Growing Up Is Hard To Do

I feel like I’m a pretty capable person. I figure things out quickly and I like being independent. However, there are plenty of things that I haven’t figured out yet. Things that only adults should know how to do. I guess I’m an adult now. Technically I’ve been an adult for 6 years now. Barf.

Throughout my years, I have had parents who’ve helped me with everything. I don’t usually ask for their help, but it’s gotten to the point where it just goes without saying that they’ll set up my flight info, or make sure my bank account is okay. Now that I’m married, they don’t have to do that much stuff for me. Well, they still take care of a lot of things for me, but not as much.

In high school I remembered having friends who had to pay for their cell phone bill. That always freaked me out. I wouldn’t have known what to do with a bill if it was handed to me. I still don’t.

Now my husband takes care of a lot of stuff at work, so I don’t even get to see how it’s done. I know bills involve sending money. THAT MUCH I KNOW. If you haven’t guessed by now, this is the blog where you find out how truly retarded I am. The Game of Life even scares me a little bit. Having to deal with school loans and buying a house causes too much anxiety for what should be a fun-filled game.

I think I know how insurance works, but whenever I go to the doctor they ask me a million( yes, a million) questions about what insurance I have and did I know that my insurance covers only this much, and stuff like that. So complicated!

I literally have no idea what the words mortgage and equity mean.

Taxes also seem scary. People keep telling me that I should be filing a blank tax return even if I don’t work. That kind of freaks me out because first of all, where do I get a tax return? Second of all, where do I file it? From now on I’ll just pretend I’m interested when people tell me things like this and then, hopefully,  erase all knowledge of it.

How does everyone figure stuff out? Experience? Practice? Not being so retarded? I guess I’ll just keep wondering. Ignorance is bliss, really.


28 thoughts on “Growing Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Paul Morgan says:

    I like doing all of the things for you but I don’t mind explaining them to you in tedious detail if that would make you feel better. Just keep being cute, it is easier that way.

  2. I don’t think anyone really knows what a mortgage is. I know I don’t. I think it takes until you HAVE to do it by yourself to actually understand it. I have yet to do any major purchase all on my own without having a parent or other trusted adult (because I don’t trust the adult I am) to help me out. I’m going to be living in apartments and on my sister’s car insurance plan forever. There’s no easier way.

    • Okay whew I thought it was just me. I always need someone to help me with stuff, even if it’s just filling out forms. There really is no easier way. How does insurance even work? Hasn’t it just always been there? I hate thinking about this stuff.

  3. Pete Howorth says:

    Luckily for us brits we don’t have to worry about medical insurance. You know, whenever I see young kids I’m overcome with jealousy because they don’t have to worry about any of this crap for years. It only seems like yesterday I was riding my bike in the playground at primary school, now I’m worrying about debts and jobs. Disgraceful.

    • Ugh I know right? I was seriously depressed when I turned 20…no more teenage years! Every year it seems that there is more responsibility. Yeah, you and your free health care…live it up bitches!

  4. Lisa says:

    Haha! Now you know why I said enjoy your life while you’re young! Responsibility is scary and stressful.

    I hate being an adult for those reasons. As long as Paul is willing to be the adult, and you can keep pulling off the cute and confused routine, I think you should just continue to live in your little retarded bubble! hahaha!

    Perfect picture of Cher, from Cluless! Lol!

    But seriously, a little knowledge can relieve some of that anxiety. I’m just saying…

      • Hahaha it should! Look what you’ve created! I’m not as dumb as I used to be though! I basically did that whole permanent residency thing my myself. My greatest accomplishment!

    • Heh yeah. Growing up stinks. I’m pretty much dead weight that Paul carries along while he achieves stability for our life. That’s pretty nice of him. I mean, I would enlighten myself on some of the stuff I mentioned, but I think I will just learn it along the way. It usually never comes up. Unless I think about it. :/

  5. I’m so not looking forward to dealing with all that stuff. Jeeze, I just want to eat occasional apples like Michael says. No stress about tax or bills or whatever… Just the good side of life. (Like there’s a separation…)

    • Right? Ughh it’s so depressing! At least you’re still in school! That’s always good. Treasure the good years because they go by so fast! I sound like I’m 80 years old.

  6. Marya says:

    Soon to be 48 and still feeling like a kid…and by this I mean…irresponsible, maybe my father will pay for it, why do I have to do this, blah, blah, blah.

    I am forever impressed with Lily in Canada’s honesty. You dig deep, Lily in Canada. You dig where few people are willing to dig. And, you get honest responses from your faithful friends who respond with great relief…a relief that someone out there feels how I feel.

    Muchas gracias, chica…

    • Hahah I don’t know if I dig deep so much as I have no shame. I was banking on the fact that maybe one person would feel the same way that I do, and look, here you are!

      De nada, senorita.

  7. You are so funny. For a second I panicked and wondered If I even knew that much about half of these things, and I have a mortgage, insurance, and do my taxes. Well, I send them to a CPA. Here’s the trick: find a professional. That’s all you have to know. Then they’ll tell you stuff and you nod and then put paperwork in a file cabinet. Done and done.

  8. This stuff makes me anxious too but I feel guilty every time I ask for help so I do everything myself :/

    P.S: Clueless is one of my favorite movies of all time. I think I know the script by heart. It’s just filled with so many good quotes. And it features a young Paul Rudd. What’s not to love?!
    “You’re a virgin who can’t drive.”

    • That’s way harsh, Tai.
      Hahah it’s one of my favorites too. One of my go-to movies!
      That’s good that you do everything yourself! I wish I could figure things out. Instead I just get confused thinking about it and then just start freaking out! Hahh!

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