I’ve decided to make one of my burned cd’s public so you can see how great my music taste is. I figured that side of me still remains a mystery. Hopefully this will make you feel closer to me. But not too close.  You might be familiar with some or all of the artists, or you might be familiar with none of them. In which case, I swear I’m not a hipster listening to bands you’ve never even heard of before.

Feel free to down load all of these songs and pretend you’re me. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

Lily’s Super Gr8 February Mixtastical (You can change the title if you want, but I’m pretty sure it’s perfect)(I may have gotten carried away with this):

Girlfriend In a Coma- The Smiths : This song is so good. Even if you don’t like Morrissey’s voice (Ehm Lisa) you should give it a listen.

Rebellion (Lies) – Arcade Fire: I’m just recently getting into them 3 years late. This song is super catchy. Definitely my style.

Get Up Off Your Knees – The Housemartins: This is what Paul and I would call a “three song band”. They have three really good songs, and no one really knows the rest of them. Other three song bands include The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Ace of Base, The Cranberries, etc.

Your Biggest Fan – Voxtrot: Voxtrot is one of my favorite bands that no one gives a chance. All of their songs have really good lyrics and have really good riffs. I’m just gonna throw the word “riff” around like I know what it means. Listen to the lyrics in this song–they’re easy to relate to.

Lisztomania – Phoenix: If you think spelling phoenix is hard, try spelling lisztomania. These guys are from Versailles. Catchy songs, but perhaps another three song band.

Sister Golden Hair – America: I’m usually not into America, but I really like this song. Plus, I’m pretty sure they’re singing about me.

Geraldine – Glasvegas: This is an awesome band from Glasgow. The lead singer’s voice is awesome. The drummer is the worst, but it’s still a great tune.

Goodbye Girl – Squeeze: Squeeze is one of my favorite bands. I would say they fall under the New Wave category of music that I like.

Green Shirt – Elvis Costello & The Attractions: I think I’ve been listening to Elvis since I was 2 years old. No joke, there is video proof. His voice and lyrics are great. So many hits. Paul and I chose one of his songs for our first dance.

Don’t Be Shy – Cat Stevens: Cat Stevens (Yousef Islam) is my lover. If you haven’t seen Harolde and Maude, this song is played during the opening scene. It’s perfect.

Here Comes My Baby – Cat Stevens: This song is in the movie Rushmore. It’s such a happy song. If this song doesn’t put you in a good mood, you’re just the worst.

Thick As a Brick – Ian Anderson: Sometimes I like his stuff more than Jethro Tull’s. The lyrics to this song are kind of weird. They remind me of something Kate Bush would have written. I believe Ian’s wife wrote these lyrics. “Your sperm’s in the gutter, your love’s in the sink” ummm what? So normal.

Taper Jean Girl – Kings of Leon: Remember when Kings of Leon used to be good?

Age of Consent – New Order: I never get tired of this song. Sophia Coppola used it in the trailer for Marie Antoinette. Good stuff.

I Know What I Know – Paul Simon: Within the last couple years Paul has gotten me into Paul Simon’s Graceland album. It’s perfect.

Cherub Rock – Smashing Pumpkins: I don’t think I would normally have liked this song had my dad and brother not played Siamese Dream every time I was in the car with them. This song reminds me of good memories and playing the air-drums.

All I Want- The Offspring: Remember when I said I liked Crazy Taxi? Sometimes it’s fun to play this in your car and drive like you’re in the game. And by sometimes, I mean all the time. YAYA YA YA YA

This Charming Man- The Smiths: Morrissey is just so cool. I love his lyrics. In one song he says, “Sweetness, I was only joking when I said that I’d like to mash every tooth in your head.”  Anyway this is a great song. Give it a listen.

This Is It – The Strokes: The album “This Is It” is a perfect album. Then it just went downhill from there.

Save it For Later – The English Beat: Perhaps one of my favorite songs of all time. It just eases my soul.

Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind: One of my favorite 90’s songs ever. Reminds me of summers at the public pool.

American Girl – Tom Petty: Why is Tom Petty so great and freaky looking? It was hard to choose only one of his songs, but hey. I’m an American girl after all.

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa -Vampire Weekend: Their first album is perfect. I love every song. Their sound is so new and fresh. Love.

Hey Hey Girl -The Virgins: Another three song band. But I love this song. I don’t know how I came across it, but it makes me happy.

Raised By Wolves – Voxtrot: Perhaps my favorite Voxtrot song. Give it a listen and tell me whatcha think!

Blue Orchid- The White Stripes: Jack White is so weird and cool. I want to be his best friend.


34 thoughts on “Mixmaster

  1. Addie says:

    I Know What I Know – Paul Simon: Within the last couple years Paul has gotten me into Paul Simon’s Graceland album. It’s perfect.

    Graceland IS perfection, as is Paul Simon. When other children were singing Huey Lewis (and I was singing along “I want a new truck”–never made sense to me, that he wanted a truck) my duo knew every Paul Simon song by heart. Anne and I created a Survivor song out of Homeless. Yes, she is my true daughter.

  2. There are a some on your list I’ve never heard of. I’ll check them out.
    There are also a bunch on your list I’ve seen live (including Elvis Costello!)
    I’ll give a listen and come back…

    • So jealous about Elvis! I missed him live so many times. He’s truly one of the greats! Yeah, take a listen! Thanks for browsing! The post turned out wayyyy longer than I anticipated…!

      • I gotta say, listening to some of the stuff you have above, I’m surprised you don’t have any Beautiful South.
        Really like some of this. I’ll have to look deeper at these bands…

  3. AgrippingLife says:

    Your list is amazing, per usual. Morrisey is the only one that I can’t get on board with? And I think Ian Anderson’s wife wrote Aqualung but I could be wrong? You have seriously good taste, speaking of cool cats….

    • Ohh okay yeah you’re probably right. I thought a long time ago you said it was this song. So ooops.
      Just listen to girlfriend in a coma by the smiths pleaseeeeee.You might like it! And if you don’t, then there is no hope left.

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  5. I’m liking. Lots of variety, lots of eras. Paul Simon is the best. His new album is dynamite. Cat Stevens “Wide World” was one of my high school drinking songs. I am sure he wasn’t thinking drinking song when he wrote that.

  6. Soooo many good songs on there, and great bands. Phoenix is a band that I love and didn’t know it. Hubs had a CD that we would listen to in our early days, and when they had a somewhat recent album, it was like unlocking a part of my brain. LOVE all of their stuff, much more than just three. Vampire Weekend, yes, Cat Stevens, heck yeah (Harold and Maude!), Paul Simon, of course, and the Smiths, always. You do indeed have good taste.

    • Unlocking a part of your brain is a perfect description! It’s great when you can hear the first couple seconds of a song and immediately love it. You have good taste as well! We must be soul sisters.

  7. pops says:

    great taste in music (as always)–you have a wonderful soul and it should forever be at ease. after all, life is a kid’s park, everybody, so come on, let’s play.

  8. I enjoy The Strokes and The Smiths as well. I’m not gonna lie, 500 Days of Summer definitely influenced my affinity for the latter. And I’m pretty sure everyone wants to be Jack White’s friend… except for maybe Meg White. I don’t think anyone knows what she wants…

    P.S: I’ve been planning a post of this type for Valentine’s Day. I hope you don’t think I’m stealing your idea… :/

    • The Smiths are great, aren’t they? I never knew if Meg White was Jack’s sister or his wife or what! Burning questions!
      Not at all! Everyone comes up with similar ideas all the time! I’m sure I’m no the only one to write a mixtape! Haha!
      I’m looking forward to reading yours!

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