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The Starbucks Student

I think we’ve all seen this kind of thing. Those people that go into a coffee shop with their books and/or laptop just to be seen studying or working hard. Don’t get me wrong, some people actually get work done in Starbucks. But why is a coffee shop your work environment of choice? Isn’t there a library or say, a quiet room in your house where you can study? No? Then here’s a simple solution, don’t study. Obviously the world doesn’t want you to. Why do you have to submit yourself to slaving away on a power point presentation in a crowded coffee house?

Hey! Look at that guy! He’s in the army AND studies at Starbucks. How quirky and unique.

The reason I bring this up is because I was at Dairy Queen just now and I saw a lady studying there. I mean, I gotta hand it to her, this was a pretty creative move. She can’t study at Starbucks at 9pm because they’re usually closed. So what’s the most popular place to go after 8pm? Duh. Dairy Queen. The place where you eat your feelings and they taste damn good. Mine tasted like a Reese’s blizzard if you have to know. Anyway, this lady had a booth to herself with all of her work spread out around her. It looked like she was in the zone. Maybe Dairy Queen is the new Starbucks?

I hate the type of people that look around the room as they open their Apple laptop up as if they were saying, “someone please notice me.” They might try to engage in a conversation with some randomer in hopes that they ask them what they’re working on. “Oh, I’m just working on the final draft of my screenplay.” I usually mime shooting myself in the face after I overhear one of those conversations. I just hate when people use the word “screenplay”. Just call it a movie.

I totally understand if there are distractions in your house, or if your parents beat you and you can’t possibly study at home. That’s fine. But just go to a school or a library. Coffee shops are so loud. Why would that be the first place you go? Do you even know what studying is?

Oh, and lastly, don’t look at me as if my laughter is disrupting your work time. Unless you’re studying to become a Starbucks employee, I have the right to make as much noise as I want. I can’t help it if I’m super hilarious and everyone’s laughing at my jokes (including me).


36 thoughts on “The Starbucks Student

  1. AgrippingLife says:

    I think they want to be seen and feel cool. It’s a very urban thing to do. Then again I bring my iPad to breakfast with me in the morning so… Yeah. I sort of get it. I don’t get the Starbucks people that sit outside on the busy street corner or next to the parked cars. Maybe it’s for people who like to feel like they have their finger on the pulse of America?

    • Definitely. People long to feel cool. I think your iPad thing is different. You’re actually using it, whereas these people bring their entire desk with them and try to seem nonchalant. It’s so crazy.

  2. haha. I used to study at S-bucks a lot when I was in law school.. honestly it just got to the point where I was studying SO much in the library that I needed a change of scenery and to people watch. Of course, its hella distracting – but I always studied with my headphones in listening to music to drown out the background noise. Plus, they always give away free samples of new seasonal drinks and treats to the people sitting around- which for a starving student is no small matter 😉

    • Haha yeah that actually makes sense. It’s probably nice to have people are who aren’t studying–less depressing! Free samples are reason enough for me! Good for you for going to law school!

  3. “I can’t help it if I’m super hilarious and everyone’s laughing at my jokes (including me).”

    I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me, but I can’t help it that I’m popular.

    Name that movie!

    • Mean Girls! One of the best! Said by Gretchen Weiners– daughter of the inventor of Toaster Strudel. hahah I gotta give that a watch again. Haven’t seen it in a while! (Like a month..)

    • I thought you were going to give me an in-depth report on the benefits of studying at Starbucks. 😉 hahaa jk.
      I get distracted really easily. Peace and quiet is always the best for me.

  4. I have NEVER understood this. It makes NO sense to me. I’m glad someone else thinks it’s insane. Even studying in your car, in some random parking lot, would make more sense than a super busy coffee shop. I won’t even get started on DQ. Seriously?! WHY?!

    • Hahah my thoughts exactly! WHY?! I just hate the people who like, bring out their laptop and aren’t even doing anything. It’s like, really?! You needed to bring out your laptop? ughgh

    • Yeah, Starbucks chains just seem too popular. I’d rather go into a lesser know coffee place and give them business.
      Thanks a lot! Thanks for reading!

  5. I’m an expert at trying to get noticed and failing miserably. People go to Starbucks to meet people. They bring the books and the laptops incase it’s a dead crowd. I’ve thought about going to a coffee shop before to “meet people” but I know what will happen. Some tool with a plaid shirt and a Gailfinakis (if I spelt that right I deserve a prize) beard will hog up all the energy of the room. Unless you have kids or a noisy neighbor I don’t understand why this can’t get accomplished at home.

