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The Story of Us

Yes, that’s a Taylor Swift song. I’m too lazy to think of another title. I’m also too lazy to think of a creative Valentine’s Day themed blog post, so I’m going to copy everyone else and tell the story of how Paul and I met.

I went to Utah State University for a year and a half. My first year was really great. I loved my friends, my school, where I lived–everything! The next year, everyone split up and it wasn’t the same. I mean, it was good, but it wasn’t the best! One of our new roommates stole money from me (I ended up getting it back). After that, my parents asked me if I wanted to come home. I said yes.

I went to a community college close to my house for a semester so I could figure things out. I was thinking about transferring to DePaul in Lincoln Park downtown. I wasn’t sure about the whole thing (I have trouble making decisions). My parents told me that the community college had a study abroad program in Canterbury and that I should go for a semester and figure things out. I thought about it, but I wasn’t really feeling it. A couple days before the plane left for the study abroad, my parents were like, “Just go! You’ll have the best time!” So I decided to go. And I’m really glad I did.

I met all sorts of great friends on my trip. I laughed my way through Europe. It was seriously my favorite semester of all time. In my study abroad group were 3 Canadian students. They invited me over to their dorm all the time. They introduced me to their roommate, Paul. He was Canadian too and a full-time student. Not a study abroad joker like us.

My friends and I arrived in Canterbury on September 13th so my birthday (Oct. 5th) rolled around pretty soon after we got there. I was turning 21, which doesn’t really matter in England, but in the States it’s a pretty big one! I gave all of my friends invitations to come down to my favorite pub, The Jolly Sailor. On my Canadian friend’s invitation, I wrote at the bottom “Tell Paul to come too!”

All of my friends were there, but there wasn’t any sight of Paul. I was having a lot of fun because everyone was celebrating my existence, so it wasn’t a super big deal. Later that night Paul showed up! He was at tennis practice (seriously, tennis instead of my birthday?!). I walked up to him and gave him a hug. I was slightly intoxicated, but not by choice! Everyone was buying me birthday drinks, so I couldn’t turn them down! I told him that I was really glad that he came to my party. He told me that he thought I was beautiful.

So happy!

Even though we had only met a couple times before my birthday, Paul telling me I was beautiful made me so happy. It was sincere and sweet and I instantly fell in love. The next day I told everyone I knew that I was in love with Paul. Well, I actually said, “I think I like Paul” or something eloquent like that. I decided that if my study abroad ended on December 13th, I was going to use all of my time to ensure that Paul would feel the same way about me by hanging out with him as much as possible.

As the days grew closer to my flight home, I grew more and more depressed. Would I ever see Paul again? What will I do when I go home? Why can’t I just stay here and be with someone I love in a place that I love? Why do fools fall in love?!

When I came home I literally wilted. I stayed at home, ate a lot, watched a lot of tv, and went online all the time so I could talk to Paul.

My parents were like, “Umm why don’t you just go back to England and finish out your degree there?” And I was like, “WAIT. I can do that?”

So I packed up my bags and finished my degree in Canterbury. Paul ended up feeling the same way that I did except that my my emotions were 10x what his were because I’m a girl.

In our 3rd and final year of school together Paul asked me to marry him. Now we would never be apart! We got married on August 20th, 2011. This is our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

I know you’re reading this at work, Paul. I love you so much and I’m so lucky to have you in my life!

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36 thoughts on “The Story of Us

  1. Maybe you should have called this one, “Why do Fools Fall in Love? ” hahaha!
    This was so sweet!
    True Love. You always said you’d know the right person when you met him. So, I guess you were right!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  2. Great, great story Lily. It’s like you copied my post word for word. And then changed all the words. But the love still shines through.
    Good on you for going back around the world to get him!

    • Haha yeah I was like, “Hmm I’m totally copying Guap right now…!” I know, I did all the work racing back to him! If it wasn’t for me being crazy in love, things might have not turned out as great as they did!

  3. Ahhhhhh, you are such a softy girly behind all that cynicism…! Very nice story though and I hope you and Paul stay happy together.

    That top picture of you is great. “I have been awake for 18 hours now AND I REALLY LOVE MY ESPRESSO.”

  4. You can’t make decisions? High five!
    What a great story :). It’s such a story that people make up for movies, but in fact those stories suck in movies but are great in real life! Happy endings are the best for real life.

  5. Such a tender sentiment.

    I still can’t get over the whole “tennis practice” excuse. He couldn’t have played Pong for an hour and learned the basics?

    An American girl falls in love with a Canadian boy in England. Somehow you guys are making this outlandish story work. All the best to you both!

    • Aww thanks Tim :] You’re the one that started all the love posts, so thanks for that too!
      I know, right? Apparently he was on the tennis team, but still. My birthday > tennis practice.
      People are always so confused when I tell them how Paul and I met. The first question is always, “So where in England is Paul from?” :/

      • Me a trendsetter? It’s like when I introduced the 4th grade to Pogs all over again.

        I’m sure he gets the same about you sometimes, asking what part of England you’re from. It’s a silly question. Even if he was English what would their response be “Oh Birmingham. There’s a place in Alabama called that too.”

      • Yeah, the whole thing is pretty weird. I need to think of an alternate story to tell people that get confused easily.
        Did your gf/ex gf/gf love your post? Yours was super cute. Why doesn’t she blog? So many questions!

      • Yes she loved it! She called me up crying on her way to work. Well worth being called a wimp by the neighborhood bullies!

        She started a blog and made one post about why she was going to blog then she stopped. This was probably 2 years ago. She does enough writing for school and her job (writing newsletters basically for the school). She did get to write a letter pretending it was the from the Dean of the college. Shows you how much Deans really work…

      • Awww 🙂 Good work champ.
        Sounds like she’s basically a Dean. At least in my book she is. Writing letters is all it takes to be a Dean.

  6. Pete Howorth says:

    Awesome story Lillington! You two were obviously destined to be together 🙂 I read this yesterday then read it again today to cheer me up from the crappy day I had.

  7. You pretend cynic!! Made me all weepy. That and my head cold. Mostly you. Tears etched in appreciation of your luck and perseverance and just how thoughtful you are. Forget the cold, it’s all you.

    ❤ to you and Paul.

    • Awwww thanks! I don’t know if I pretend to be a cynic, I think a lot of things just annoy me! And then I write about them! I figured those are the most interesting posts, but this one is getting a lot of love!
      ❤ right back atcha!

    • Aw thanks! You’re right! I never thought about it that way!
      I’m so lucky to have been able to go back! It worked out pretty well!
      Thanks for reading!

      • And thanks for writing!
        Yeah, I’m in a long distance relationship myself now (500 miles apart) and it totally sucks to be apart. But when we’re together, it’s magic, so it’s worth it.

      • Aww good for you guys for roughing it out! It’s always worth it in the end! And, personally, I think every good couple needs time apart too!

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