Weird Stuff

Last week, the boy I babysit asked me for a glass of milk. I reluctantly let him pour the milk and allowed him take it into the family room. He put it on the floor and some of it spilled. Not a big deal or anything, but I said under my breath, “I knew that was gonna happen.” The boy looked at me wide-eyed and said “You knew it was gonna happen? How did you know?!” Obviously, because I’m psychic.

Have you ever had the feeling that something was going to happen before it did? There have been times when I knew the phone was going to ring and knew it was going to be a certain person. Not even expecting a call, I could just feel it. This happened to my mom the other week. Does this ever happen to anyone else? I would call that a psychic moment.

I don’t think coincidences are that weird, but some people find them very strange. A coincidence is defined as “A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.” If someone is going to a movie at a certain time and they find out that someone they know is going to the same movie at the same time, they would call it a coincidence. I mean, it’s really not that weird. There are only so many activities people can do nowadays. But it’s definitely comes in handy when you have nothing to talk about with the person that you see at the movies. “This is so WEIRD. What a coincidence! Did you like the movie? Yeah me either. See ya never.”

One time I remember talking about a movie with my family that no one had seen in a long time. Lets say, Beethoven. You know, the one with the St. Bernard and the daughter named Rice. Who names their daughter RICE?! Ugh I just found out that it was spelled Ryce. Just no. Anyway, then one of us turned on the TV and Beethoven was on. I feel like that’s a sign of the apocalypse or something.

Spoiler alert: the only good characters were the dad and Beethoven.

Something that happens to me a lot especially on Word Press is being on the same wavelength as another blogger. Let’s say you’re thinking about something to write about when you come across a really good topic that no one has written about yet. Awesome, you’re so smart. But then you start reading some blogs and notice that someone wrote about what you were going to write about! Ahhhh! That’s so weird. How does it happen? Why do you have the same thought process as someone else?

One of the best weird situations is when you jinx someone. Not jinx in the fact that you stop something good or lucky from happening, but the kind when you say the same word or sentence as someone else at the exact same time. Whoever says “jinx!” first won’t be murdered in their bed. Serves you right for saying the same word as me. If both parties say jinx at the same time then you have to move onto another variation of jinx such as “double jinx”, “super jinx”, or my brother’s favorite, “rainbow jinx”. If you both manage to say all of these at the same time, then you have to kill each other.

The weirdest thing that happens to people is, hands down, deja vu. Why does our brain create a memory of us doing something that we’ve never done before and only reminds us of it as we’re doing it? I honestly don’t know what I just wrote. Deja vu is weird like that. It messes with your head. I always think that maybe reincarnation is real and that maybe I have old memories from my past self doing the same things. Except I’m pretty sure I was a cat in my past life so…yeah.

I’m just going to tack on one more of my favorite weird instances, Freudian slips. This is when you mean to say something, but another thing comes out instead, revealing your true thought process. For example, if I was about to tell a guy that I hadn’t seen in a while “I miss you” but instead it comes out “I kiss you”, it all of a sudden becomes obvious what I’m thinking of. Does this happen to anyone else? Nope, just me? Kaycoolbye.

Not exactly a Freudian slip, but it's still pretty funny.


29 thoughts on “Weird Stuff

  1. OMG! This was so funny. “Yeah me either. See ya never.” haha!
    “I feel like this is a sign of the apocalypse or something.” LOL!

    Yeah, you and I are almost always on the same wave length. It’s spooky. I can’t tell you how many times I go to call you, literally pick up the phone, and you’re on the other end. So crazel.

    The Freudian Slip thing is always embarrassing, right? Ugh!

    Funny post!

    • Really? Thanks! I’m always unsure about my posts. Whenever you tell me that they’re funny, I give a sigh of relief.
      Definitely crazel. I think we jinx each other a lot too. Like at restaurants when the waiters ask how we’re doing and we both say “Fine thanks.” haha
      Freudian Slips are the most embarrassing, but also so entertaining.

  2. A. Am I the person whose mind is on the same awesome wavelength as yours?
    B. The “psychic” thing ALWAYS happens to me with songs, either on the radio or when my iTunes is on shuffle. It’s creeeeeepy

  3. Yeah, such events can be easily misinterpreted as some sort of proof for psychic abilities. But in reality this is just an illusion. You have literally thousands of thoughts every day about future events. Statistically it’s probable that some of those come true. Likely events happen many times, and less likely events happen only occasionally.

