Fear Not

I feel very comfortable around animals. All animals. I trust that they won’t bit me or kill me. I might be a little too trusting. Most people believe that animals are purely instinctual and will act out against an unfamiliar person. I think that animals can sense danger and because they have so much instinct, they can sense when someone also means them no harm. LIKE ME!

Ultimate dream.

People blame animals a lot for their own missteps. It’s easy to startle them–especially animals that reside in their natural habitat. I think Steve Irwin is a good example of this behavior. He truly had a love of animals and trusted that they wouldn’t hurt him. Most people think he’s stupid, and while I will admit that he looked kind of stupid, he also had a lot of faith that he wouldn’t get hurt. That’s where the surprise factor comes in. I honestly don’t think stingrays sting people for fun, I think that he startled one and it attacked out of instinct. Steve Irwin wouldn’t want anyone to hate stingrays because they killed him. He probably loves them just as much as he did when he was alive. They have stingrays in heaven, right? At least now Bindi has a chance to shine.

Working her way up to stingrays.

Bethany Hamilton is another good example of the same kind of situation. Except she’s alive, but only has one arm because of a shark attack. If there’s one thing we can learn, it’s that sharks are total douches. I’ve never wanted to test my theory of animals loving me on sharks because it’s too much of a risk. Sharks can’t see that well. So they think anything that moves is a seal. Such good logic. I’ve swam with nurse sharks before. You only live once, right? Recently there was a test performed using a bunch of bikini-clad girls that swam with sharks during feeding time. Nothing happened to them. Maybe sharks don’t like sluts? Hah I’m just bitter because I look gross in a bikini. JK I don’t, but I thought that would make all of you feel like I was a little more human.

Bethany still surfs everyday even though she only has one arm. She was on The Biggest Loser a couple weeks ago when they all went to Hawaii (unfair). She taught everyone how to surf and she didn’t even seem that upset about her arm. And I definitely don’t think she hates sharks.

Siegfried and Roy have a similar story. I kind of hate these guys. Apparently the Siberian tigers that they trained were like their bffs. I have trouble believing that because I’m pretty sure that tigers don’t like Germans. Anyway, one day someone took a picture with an extremely bright flash, setting one of the tigers off. The tiger attacked Roy, but didn’t kill him. This shows that animals should not be taken out of their natural habitat. I’m sure they had a relationship with their trainers and trusted them as well, but once that instinct kicks in, there’s really no hope when it’s man vs. beast.

Epitome of sexy.

One of my favorite stories invovles a lion named Christian. This story only proves my theory of wild animals being able to sense the good in people. If you haven’t seen the video, watch it now. I seriously want a lion best friend because of this clip. If you don’t get shivers from this, you clearly have no soul and you’re not allowed to read my blog anymore.


24 thoughts on “Fear Not

    • Umm I think he was some kind of guide. He led those guys back to Christian, I’m guessing. Still, why did he have to be topless? :/

      Siegfried and Roy are like Las Vegas royalty. They’ve had their Siberian tiger show there for years. Freaks.

  1. I think I’d give up my arm to a shark attack in favor of having a movie made about my life. It’d be pretty boring up until the shark attack.

    Animals definitely have a sixth sense about things. Don’t they know when an earthquake or storm is coming? Even in Terminator the dogs knew who was a cyborg. Dogs are really good at things like that. Mine only barks at certain people. It’s not a racial thing either like with many dogs. I never trust a neighbor who gets barked at. I know my pudgy puppy has a good read on who the good and bad ones are.

    • But would you be okay with the movie about your life being titled “Soul Surfer?”

      Animals totally have a sixth sense. Didn’t Dexter say that animals didn’t like him? Makes sense. They’re way better than people. That’s good that you use your dog as a tool to know who to trust. I feel like he and I would get along nicely.

    • Yeah Siegfriend and Roy and just creeps. They’re just as bad as any circus. No animal wants to be performing. I don’t feel bad for Roy’s face being ripped off.

    • That’s crazy. I’ve never even heard of him! He took a crazy chance and it really backfired. Maybe if he had a bear cub grow up in his care, it would trust him, but wild bears didn’t seem to entertain the idea! Wowza. If I see a bear, I will run for the hills!

  2. Marya says:

    My sort of snobby, ok, snobby father, grew up in Montana. A baby deer came to their back porch, hungry and all alone. My father brought it in the house. My grandma bought a baby bottle. They fed it. For about a week, my father had the deer in his bed when he slept. Ahhhhh, the good life.

    I love this blog. People who love animals are the loveliest people in the world.!

  3. Pete Howorth says:

    That video was seriously amazing, you could tell what was going off in that lions head.


    😀 *reposts on Facebook*

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