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Giving Up and Giving In

My brosef and I discovering things. I'm the one with the cool helmet, obvs.

My brother and I have always liked to be the first to “discover” something. Whether it’s a new band, a movie, or a website, we want to be the first ones to know about it. Kind of like hipsters, I guess. The best part of being the first one to discover something is telling everyone you know about your new found source of entertainment. The worst part is when someone doesn’t site you as their main source.

For example, one time I told my brother about a song that I thought he would like. He listened to it and said that he hated it. A month later he put that song on one of his cds.

Me: I thought you hated this song.

Bro: Nope.

Me: Umm do you remember me playing it for you?

Bro: Nope.

Me: Well I did and you said you hated it. I showed it to you first.

Bro: Fine. I shower you with credit.

Getting credit is the ultimate goal. Most of our convos follow this same pattern. Me being excited by something, him not being excited by it, me getting frustrated, and then him making me laugh.

However, if I’m not the first to discover something, I don’t like to give into it. I wasn’t the first person I knew to get an iPhone, so I never got one. Now it feels too late to get one. Everyone has all these cool apps on their iPhone. I want to give in and get one, but nope. Not for me.

I tried to start reading Harry Potter after the movie came out and it just didn’t feel right. Tons of people had already read the book. I don’t want to be one of the stragglers, I want to be one of the founders! So I gave up on that too.

Just recently I have started to give in. I inherited an iPad. I feel like such a n00b when I use it. It’s fun playing Words With Friends and Temple Run (my high score is 1,400,000 just sayin’) but I can’t help feeling like I jumped on the bandwagon too late. What a follower.

I also started reading The Hunger Games. I don’t usually like to read books found in the teen section of Barnes & Noble, but it’s just so popular. I keep hearing how addictive it is so I’m just like UH OKAY FINE. So I’m reading it, and yes, it’s addicting. Plus I wanted to read it before the movie comes out so I can be one of those people who spots all the differences from the book and gets mad at the director.

Lastly, is Pinterest. is like crack for women. It’s basically a virtual bulletin board of dreams. As gay as that sounds. I had heard people talking about it over and over so eventually, I gave in. And it’s everything I wished for and more.

I feel like I’m losing my cool factor. I haven’t been discovering any sweet new stuff recently. I’m just going to keep blaming it on Canada and try to move on.


22 thoughts on “Giving Up and Giving In

  1. This post made me laugh. The caption for the picture is fantastic.

    The post also gave me a headache as my logical mind ground to a halt trying to figure out the paths that your thought processes take.

    I finally broke down and got an iPhone the other week. It’s handy in that I can check my emails and Twitter when waiting for my porridge to cook in the morning, but really the price I paid for what it does was too much.

    • Haha glad it made you laugh! Yeah, my thought process is ridiculous. But it makes sense to me!
      I’m secretly jealous of everyone that has an iPhone. I really want to do instagram and foresquare…and all that fun stuff!

  2. Lisa says:

    This was TOO FUNNY!! The picture and caption are perfect. The only reason this made me laugh out loud was because I know it’s so true. Not a smidge of exaggeration! hahaha!


    I think one of the signs of getting older is accepting that you can’t be the first to discover everything cool, anymore. Welcome to my world. If you’re lucky like me, you can just latch on to your hip off-spring and hope that no one puts 2 and 2 together.

    • Haha glad I made you laugh! While I was writing this, I was like hmm no one is going to understand this at all.
      That exact dialogue happpens all the time. Such a good relationship.
      I’ll always be around to introduce you to cool new things! Don’t worry. Even if they aren’t new and cool, they will still probably be cool and new to you! Haha! jk you introduce a lot of things to me, actually.

  3. There isn’t anything new to discover. The TV show I’m watching right now is The Shield. That came out in 2002. Have I done everything there is to do over the last 10 years?

    I think it’s fine to give in once in a while. Even for something new to talk about with a friend. But I agree, discovering something first is always best. I never seem to be very successful at that. I’ll find a new musician then find out they were around in 1997. Oh well. It’s like what that new punk band from the Western Territories of the United States known as California say “I guess this is growing up.” (what a long setup to a joke I use countless times)

    • There’s always new stuff to discover. We just aren’t trying. However, the best discoveries are the ones that don’t require work.
      Blink 182 is like the voice of our generation. “Dammit” actually made it onto my latest workout mix, so it’s pretty weird/creepy that you mention it. I don’t know why but I love them. I think I discovered them actually.

  4. Pete Howorth says:

    I hear everyone talk about The Hunger Games recently and how good it is but what is it about? Surely if everyones this addicted to it, it must be at least worth a read…

    • It’s takes place in the future, in what used to be North America– it’s now just a small country. Each year 24 (12 boys and 12 girls)people ages 12-18 from all over are selected to fight to the death. The soul survivor is rewarded and everything….I don’t know, I haven’t finished it. But it’s kind of a cool idea, right?

      • Pete Howorth says:

        Ooh it doesn’t sound too bad Lillington, but I fail to see how a 12 year old girl would beat an 18 year old boy in a fight… Still, I’d totally watch it.

  5. Marya says:

    Never read any of the Harry Potter stuff for your same reasons.

    I am staring at Hunger Games. Thank you for the incentive.

    ‘I shower you with credit,’ will be my new favorite quote.

    • Hahah he literally said that to me and I have never forgotten it. It’s so good. The Hunger Games can be the start of our book club where we read one book and then never read another one again.

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