    • Sorry, it’s Galifianakis. Close, but no cigar.
      Do people really go to Starbucks to meet people? I feel like that’s kind of creepy. Although people that are interested in meeting people are creepy. Don’t they know enough people? I don’t understand the world.
      You try to get noticed and you fail? I couldn’t picture that. Are you a quiet person?

      • I am very quiet. Unless I’m with someone I’m trying to impress. Then i’m obnoxious which is even worse. Being around people I already have impressed is my most functional tolerable form.

      • I’m only obnoxious when I’m drunk. Which is rare.
        Actually, I guess I could see you being quiet. Silently observing the world around you.

  6. Marya says:

    My neighbor owns two coffee shops. Her biggest complaint? The SQUATTERS. Did someone say, “Wannabe?” Did someone say, “Selfish?” Did someone say, “Looser?”

    Great post Cuz’ Lilly. Always an observant eye with an intense splash of humor. I’m loving it.

    Mooslicker, is that a photo of you? The beanie? The youthful look? I’m impressed.

    • Hahah Thanks Marya! Those people always freak me out. It’s like, if you have finished your coffee, please go away. No one likes you.
      Haha I know…Mooselicker’s little pic is so cute.

  7. Well, to be fair, some people need noise to concentrate better.

    Once I went to a local, super hipster bar in my ‘hood. My date and I got drinks and sat down at a small table in the back. This place was pitch black. You couldn’t even read the board that listed what’s on tap… And, lo and behold, there was a girl at the next table over, reading a book, with like 3 candles strategically placed around it. And she had that look in her face that said “I hope you see me reading on a Friday night. Sure I wanna get shitfaced like the rest of you, but that’s no reason to forget about my intellect.”

    • That’s true I guess. Very fair and balanced! Are you a libra by any chance? Hah
      hahaha That’s so funny that she was reading a book! “Someone, please notice all of my effort to look uninterested in your night-life.” Why are people so weird?! I hate dimly lit places…I feel like I’m in a cave or something!

    • OOPS MY BAD. I wonder if that’s ever happened before?! Maybe I’ll have to try it sometime…see what happens. Observe and report.

  8. I am one of those people who goes to Starbucks to study, and I actually do get much more work done there. It is because at home I can easily get distracted and tend to find excuses not to study resulting in nothing getting done. Now that a new library is open near me, I will probably go there more, but if you have your own music, it is really easy to study at starbucks. This could just be me though, because I definetely see people with their apple laptops and the look at me kind attitude.

    • Haha yeah totally understand people studying there that actually like to work with noise around them. I just think that there are so many weird people that only go to be seen, that it just gets annoying. Especially in little, cramped starbucks locations. It’s pretty weird. But I understand where you’re coming from. 🙂

  9. Annie says:

    I haven’t studied at a coffee shop but I am thinking of. And I was googling whether it was appropriate, and if they kicked you out etc, and I found this. The reasons for studying there could be as such:

    1) noise helps you concentrate. That would be true for me. If it’s quiet, my mind tends to think and dream. If its busy, I can focus on my work because busy noise = white noise to me. Very soothing in way
    2) Can’t go to school/library, they’re too far, and coffee shop is right here (so I can get home quickly when I am done and tired)
    3) or libraries close to early.
    4) some people don’t like the library environment. This is me, has to do with the quietness of the library. That is uncomfortable to me.

    I actually wish they had a little corner for studying at coffee shops, reserved for people who wanted to study in that environment. Just so I wouldn’t feel bad about loitering.

    • You’re very right! These are good reasons to study at a coffee shop. I guess libraries have always appealed to me because I’m surrounded by other people doing the same thing. I just hate the types of people that bring in their full work station to starbucks. Like, one time I saw two people talking about blueprints and spreading them all over the table. So weird. Couldn’t they have done that at home or the office? Just depends I guess!

  10. Marti says:

    This is funny that you posted this picture with this article. I know exactly where this particular Starbucks is. It is located inside the library of The University of Southern Miss. That might be the reason why there are students there. As far as why people study at other Starbucks locations that are not inside a library on a college campus… could be because Starbucks the corporation has been perfecting the “third place” for over forty years, a place outside of work or home someone can go. Don’t get upset because someone wants to drink coffee and use the free wifi to write a paper or complete a project.

    • I’m not upset. I just like to complain and rant. I guess it’s just weird to me that people choose a crowded place where people are having full on conversations compared to their homes or a library. I don’t know, just personal preference I guess. I’ve always found it weird though.

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