Anatomy of Titanic

Yes, I went to Titanic 3D last night. It’s perfectly acceptable to be jealous. I’ve stayed true to my love Titanic since I first saw it in fourth grade. I was the only one who saw it in my class and I remember telling all of the boys that the girl was naked in the movie. A storyteller in the making.

I had seen Titanic a couple of times since then, but there were so many things that I didn’t catch and didn’t realize until I saw it yesterday. This time, it was extra special, extra life changing.

Let’s go back to a time when Leo was super hot, Kate was almost skinny, and people actually knew who Billy Zane was. Titanic was the coolest, biggest, longest, best movie ever made. No competition. For some reason though, my little brain only remembered the “good parts”. Aka the dancing scene downstairs, Rose’s clothes, the drawing scene, etc.Β  This may sound extremely dumb, but there’s so much more to the movie!


Let's be real. Best scene in the movie.

I think my selective memory had to do with the fact that I didn’t have emotions until I turned 21. I never really cried or felt bad for people up until then. Don’t worry, I’ve made up for the lack of tears almost every day since then. Hormones. More like whore-mones, am I right?! I didn’t really see the people dying in the movie. I mean, I could physically see them, yes. But I didn’t really understand. I didn’t think about how scary it would’ve been to be a child and see everyone panicking, or to be a mother and try to keep your kids alive.

The scene after the ship capsized and everyone was flailing around in the water really freaked me out. Like, that was a lot of people. My mom, my brother and I used to talk about what we would do in a worst case scenario. Titanic always came up. My mom’s idea was to string together a bunch of life jackets and use them as a raft. I took notice in the movie that everyone was only given one life jacket. I guess you’ll have to think of a plan B, mom. I definitely would have found some wood like Jack and Rose did. And let me go ahead and state the obvious–there was enough room on that door for the both of them. Jack could have lived, Rose. His death is on your shoulders.

It always bothered me when Rose said, I’ll never let go and then….LETS GO. But after watching it this time, I realized that Jack told her to never let go of the promise she made him. Hence her never letting go. Now I get it!

"I'll never let go." Cut to Rose releasing her icy grip.

Instead of exiting the movie feeling fulfilled by my intake of young Leo, I was super depressed! The scene showing all of old Rose’s pictures, all of the things she promised Jack that she would accomplish–so heart-wrenching! I was also exhausted from the length. I don’t remember it being over 3 hours. I mean, I remember talking about how long it was, but I don’t remember sitting, watching it for that long.

All in all, Titanic is a wonderful movie. I have no complaints. The story is historic, with a good romantic story and loveable characters. It’s hard not to love. But don’t think about the reality of it too much, or you’ll plummet into a deep depression.

Seriously, don't start thinking about these two holding each other before they drown.


28 thoughts on “Anatomy of Titanic

  1. I remember Titanic was so long that we had to change VHS tapes mid-way through. I remember thinking “Why didn’t we start with the second one?” because that’s when things got really bad for them, really good for a sick 9-10 year old boy.

    It probably takes until you’ve actually been in love with someone for the whore-moans to come out. I never used to get chills or watery-eyed at movies except maybe if it was like a dead parent. I think Billy Zane plays the Scorpion King in the new Scorpion King direct to DVD feature. He didn’t even get a credit in the trailer I saw yet he’s the main guy. Wasn’t his name Cal in the movie? You never meet a Cal in real life and if you do he’s lying.

  2. So sad. thinking about all those children and the stupid selfish people in the life boats. Wow, I got two mentions! Well, I still believe if say 10 to 20 people took their life vests off and tied them together, even a double layer, you would have had an ample float for many people.
    Once you fall in love and experience that deep unselfish love, then your heart is open to all human experiences. Everything gets filtered through the same love lens. Crying comes easy.

    • Super sad. Two mentions! You’re super pops (popular)! Lol I don’t know about your life jackets…but perhaps!
      True. You’re so full of wisdoms little mama.

  3. My friends and I decided that we HAVE to see Titanic in 3D. When I saw it for the first time, I was 9 or something, I was slightly in shock. When a movie can do that to you, it’s a good movie I believe. If the ending would have been happy, I wouldn’t have liked it so much, I think, because movies may have a lot of drama. Is it even more spectacular in 3D? Because that is what I expect, actually. I almost can’t wait to feel like I’m on the boat myself, and then realising that I’m not on the boat at all :).

  4. You’re right Lily; “Titanic” was an epic film that is going to entice and impact a whole new generation with this latest cash-grab… I mean release!
    I loved the film as well when I first saw it – I was MUCH older than you, but let’s not go there – but my memories will always be tied to my personal feelings about the director.
    James (I’m the King of the World!) Cameron.
    Cameron hails from my hometown and he is a notorious egomaniac whose accomplishments are many – as are his failings. He’s cheated on two wives – one while filming “T2” and the other while filming “Titanic”. The ship wasn’t the only thing going down on that set, that’s for sure!
    Cameron is one of those guys who makes me ashamed to be Canadian at all; I’m just glad he’s made some great films that have resonated with beautiful souls such as yours.

  5. Dude, you’ve totally depressed me. Right after you convinced me to see it again. I remember watching it in the theater REALLY CLOSE to the screen because it was packed. And it was that long?! I don’t understand. Maybe the deal was that I had to sit by myself and not with the boy I went with. That makes way more sense. Thanks for cleaning that up for me!

    And I totes breezed over the depressing part when I was a teenager seeing this. I didn’t have time to think about losing the one true love, because I hadn’t even found mine yet! I couldn’t relate at all. And now there’s the bits about losing kids and…ugh. I want to cry a little. Are you sure a preggo should see this??

    • It’s good to let all the preggo emotions out, so why not do it in a darkened theater. No one has to know that you’re crying during EVERY scene. It might be uber depressing for you though. See it with caution. Also, if you can’t sit for that long, I’d advise against it. Seriously, I don’t remember it being THAT long!

  6. You and Anne. You know I’m with your mom on this one–strap some life vests, shove a few dead bodies off the planks–if it’s between my kid and some old dead guy–BOOM! He’s killer whale dinner with one stiff arm.

    Once was enough for me, thankyouverymuch.

    • Yeah I guess when it come to protecting your kids, you turn into animalistic creatures and just do whatever you can. No one should ever have to be faced with that kind of horror!

  7. I do have to add–I saw the one made in the what? 50’s? in school, and sobbed all through the end. The band playing, the rescue ship SO close. It was the movie where I suddenly understood losing someone tragically, even if it was on 8mm film.

    • Really? I didn’t have feelings when I went to school Any time they showed us stuff with death everyone was like, yeah yeah whatever. That’s good that you were a sensitive soul back then πŸ™‚

  8. Pete Howorth says:

    “I’ll never let go Jack”

    Then she lets go… and he sinks…

    What a horrible person she turned out to be. Had it been between me and her I’d be the one floating on the wardrobe.

    • Oh me too. I would definitely find the biggest piece of wood furniture that I could find and hop on it. Actually no. I’d probably be in the lifeboat. Women and children first! I’m sure you could pass as a “mature” child.

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