    If you’re inclined to believe in the supernatural you interpret these events as proof, yet you neglect to take into consideration the hundreds of other thoughts that occurred to you during the day that never came to be true.

    • Ivan, why do you always have to shatter my dreams?
      You have a good point though. I guess if I was really psychic I would know everything that was about to happen every second of the day.
      I don’t know if I believe in anything supernatural per se. Maybe they’re just all coincidences?

      • I don’t intend to shatter them. I’m offering a perspective which is (for me at least) an even more amazing world than the imagined supernatural.

        Brain bugs such as confirmation bias rule our consciousness. We live in an modern world, yet our brains are still essentially unchanged since we were caveman. Our brains were shaped by those times over hundreds of thousands of years and the last few hundred years of rapid development were not enough for any significant biological adaptation.

        Recognising patterns in a caveman world was an extremely important skill. Noticing them where there were none was less of a problem than not recognising one where there was one. For example if you thought you saw a face in the bushes when there was none put you on alert which is only a little waste of energy compared to a situation where you did not notice the face that was really hiding in the bushes. Therefore evolution selected for those individuals who had their pattern recognition skills in overdrive. It mostly helped us, we made sense of our world this way and this allowed us to create concepts and thus tell possible future events. It was our primary advantage over other other animals and helped us to survive. But this ability also gave rise to many concepts that are unfounded. We made up stories for those areas of understanding where we lacked information and knowledge.

        We now understand many more things including how our brains are “broken” and we can keep our inner caveman in check for our own and each other’s sake. 🙂

      • I don’t know if my brain has evolved that much from a caveman’s. I just think it’s such a weird instance when weird coincidences and things of the like happen. I didn’t realize what an advanced topic this was. I need to go back to school…!
        Thanks for your imput Ivan. It definitely opens my eyes to other points of view!

      • Ivan

        Some do rate higher than others, just not high enough for certain people to believe it any thing other than chance. Who knows, maybe we all are slightly psychic. I know this much, some things I have seen are at this moment beyond proof one way or the other. So my confirmation bias believes it possible that something like a “psychic” is possible, your’s obviously does not. 😉

  4. Some of that stuff is kinda freaky when it happens. Did you ban the kid from ever having milk again?

    Years ago I phoned a mate of mine and just as the call connected he picked his own phone up to ring me. His phone didn’t actually ring because he picked it up the exact moment it connected. I could hear him pressing the buttons to dial my number.

    This happened twice.

  5. Let me get all of my Beethoven things out of the way first.

    1) I saw a trailer for a new Beethoven movie. In this one, Beethoven talks. He is also voiced by Tom Arnold. Just because it’s the same breed of dog doesn’t make it the same franchise. You wouldn’t put Chris Tucker on a boat and call it Amistad 2 for no real reason other than to rip off some kids.

    2) I had a dream once, many years ago, that I was going around telling girls I was the kid from the Beethoven movies to get them to sleep with me. It worked!

    3) Beethoven made David Duchovny’s career. And here’s a strange little Kevin Bacon-like connection: Duchovny is in Beethoven with Ryce. Ryce was also on The Nanny with whoever played the little girl. That little girl on The Nanny grew up to be naked and on top of David Duchovny having sex with him on the pilot of Californication. Isn’t that some weird stuff?

    I blame sunspots for any weird coincidence. It’s always nice though when I find myself parallel thinking with someone I admire. It’s rare because I admire few people but when I find out I practically ripped them off without having any way of knowing, I’m proud.

    • Hahah Amistad 2. I actually really like Chris Tucker for some reason. He always makes me laugh in those dumb Rush Hour movies.
      I must have skipped over the dream part of your story and just assumed that a girl slept with you because you said you were the kid from Beethoven. Haha I was ready to call BS on that one. But as long as it was just a dream. You have the most bizarre dreams by the way.
      That’s like 6 Degrees to David Duchovny. Why do little girls grow up to be sluts?

      Yeah, it’s kind of weird to have the same thought process as someone cool. Does that, in turn, make you cool for having the same thoughts as someone you admire? More alike than you thought.

  6. Some of that stuff happens to me all the time, especially if I’ve been doing a long shift at work, I’ll phone one of the stores and say “Hi, it’s Pete from head office”

    “Oh hello how can I help?”

    “Yeah not too bad thanks.”

    Because in my head I thought they were going to ask me how I was, so I prepared my response for such a question.

    Then it’s weird because they’ll respond with, “Good.” like they had forgotten what they had just asked me…

  7. *When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with exactly the same comment. Is there any way it is possible to remove me from that service? Thanks!

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