Spring Favorites

Remember when I used to do these favorites lists? No? Well then you better go back and read every post I’ve ever written. They’re basically lists of my favorite things of the season. Think of it as me helping you figure out what to be interested in.

1. The color turquoise. It seems like everyone has been into this color lately. I’m not trying to brag or be weird or anything, but I’m pretty sure I started it. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I invented the color turquoise. I would be completely comfortable in a house that was doused in the color.

So calming!

2. Peanut butter. Ohmigosh you guys. Clearly I didn’t eat enough peanut butter growing up because I’ve been making up for it within the past 2 months. Peanut butter on toast is so good. Especially if you spread the peanut butter on the toast when it’s still hot because then it gets all melty…brb.

3. The Hunger Games movie. I know it hasn’t been released to the public yet, but I already know it’s one of my favorites. I read the book and I’m just really excited. Has anyone else read the book? Is anyone else dragging their significant other (or being dragged by their significant other) to go see it?

4. Cooking. I never thought I would actually like preparing food, but it’s actually kind of fun! I mean, I mess things up a lot, but I make a lot of good stuff too! I don’t have a blender or an electric mixer, so I’m limited in some aspects, but I’m still learning. I made a really good chicken and zucchini pesto pasta the other day. I was so proud!

5. Spa treatments. I can’t really say that I’m getting a lot of them, or any, but they’re still my favorites. There’s nothing better than having someone rub your shoulders or putting stuff on your face or getting your nails painted. I even like getting my eyebrows waxed. Spring time is usually when I start pampering myself because lets face it, I hibernate during the entire winter.

I love when people paint my face.

6. Working out. Spring time is when society is supposed to get in shape for summer. I need to do this. My sister in law is running a 10k and while I imagine that I can do it too, I just know I’ll fail miserably and end up walking the last 8k. Should I sign up? It’s like 40 bucks which sucks, but I get a t-shirt!

7. Passion Tea Lemonade. Starbucks doesn’t have a lot of cold drinks that I like. I usually take a break from Starb during the warmer months. However, I do love passion tea lemonades. They are yum. I suggest you give one a try. Plus, they’re magenta colored which is kind of cool.

So refresh fresh!

8. Camping. I really want to go camping for some reason. If you know me, you might think I’m on some sort of drug for saying that. But in all seriousness, I haven’t gone camping since the summer before my senior year of high school! I think it’s about time. Plus it would be so blog worthy. I would take pictures and everything!

Thoughts? What are some of your favorites this month?


29 thoughts on “Spring Favorites

      • I think after Harry Potter madness wore off, I don’t think I was interested in getting caught up in another craze…
        Besides, I’m still waiting for them to make a movie out of the Old Mans War books by Scalzi.

  1. Hunger Games, definitely.

    I’m really into purple right now, but turquoise is cool too.

    Agreed on camping. Drinking cheap beer, getting some sun, fishing, 4-wheeling…. ahhh, camping. πŸ™‚

    • I’m thinking about dying my hair and I think that brunettes can get away with wearing purple more than blondes. So that’s kind of exciting! Maybe I will be able to rock purple soon?!

      Yess! You just painted the perfect camping picture! If only it wasn’t raining and cold here 😦

  2. HUNGER GAAAAAAAAAAAMES! I’m so glad my GF is equally obsessed with it. WOO!
    I haaate that “pamper” stuff. HATE it. Getting my hair done sucked (before I cut it all off). 3 hours under the dryer? No, thanks. Heat from the blow dryer? Pass!
    And nails… UGH. I’ve just started having mine done again because it’s the adult thing to do, but so I like the process. NO. I HATE it. The buffing and filing… The sound and the feel SUCK.
    Maybe a massage would be nicer?

      I feel like I would be more relaxed if I lived where you live. No need for all of the pampering stuff. But in the cold and rainy days here, my bod needs some lovin!
      Massages are nice, but I get bored of them quickly…I like facials the best!

  3. I once discovered peanut butter, ate it all the time, and then got sick of it. Not really sick, but the smell makes go all ‘eeew’ now. I gues I just had an overdose at some point.

    All shades of blue are great! (Except some sorts of light blue)

    My favourite of this month might just be hanging around outside. As soon as there’s sun, i feel like all the good things are happening outside and then I cannot stay inside.

    • That’s what happens to me too! I become obsessed with a food, and then I overdose and eventually hate it. Haha!

      Yes! I am totally loving blue lately!
      I love being outside on nice days–there is really nothing better!

    • Wait. I think I’ve been doing it all wrong then. Sometimes I go deep into the wilderness where they don’t have AC or bathtubs with jets. 😦

  4. You are such a girly girl sometimes Lily.

    If I ever found your turquoise house I would sneak in and cover the walls with Xbox and Batman posters.

    I used to do loads of camping in the scouts. Setting fire to things has never been so much fun.

  5. What’s the difference between torquise and teal? That’s not the beginning to a bad joke, I’m curious.

    Did you ever see Battle Royale? It’s a Japanese movie. I think it’s basically the same thing as Hunger Games. Children killing each other for a twisted reason? Maybe I’m confusing it with something else. If so, everyone now understands how out of the loop I am.

    Run the 10K. 10 isn’t that high of a number. Worst thing that happens is you make a fool out of yourself and some slob beats you. But you make them feel good about themselves so you’re a winner.

    • I want to say teal is more ugly and green? But I’m pretty sure they are interchangable.
      Never saw Battle Royale, but it sounds like the Hunger Games!
      I’m scared to run the 10k…but if I do, I’m definitely blogging about it because it would most likely be the worst experience of my life.

    • Hahaha that is the most real.
      Yes! Get a passion tea lemonade and tell me your thoughts! I’m curious! I think it’s refreshing. I’m really slacking on Catching Fire…

  6. Yay! I’m glad you’re cooking!
    And I think you should def. work out, ‘cuz let’s face it, you’re a fatty eating all that peanut butter…. just kidding. I don’t even know what you look like. But either way, even if you can’t run a 10k, working out feels really good because if you tone up, you feel sexier, which feels good. Also working out releases endorphins, which feel really really good.

    • Yes! I agree working out does feel good once it’s done and over with. I never regret a workout. Ughh the peanut butter will be my ultimate downfall!
      My creations in the kitchen definitely aren’t up to par with yours, but I’m trying!

    • I actually liked it! It’s pretty rare when I am actually able to finish a book before the movie comes out. It was nice because when I was reading it, I knew who the cast was going to be so I kind of made myself picture those people as the characters in my head, ya know? That made the transition from book to movie easier for me! What about you?

      • I read it about a year ago, so I had forgotten some things, which is nice to be surprised by some things. I thought it followed the book very well. It was my first movie of the “summer” season. Kicked it off very well.

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