19 thoughts on “Computer Lovin’

  1. Lol!! You basically are Meg Ryan! I love how Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Zuckerberg are the same person! ha!
    I think simplifying is a good idea, or trying a week without any contact — just to refresh and feel human again. Then again, it is great to have a good laugh and commiserate with all the blogging peeps. I’d miss them…

    • Yeah I would love to detach myself for a bit but I just don’t think I could do it. I would feel so behind in all of my online hobbies…!

  2. If you were Meg Ryan, you’d have opened your eyes as wide as possible and shaken your head in confusion at some point in the post.

    On the other hand,glad this post wasn’t what the title made it sound like it would be. Though I don’t envy the google hits you’ll get from it…

  3. That’s pretty much me too. Email, WordPress, Facebook. Sometimes I have nothing new anywhere and those are sad days.

    My first Internet girlfriend, TigerKat88, tried pulling one over on me saying she was a year older than she really was. I knew she was born in 1987. I got her to admit that she was 8 months younger than she really was. I guess when you’re 12 it’s a big deal. She claimed 88 was her favorite number. 88 is only a Nazi’s favorite number.*

    *How that works for those who do not know. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet. Do it twice and you have HH. That stands for Heil Hitler. A common phrase yelled in honor of mustached men.

    • Those are definitely the sad days. Nothin to do.
      TigerKat88 haha. Perfect. Looks like you know a lot about Nazi’s which makes me think that you might possibly be one?

  4. I was thinking about getting rid of Facebook too, but then what would be the point of taking photo’s? That’s the only place worth putting them these days, I don’t actually care what my friends are up to. They’re usually boring anyway.

    Screw friends.

  5. I’m removing FB. I see no need for it. WordPress must live forever, and Twitter is my source for all things newsie.

    Paul shouldn’t ask those kinds of question!!!! Still, he’s a catch and a half, so, let it go, I reckon.

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