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Oh Make Me Over

It’s hard to pin point what makes makeovers so great. Some people like to give them. Others like to receive them. I like to give them, receive them, watch them, etc. It’s fascinating how you can change someone’s appearance so drastically. The best part of any makeover is the reveal. It’s so great seeing people get a boost of confidence that their fugly selves never had before. Unfortunately there’s also such thing as a make-under. But that’s a different topic for a different day.

One of my favorite scenes in Clueless was when Cher and Dionne give Tai a makeover. Let’s just be honest for a second. No matter how you slice Brittany Murphy, she’s always gonna look like trailer trash. Doesn’t she have that I-got-my-entire-outfit-from-T.J. Maxx-look? Yes. Yes she does. That’s why her casting in Clueless was so spot on. The duo really gave Tai the full treatment. Cher even tried to extend Tai’s vocabulary. She was unsuccessful, but at least there was effort made. By the way, R.I.P. Britt Britt.

Such a simpleton.

Do you remember at the end of Grease when Sandy changes her look for Danny? I can’t decide if I would call this a makeover or a make-under. I mean, Sandy was really cute before. She wore cool dresses and she didn’t look like Rizzo–she had a lot going for her! For some reason both Sandy and Danny decided that they had to conform in order to show their love. Danny’s attempt was pathetic. He basically kept his same look, and just replaced his T-Bird jacket with a Letterman’s sweater that we all know he didn’t earn. He rivaled my athletic ability. Sandy obviously took one for the team and let Frenchy make her over. What a brave soul. Grease teaches you that the cool kids won’t truly like you until you become one of them. And then they’ll sing a ridiculous song outside of school and you’ll fly off in a car. Ahh Rydell High.

Frenchy did a great job of making Sandy look 20 years older.

Reality shows really have the whole makeover thing perfected. I’ll watch any show if it promises me an eventual makeover. Especially a makeover with tears. That’s where America’s Next Top Model comes into play. There’s a house of 20 or so girls that want to become models. When it gets down to 12 girls, they’re all rewarded with a makeover to enhance their look. It’s astounding how many girls cry when their hair is cut or dyed. Like, really? I thought you were a model and could rock any look. Needless to say, it’s super entertaining.

Another perfect example is Biggest Loser. The final 7 people get makeovers and it’s so fun to watch! Not only do the contestants get their hair cut and colored, but they’ve lost so much weight. They actually do look like different people. Those are always emotional because they feel so good about themselves after treating their bodies so badly. The makeovers for this season of  Biggest Loser were on last week but they made it a two part episode. So that’s annoying. Also, for some reason the losers (can I call them that?) get to go to the White House to meet Michelle Obama. I’m sure they really want to see her and her chiseled arms. But seriously, how many pushups does Michelle Obama do every day? Let’s make guesses! And then email them to her.

Lastly, there was the most drastic makeover show of all, The Swan. Haha just kidding. I’m talking about Extreme Makeover. That show combined easy makeover techniques (hair, makeup, clothes) with plastic surgery. The transformations were always awesome and the people felt and looked beautiful. For some reason my favorite part was watching people get their teeth fixed. No one should have to hide their smiles! Yeah, Extreme Makeover would definitely guarantee tears. And then they just had to take it one step further and come out with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I wish someone would give Ty Pennington an Extreme Makeover.

I think you missed a spot shaving. Also, stop spiking your hair. It's not 2002.


16 thoughts on “Oh Make Me Over

  1. A two part Biggest Loser makeover episode? Not only does it make people feel bad for being fat but now people feel worse for their bad haircuts. Horrible!

    I don’t get people who change the way they look to please someone else. I would always feel bad for my old clothes who got me there in the first place.

    • Exactly. So much shame couldn’t be crammed into one episode. I just love seeing fat people get skinny for some reason. I feel like I talk about Biggest Loser in every other post I write.

      I don’t get those people either. Isn’t how you dress and the way you present yourself your identity? When you change it for someone else then you’re becoming them. I like that you feel bad for your clothes. Timisgoo.

    • haha yay! I love making people secretly LOL. I usually never type it either unless I’m dying of laughter or something. Usually I’ll just type hahahahaha so it seems like I’m really laughing.

      Ugh I want one too. I want to be pampered 😦

  2. Frenchy did a great job making Sandy look 20 years older! So true. That whole cast was already like 30 years old! Haha! I love a good make over. It’s not quite as satisfying when it’s a do it yourself. Lord knows I’ve had to make myself over my whole life.
    RIP Britt Britt made me lol. I like to mix my haha’s with a few lol’s.

    • Lol yeah they were so old. Like Kenickie was at least 40. Hahah. It’s much more fun when someone else makes you over and they’re really good at it. That’s always the best. Yeah I used to lol a lot back in the day, but then I got tired of it. And for some reason the word haha makes me laugh more than lol. Ya know what I mean?

    • HAHAH. I can just hear “Move that bus!” echoing in my head now. Barf. How is he still alive? I miss the original Extreme Makeover…I don’t think it exists any more though. R.I.P Extreme Makeover.

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