Lake Houses

I’m not talking about the bad movie with Keanu Reeves. I actually never saw the movie Lake House, but I just know it’s bad because Keanu Reeves is in it. The one thing that I’ve always wanted in life was a lake house. I don’t even like swimming in lakes that much. I just like the idea of them I guess.

My grandpa had a lake house when I was younger. Actually, he had a few different ones. Most of them were on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. For maybe 4  summers of my youth we drove to these lake houses and just chilled with my family. Being right on the lake is the best. One of his houses had a docked slide in the middle of the water that my brother, my uncle, and I liked to go on. I think my cousin did too, but she was younger so I’m not sure about that one. Anyway, I remembering having to fill up this milk jug with lake water and pouring it down the slide in order to make it slippery. Even back then I knew this system was archaic.

I also liked going tubing. I can’t water ski. Well, maybe I can. I’ve never tried. Paul and his bro were like pro water skiers when they were younger. Well, pro Canadian water skiers. So I guess they were just regular? (JK GUYS) I can’t help but to be afraid that a shark is going to eat me whilst I’m tubing. Especially when I’m stopped in the middle of the lake. I know sharks don’t reside in lakes. I’ve seen every shark movie wayyy to many times to think that I’m ever safe in a body of water. Even in pools you have to keep a look out. I’m just sayin’.

Paul has had a lake house for most of his life. I can’t help being jealous of this. It must have been so much fun to have an alternate house to go to for the entire summer. I guess what I like most about lake houses is the simplicity of everything. You don’t need a lot of stuff to have fun at a lake house. You just need a lake and a barbeque.

I think going to my grandpa’s lake house gave me a sense of having a big family. There was always someone to hang out with or talk to. My family isn’t particularly big. I have one sibling. And 3 cousins. I’ve met two of those cousins only once in my life. But they live in Minnesota. So it’s really their fault for living in such an undesirable place.

A lot of things have changed since those lake house days. Some of my family members don’t talk to each other, that uncle isn’t my uncle any more, and there’s no longer a lake house to go to. But now that we live about 45 minutes from my husband’s lake house, I feel like I can make new lake house memories. Plus, that might be the only place I can get a decent tan here, so I really don’t have a choice.


29 thoughts on “Lake Houses

  1. Cool that you got to pick a new family with good toys. Plus someone you’re in love with this. I bet his family thinks you’re much cooler than silly old ex-uncle was.

    • Haha yeah! Lots of bonuses to getting married! A whole new family, and more houses!
      Haha my ex-uncle was pretty cool, but I’m pretty much cooler than everyone…! Hah. “ex-uncle” is such a weird term.

  2. Awww…. So kind. Isn’t it amazing how those early memories make such a deep impression. You’ve always had a hankering for a lake house and now you sort of have one. It’s good for you. Nice and peaceful.
    BTW, who took that picture? It’s amazing. I’m just saying… great composition. : D

  3. Addie says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not alone in shark fear. A lake house would be great!! A real one, not that movie that sadly enough, I did see. And, yes, that photo is just delightful. Is that a shark fin I see over to The Husband (and former Water Skiing Champion)’s right?

      • Addie says:

        You are a brave woman, LiC. I would have had to run screaming from the lake with the noticeable shark fin sign, seeking shelter. (I’m watching True Grit and pretending I am an older Mattie. I need a life.) You can see the swirl of water where it has dragged its prey down to the depths. Was that the brother? One can only hope you will continue to manage to avoid the razor sharp teeth and rough skin that will take your own skin and flesh to the bone.

  4. Pete Howorth says:

    I’ve never been to a lake house but I think I’d much prefer a beach house, living by the beach must be better than a lake house because you don’t have the rapists hiding behind the trees or massive bugs crawling into bed with you.

    Also if that’s you and your man in that photo, that photo is awesome 🙂

    • Yep, thats us! Thanks Petey! Just chillin on a dock! I’d have to agree with you, beach houses are obviously the creme de la creme, but for now I will settle with a lake house. But if you live in a beach house, then you REALLY have to worry about sharks. Bugs are way less scary than sharks.

      • Pete Howorth says:

        All you have to do is punch a shark in the nose and it goes away, bugs on the other hand.. with their many legs and 9000 eyes *shudder*

        Note: I did actually shudder.

  5. This is one of your best posts in a while actually. I like the honesty and confessions about the neurotic, irrational fears you have for things.

    As others have said that is a very nice photo

    A house by a lake looks great but I would probably get bored of the swimming after about 15 minutes. Kind of like sledging in that regard.

    • Thanks Michael! I realized that everyone was starting to think I was a super judgmental, complainer jerk, so I had to add some nice stuff every now and then!
      Thanks bro.
      Yeah, I mean, its better when there are other people to swim with and hang out with. If I was just by myself, that would kind of suck.

  6. Lake Houses frighten me. People are always getting murdered or drowning in the lakes there. I saw that Marcy Marlene May movie (even the ticket usher couldn’t pronounced the name, he said M4) and a lot of that took place at a Lake House.

    I get why a normal person would like one. They do have a beautiful scenic view. I just think Stephan King whenever I think of beautiful places to live.

    45 minutes also is too close. You should just move there and be happy every day at that point.

    • Haha M4. I went hot tubbing last night and this guy kept trying to say Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, but he messed it up every time. So funny. I really liked the lake house in M4! It was so luxurious!
      Well, if I lived there every day then it wouldn’t make having a lake house special. Now that I’m thinking about it, lake houses are kind of scary. Thanks for crushing all of my lake house dreams with one comment.

  7. I can NEVER let my feet touch the bottom. I’ll float out on a foot of water, just skimming the surface for fear of Snapping Turtles.

    It’s nice that everyone is supporting your dreams of Lake house ownership. Haha!
    You can always join me at the beach. I’ll be with Pete, punching sharks in the nose! hahah!

  8. I haven’t spent much time at lake houses – I was more of a beach house kind of gal. Not my family’s, of course. It’s almost better to just know someone who’ll let you use it whenever you want, then you don’t have to do any of the upkeep except being a tidy guest.

    My hubs grew up with a cabin or two in his family, and I got to go to it the summer they sold it. Then we started mooching off of his mom’s cousin so we could still go up to the mountains. This was in New Mexico in the Jemez Mountains (with hot springs). No BBQs, but lots of crazy mountain people. And peace. Lots and lots of peace.

    I like your story a lot. It warms my heart. And I love seeing pics of you and Paul!

    • I love being peaceful and one with nature. It doesn’t seem like it, from the way that I write, but I really like it! Those are always good memories. Mooching off of people with cool houses is what life is all about!

      Thanks Jell! YOU warm my heart. The pics are always fun!

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