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Lets play catch up! Some cool new things are happenin’ over here and I feel like I should share. You guys like knowing about my life, right? RIGHT?!

I can’t remember if I told you guys or not, but we saved up our precious dollars and bought a couch. Since Paul and I didn’t live together before we got married, we didn’t have a lot of furniture to our name. We got a lot of hand-me-downs, thanks to our parents, and kind of pieced things together. Now, don’t get me wrong. We were very lucky that Paul’s mom had an extra couch laying around for us. BUT it was purchased in 1976 and had a floral pattern with a green background. ‘Nuff said. The cushions were pretty shot. But it was a good friend. We were sad to say goodbye to it. And by we, I mean Paul and his mom. Our new couch is lush and cozy and easy on my sensitive eyes. With the down feathers sewn perfectly into place, the cushions are a paradise for my butt. Life is looking up.

I haven't moved since it arrived.

Easter candy is taking over my life. We some how acquired a massive amount of candy. Paul’s family had an Easter egg hunt. I hadn’t gone on a hunt for candy since I was 11. The child in me came out in full force and I became very competitive. I guess I realized that finding food was one thing that I was good at, so I might as well give it my all. Between us, Paul and I got quite a haul. Today for some reason, we decided to peruse the grocery stores for discounted Easter candy. Let’s just say, I won’t be bathing suit ready for a while…

Cherry blossom trees are everywhere! I feel like I’m in heaven. No one told me that cherry blossom trees would line the streets here! I feel like I’m in a Dr. Seuss book that takes place in heaven. They’re so luscious and full. It’s crazy how trees can put you in a good mood. It’s the little things in life, really.

There is no way you can deny their beauty! Taken outside my apt.

Also, I dyed my hair! Nothing too crazy, but enough of a change that I feel different. Not many people have noticed. So I guess that’s good? I have a very ashy brown/blonde natural color. It’s almost honey color in certain light. I think Paul and I managed to find a perfect match to what my natural color would be if my hair was virginal. It’s weird having your hair match your eyebrows! Also, I feel very low-maintenance now. So yay for changes! Who knows, maybe I’ll go darker someday?


24 thoughts on “New Stuff

  1. Your hair does look darker! I always wanted go brown just for giggles one day. And the couch, it’s a beaut. I wouldn’t leave it either. I wish we had cherry blossoms ’round these parts because those are just lovely. And I’m way jeals of your candy haul. EB is still too young for tons of candy so I ate as much as I could of her fruit chews until she noticed and took them away. Next year!

    • Hah EB knows what’s up! Yeah, just a little bit right? It kind of looks weird in pictures, but whatevs! Yeah that couch is crazy comfortable! We got it at La-z-boy on a really good deal!

  2. I dropped by the store today to see if I could pick upsome cadbury eggs on clearance…they were already all gone!!! Biggest disappointment ever! So how down or me 🙂

  3. I really like dark hair actually, it’s sort of smouldering and sophisticated.

    You look scarily at home on that sofa – have you let Paul sit on it yet?

    Also, that lamp in the background. Is it another hand-me-down?

    • Smouldering, yes! I’ll have to take some better pictures of it later. Paul has tried out the couch, but not for long. We actually bought that lamp with some of our wedding money. It does look slightly ghetto back there. It’s better in person, I promise!

  4. It seems like the couch and you is just one thing. Looks great :).
    If I would let my hair colour match my eyebrows, I’d have dark brown hair. But I have dark blonde hair. Blonde is more unique, Lily, so if I were you, I’d stick with that.
    Though you probably look great with dark hair too ;).

    • Blonde is more unique! That’s for sure! I do kind of miss it. Who knows how long I’ll last…! I keep looking at pictures of girls with blonde hair and I’m like 😦

      • Oh, but you don’t have to be too sad! It’s great that you dare to make a change! After all you can still go for blonde, right? Even died blonde if you want to. And, you know, maybe darker hair fits you extremely well…!

  5. You weren’t elbowing little kids out of the way to get the chocolate, were you? Because if you were, GO YOU!!! 😉
    nice coach, and very cool that Paul was helping you find the hair color you wanted.

    • Oh definitely. Even if they weren’t by the chocolate, I would make a bee-line toward all kids and just push them over for no reason.

      Yeah I was going to go darker, but Paul matched it right up for me. What would I do without him?!

  6. Paradise for your butt! Haha! And by we, I mean Paul and his mom! Lol!
    I think your hair looks lovely! And I do think you could go darker, you could be like Angelina Jolie in Salt! Do it!!!

    • Lol didn’t she use shoe polish?! hahah Hmm I’m not that brave yet…! Thanks! It definitely looks different in real life than in pictures. It’s a good subtle change I think!

  7. Good decision on the hair. Looks completely normal.

    I envy you. You’re married and can sit down with your partner and say “Let’s just get really fat together” and then actually go out and do it. Enough “ands” in that last sentence? I always have to be the responsible one when it comes to food. I have to set the bar by getting something with broccoli. That way everyone else feels guilty if they get what they really want.

    I specifically asked for no candy this year for Easter. My tongue hates me.

    • Haha thanks. Glad it looks normal. Nothing too crazy, right?
      I’m not totally sure, but did you just call Paul and I fat? But yeah, that’s one of the best parts about being married. The unspoken “whelp, we’ve got no one to impress anymore.”
      I can’t believe you didn’t get any Easter candy. What a freak. You’ll cave once you see Reese’s eggs on sale.

  8. Pete Howorth says:

    “I think Paul and I managed to find a perfect match to what my natural color would be if my hair was virginal.”

    Definitely read that wrong to begin with :-X

    Awesome couch btw 😀

  9. WOW. I totally thought you stole that photo from somewhere awesome. SO pretty!
    Love the couch. Babe and I got our living room set as our Christmas present to ourselves? Each other? Something like that. Lol. We LOVE it. I don’t know how we sat around in plastic chairs and did everything in bed for so long. Lol. Now, when we have babies, we can tell them how we used to rough it. Sitting in plastic chairs. Having dinner in bed.

    • Thanks lady! Getting new furniture is the best feeling! Hahah I love that you’re going to tell your kids that you roughed it. Hahah perfect!

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