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Laundry Problems

Not our laundry room, but still absolutely terrifying.

There’s bound to be some drama when you have to share one washing machine and one drier with an entire apartment building. I’m pretty sure there’s a book about laundry room etiquette, but if there’s not, I’m going to write one now.

One Sunday night Paul and I were waiting for the washing machine to free up. Sunday night is definitely the most popular laundry night. Once the washer stopped, we took out the person’s clothes and put them on top of the washer. Usually I hate doing this. I hate when someone else removes my clothes. But it’s understandable if someone needs to get their laundry done. You should be there on time. So we put our clothes in and as we were leaving we saw a guy coming down with a load of laundry. I assumed that he figured that he was going to be next in line, but nope! Sorry suckaa.

When we went back down to put our stuff in the drier, that guy was waiting for us. His clothes were the ones we took out. He was trying to do two loads-one right after the other. AW HELL NAW. He reprimanded us and lectured us about how we should wait 20 minutes for someone to claim their laundry and put in another load if they want to. His logic was if you have a load of laundry in a machine, you basically own the machine. I think Paul was ready to punch him in the face. We actually said sorry and the guy still wouldn’t let go. So he’s a fun neighbor.

The laundry room gives me the creeps. It’s in the basement, it’s dark, has cement floors, and it’s surrounded by a maze of storage units. Rape central. I actually just filmed a video to show what it’s like, but I don’t like the sound of my voice recorded. Plus it sounds like I have a speech impediment. I SWEAR I DON’T.

The thing the scares the most about our laundry room is that there’s tons of space to hang your clothes to dry. Umm what? Who does that? It seems so archaic. Plus, my clothes would be stolen immediately because they’re so awesome.

Why do people hang their clothes to dry when there are driers around? Why are laundry rooms and basements so scary? What’s so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding?


20 thoughts on “Laundry Problems

  1. AgrippingLife says:

    I hate basements and laundry rooms, as well. That guy was clearly in the wrong. If he wanted to use it again he should have been down there before you and when he took out his clothes he could have pretended like he didn’t know who they belonged to. Then he could have pretended to be a nice guy and put them in the dryer for unknown person. You guys would have thought he was awesome. instead he made himself into a creeper.
    I think it’s better to do them at Paul’s parent’s house.

    • Yeah, but it’s so much effort to take them there. I mean, I would assume it would be. I’ve never taken them there. It’s just easier to do it here. That guy is such a loser. Like why is he taking laundry so seriously?!

  2. Addie says:

    I like my laundry room to be dry and bright and clean. I hang my shrinkables and, yes, I iron. It’s so mindless and pleasant. Mr. In-Your-Face could have solved things by leaving a note. This is another reason why you always leave a note!

    I wish you’d have just stared and said, “What’s this all aboot, eh?”, in a NYC accent.

    • That sounds like an ideal laundry room. To be honest, we probably would have ignored his note. You just can’t hold up the laundry for 2 hours!
      He would have been so confused if we said it in a NYC accent. He’s foreign so I’m sure he already thinks we’re odd.

  3. I had to share a W/D while living in the dorms. It sucked big time. People were always moving clothes out of the washer and then putting them on top of the lint balls, or on the gross floor. They were pretty aggro if they found clothes sitting in the washer unclaimed. I think I moved someone’s clothes out of the washer once, then when I came back, my wet clothes were on top of some crap and someone was using the rest of my quarters. Stupid freshmen.

    I don’t line dry in the sun, but I hang my delicates to dry on hangers around the house. The dryer makes pills on my good shirts and this makes it last a bit longer. I am about to get on the solar dryer (that’s my dad’s joke) track when I start with cloth diapers b/c it bleaches out poo stains and kills bacteria. And it uses less energy since I’ll be doing more loads of laundry per week, since the dryer is the thing that racks up the bill, not the washer.

    • Ugh! I can’t believe people would put your clothes on the floor! That stinks! Stupid freshman.
      Yeah, if we have shrinkables we usually hang them around the house too. Otherwise it’s way too much work for me!

    • Yeah, but our clotheslines are IN the basement. So our clothes wouldn’t even get to see the sunshine 😦
      Otherwise I might think about it. But I’m also really lazy. So I like the idea of just throwing my clothes in a machine and walking away. Hah

  4. Pete Howorth says:

    You said SORRY?! Oh Lillinator. Your response should have been, “Shut the fuck up” then slapped the clothes out of his hands and onto the floor.

  5. I hate these laundry rooms too. When I lived with my sister we had one installed in the apartment because the ones provided were so damp and close to hell. The ones where I live now are fine. Other than eating 6 of my quarters last week I haven’t had any problems.

    I don’t like his 20 minute rule though. Why 20 minutes? 19 minutes too prime for him?

    There’s a bench in my laundry room and last summer I saw some troublemakers take it outside and give each other haircuts using it. That’s so trashy and thinking they own the place. At least they put it back. Not that anyone ever sits on a giant white bench in the laundry room.

    • Yeah 20 minutes seems so exact. It’s like, chill out bro. If we had room in our apartment I would consider installing one too.
      We have a couple random tables and desks in the basement that no one uses but there’s a sign above them that says “keep tables clear of clothes.” Ummmm why? I think our Asian landlord wrote that sign for no apparent reason.

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