would give me just enough high and a large amount of cotton mouth, enabling me to somehow drink more. I can see the medicinal uses it can provide, but you don’t need to smoke it to get that. I’m done with it all, but I’m glad I did it, so I know what I’m not missing.

    • My husband quit smoking about 2 years ago. I think drinking should be outlawed before pot and cigarettes are! It’s hard to choose which is worse. I definitely agree about doing those things while you’re young. I mean, isn’t life supposed to be spent experiencing everything, the good and the bad? But I know what you mean–we’re not missing much! I’ve had some good memories drinking, but all in all, I don’t need it to have a good time.

      • Yeah, not sure about that either.

        I’m glad I did them, since I know what it’s all about, but I’m not sure if everyone should. It wasn’t that bad for me to quit, but I’m sure some people would just never be able to climb out of it.

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