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Carlos K. Krinklebine

Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show that had obvious inaccuracies? It doesn’t have to be historical, it can just be something–a minor detail even–that doesn’t exactly flow with the story. My brother will actually stop watching something because of inaccuracies. I’ll usually let them fly.

The situations that bother me the most, though, are when books are made into movies. My mom and I both read a humongous book called “Pillars of the Earth”. They turned it into a 8 episode show on Starz. I should have known it would be awful because it was on a network that can’t even spell a simple word correctly. During the first episode, I was able to point out way too many details that the makers of the show got wrong. This frustrated me so much that I refused to watch any more of it. Just like my bro.

Obviously, certain things are going to be different from how you pictured them in the book. But when writers change or skip over actual events that took place in the story, that’s when it gets annoying.

So that brings me to today. If you didn’t already know, I babysit twice a week. During this time I end up watching some kids shows. I’m pretty sure I enjoy the shows more than the kids. It’s the simple things, really.

I couldn’t help noticing a show called “The Cat in the Hat Knows A  Lot About That” which airs daily. I love The Cat in the Hat. I used to watch the animated version of that story all the time. The old one, not the Mike Myers creep-fest. Same with The Grinch. The animated one is so good, but the remake is terrifying.

The Cat in the Hat” show is educational and clever, but I noticed some inaccuracies that needed to be brought to the network’s attention. Two minor details that could easily be fixed.

Here is the email I sent the network:

To whom it may concern,

I watch a lot of Treehouse TV when I babysit during the week. I couldn’t help noticing some inaccuracies in the show “The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That”. The show itself is great, but I’m just wondering why the kids refer to the fish as simply “fish” instead of his real name, Carlos K Krinklebine. Surely you have watched the original animated version made in 1971? Also, I have noticed a lot of Canadian flags in the background of the show. I feel like Dr. Seuss himself would not approve of this because he’s not a Canadian. I don’t believe that he gave you permission to set any of his characters in a Canadian setting. So why have the flag there at all?

I sincerely hope you can answer these questions that I have.

Thank you for your time.


They responded with:

Dear Treehouse Viewer,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.  We aren’t always able to personally answer every individual question, but your feedback will be shared with the appropriate departments. 

Um. Rude. I just took time out of my very important morning to inform you about how you could make your show better. And you give me an automated response? Expect a lot of emails in the future, Treehouse. You haven’t heard the last from me.



38 thoughts on “Inaccuracies

    • Yeah I usually don’t mind them either, but if it’s preventing the audience from learning something about a character or the storyline, it kind of bothers me!

      The book was so good. The Starz portrayal of it was such a let down!

  1. I’m glad you took the time to write to the Treehouse. These kinds of things will fester if left untreated. haha!
    I agree, the Starz version of “Pillars of the Earth” was an insult to the book. I can let some things go but when it’s almost unrecognizable, then I have to draw the line.

    • Exactly. If it’s a small detail, like something that’s inconsistent in a character’s behavior, I’ll let that go. Things that change the story are just unforgivable and hard to look past.
      And if I have to be the one to break it to Treehouse, then by golly I will!

  2. I never knew “fish” had a first name and middle initial! I always thought it was just Mr. Crinklebine. I had a beta fish named Mr. Crinklebine. He died because he refused to eat the plant in his bowl.

    P.S. I’m sure Treehouse has SUCH an overwhelming response to their programming that they can’t take a few minutes out of their day to respond to you. Pshhh, yeah right.

    • Yes! At least you knew about Mr. Crinklebine! That’s apparently way more than most people! Can’t believe your fish was so stubborn. Geeze!

      Omg I know. What the hell, Treehouse. Clearly everyone there should be fired.

  3. Marya says:

    i only lasted one season when “Little House on the Prairie” hit prime time in the 70s. Everything was wrong, wrong, wrong. In my humble opinion, I don’t think the real Half Pint/Laura Ingalls had the buck teeth that fake Half Pint/Melissa Gilbert sported. Why re-invent the wheel to dumb down your audience? If you can’t do it accurately, don’t do it at all.

    Tell Treehouse, you are taking this one to the streets.

    • I haven’t been exposed to a lot of LHOTP, but I’ve heard a lot of pretty bad reviews. I think I’ll need to write to Treehouse again and tell them that I blogged about how stupid their rendition of Cat in the Hat is. They’ll probably sue me. Am I prepared for that? YES.

  4. This reminded me of the time my friend emailed PBS asking what kind of animal Francine from Arthur was. They politely responded saying she was a monkey. He took it too far with a follow-up asking what kind of animal Walter the Deer was.

    Cat in the Hat always reminded me of a homosexual know-it-all. Holy shit! I think I understand where the word “catty” came from.

    • Hahah omg I was wondering what Francine was the other day. Arthur had such a good opening song. I really don’t think Francine is a monkey because she’s never pictured with a tail. Unless her parents make her tuck it into her pants. But I’m pretty sure that’s animal abuse. PBS should get their shit together.
      Cat in the Hat is definitely a know-it-all. He’s also very manipulative. And his voice seems kind of Jewish. Just some observations.

      • Please avoid any and all talk about Arthur. It’s a subject I know more than anything about.

        Arthur knew no racial boundaries or stereotypes. Francine Frensky was a Jewish monkey whose father was a garbage man. Jews aren’t garbage men. Alan “The Brain” Powers celebrated Kwanza probably making him black. His mom owned an ice cream shop. Black people don’t own ice cream shops. Finally Muffy Crosswire’s dad sold used cars. She was filthy stinkin’ rich. When are used cars salesmen ever living in mansions? I’m ending this here…

  5. ontheothersideofsomeday says:

    haha this post was great. awesome blog!

    can’t wait to read the continuing saga between you and Treehouse Television. Good luck!

    • Haha thanks! Thanks for reading and commenting!
      Hopefully Treehouse takes my threats seriously (I don’t think I threatened them, but maybe next time?!)! It will make for some entertaining posts!

  6. Pete Howorth says:

    Ahahaha that was excellent, I’ll be on the hunt to do the same now! “Thank you for your feedback” you know that e-mail never gets read, just straight into a spam folder.

    Screw Starz and their illiteracy.

    • Yeah WTF. Starz and Treehouse are now on my hit list. I’m just going to send them letters every day and eventually try to crash their email system.

      • Pete Howorth says:

        Write into their actual address via post and demand a response haha 😀

        I had an e-mail from a customer at work that made me laugh,

        “I was walking past your Louth store on Friday afternoon when I noticed that the girl behind the counter was too busy licking a lollypop to be bothered about doing any work.

        I think this looks very unprofessional.

        I made occasional purchases”

        My reply was, “Thank you for your feedback, this will be passed on to the area manager.”

        Then deleted the e-mail, but at least I made her THINK something was being done about it, come back when you’re making constant purchases!

      • Hahah I always use the term “unprofessional” when someone is doing something stupid. Even if they work at McDonald’s. That wasn’t very professional!
        Haha come back when you’re making constant purchases. Lol does anyone make constant purchases at your store?

      • Pete Howorth says:

        Lol! They probably used to back when it used to be an army store and we sold things that didn’t screw up within the first week. Even the owner said the management were a bunch of fuck ups and then sold the business.

  7. Nobody should mess with Dr Seuss! The stories are perfect as they are.

    Whenever computers are used or talked about I always notice how they get things wrong. I even notice that people aren’t actually playing the computer games that they are supposed to be playing.

    A few years ago I wrote some fake complaint letters to supermarkets about calling a carton of melon a ‘melon melody’. It sounds daft and melody is associated with music rather than fruit.

    • Yeah you probably notice everything about computer stuff. That would probably bother me.
      Haha did your letters ever get a response? melon melody makes no sense. Good for you. Stick it to the man!

      • I got a couple of replies, most of them serious and boring.

        I did get one really good reply from someone who knew it was a joke. He replied in kind with a very amusing email.

        Guess which supermarket he worked at? That’s right – Sainsbury’s!

  8. I actually totally avoid watching movies based on books I’ve read because they ALWAYS bother/annoy/disappoint/infuriate me. If I watch, I make sure it’s looong after I’ve read the book, and forgotten details. The Hunger Games totally won’t count because I haaave to see that! And I read the book months ago, and forgot details. Lol.

    LOL @ the auto-response. Maybe they can’t use the fish name and stuff due to copyright ish. *shrugs*

  9. I am spared from children’s programs these days, a fact I am thankful for each time I go past one of them on the menu on the screen.

    Pillars of the Earth had one thing decent about it–Alison Pill’s hair. Not Pill, just the hair. SO much of it was historically inaccurate or had anomalies I had to walk away. THey make me nuts. The whole birthing scene in the woods set me off to begin with–it went downhill from there.

    You take on those corporate people, LiC–we are all right behind you, shaking our historically inaccurate pitchforks and shovels at the corporate idiots.

    • I didn’t even get to the part with Allison Pill in it. That’s how annoyed I was. Also, in the book her character is supposed to have boils and sores all over her face. NOT A ONE in the show. That pisses me off.
      Sounds good! I’ll show em who’s boss.

  10. I find this post amazing b/c we watch Cat in the Hat every morning. EVERY MORNING. Good thing I love Martin Short. I had no idea that Fish’s name was Carlos! I’ll tell EB about it. And Hubs read Pillars and is not a big reader, so I assume it’s pretty good. I can’t read historical fiction. I want it all fiction, all the time. And maybe a little romance thrown in there for good measure.

    • I honestly didn’t even realize that Martin Short was the voice of Cat! Ahh. Super Canadian! Yess Carlos! So good, right?
      Pillars definitely has romance in it, but it’s the longest book I’ve ever read. It’s super descriptive. Usually I don’t like historical fiction either because I majored in history so I’m always like UGHGH that didn’t happen. But Pillars is really good.

      • Dude, I minored in history and can’t remember the order of anything historical, names of countries events supposedly happened in, or years. But birthdays of my friends? I should have majored in that. So if a book was writing about my friends’ birthdays, and got it wrong, I would have to put that book right down and write a letter to the author.

      • Hahah yeah I’ve pretty much forgotten everything as well. Dates? Forgetaboutit.
        I still get birthday’s wrong. I’m so bad with numbers…

  11. Some books are changed a lot and make good movies (The Natural), some not (I, Robot).

    I think you should mobilize your readers to email bomb Treehouse until they buckle under the pressure.

    • That would be perfect. Treehouse needs to know this is not a joking matter! But it still kind of makes me laugh that i bothered emailing them.

  12. Marya says:

    I’m having Mooslicker over for dinner and a movie…wait I mean, “Dinner and Arthur.” Anyone that knows that much about “Arthur” is a friend of ours. I always worry that my husband has turned into Francine Frensky’s dad. I tell this to his face.

    Arthur is a national pastime for all ages.

    May I watch that show when I live at the local assisted living center.

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