Sensitive Subjects

Having blogged for a while now, I’ve noticed that some people like to get into deep discussions. It’s nice that we have a resource where we can share our opinions on different worldly matters. That being said, talking about religion and politics scares me–I tend to refrain from stirring the pot. Every once in a while I’ll jump in a conversation if I feel the need to back up someone or bring up a view that hasn’t been explored, but usually I’ll stay out of it.

I loathed when teachers would make us debate in high school. Debating is basically forced fighting. I don’t mind every day confrontation. If someone cuts in front of me in the grocery store, believe me, I will tell them. But I would never make a facebook status about the topic of abortion to just see what happens. It would be madness. I posted a status saying that the Big Bang Theory sucked and things got weird.

Talking about religion can either be really great, or really scary. I hate when people think they know about every religion and try to teach you about your own beliefs. I’m just going to start telling people that I’m a Wiccan.

I really like learning about religion and mythology. I love how many beliefs are out there and I find people’s perspectives of life fascinating. It’s all good stuff. I may not personally share the same beliefs as everyone (Is there a religion that’s just everything?  Hah slightly contradictory but it would be awesome if you said “My religious beliefs are everything.”) but I respect them. I would never not be friends with someone because of their beliefs. Unless they were a part of the Westboro Baptist Church. They’re slightly cray cray.

Politics scare me because I literally know nothing about them. I try to think of my own stances on topics, but I always come around to the conclusion that I don’t care. Am I the worst person? Possibly. The thing I absolutely hate is when high school kids are into politics. It’s like, why do you even care?? None of this applies to you. You don’t have to pay taxes, you don’t have worry about stem cell research. Just shut up and go to the mall.

Maybe I don’t like these subjects because I have trouble making points. I’m a Libra so maybe my balanced scales have something to do with it? I can always see both sides.

Are there things that you don’t like to talk about?


23 thoughts on “Sensitive Subjects

  1. It can depend on the person but I don’t like talking about conspiracy theories. The guy I used to sit next to, for example, thinks there is merit to both the Apollo Moon Landing conspiracy theory and the September 11th ones.

    The couple of times I started to discuss it with him I got really annoyed and said there was something wrong with him.

    To be honest he is the most paranoid, highly strung person I have ever met. He is insane.

  2. AgrippingLife says:

    Several blogs back I talked about things that make me uncool. Watching the news and enjoying politics could definitely be put on the list. I don’t know what happens as you get older, you just start caring and then you realize at the same time that there are idiots running the world, and then you somehow get involved?
    I respect all religions EXCEPT the ones that target or go after other religions…really? Is that your doctrine?
    This is a great post!

    • Yeah. The news is just so…newsy. The only news I’m interested in is E! News. I agree about religions that attack other religions. So silly.

  3. fyeahandroidtomato says:

    Great post! As someone who used to be a religious fanatic, I have some sympathy for people who push their religious beliefs. I understand their motivations from the inside. That being said, I think when you are a kid your political views should be insane. Like you mentioned, they don’t effect you or anyone so why not go for the gusto?

    There are things that I don’t talk about but I’m not going to talk about them right now.

    • Hey, thanks! Yeah, I can see how people get pushy or preachy with their beliefs because they feel so strongly about them–and that’s great! But when it becomes annoying, or hurtful, then it can be weird to talk about.
      Yeah I am seeing more and more high schoolers that are very informed about politics. They probably know much more than me…!

      Fair enough. Kind of a weird question I guess! Why would someone want to talk about things they don’t like to talk about? haha!

      • fyeahandroidtomato says:

        The internet is a real game-changer for high schoolers. They have access to resources that seemed like science fiction when I was a kid. I’m a tad envious.

        Thanks for the follow!

    • That’s a good point! I mean, I’m sure I had access to most stuff when I was in high school, but I was just too stupid to figure it out!
      Duhh! No prob! I actually thought I was already following you..oops my bad!

  4. There isn’t a whole lot I won’t talk about, as long as the other person is open minded.
    Of course, sometimes it’s fun to talk to the close minded folk just to piss them off…

    • Haha true. Sometimes saying things for pure shock factor is the best!
      But yeah it’s good to be able to talk about anything and everything. I’m a bit of an open book myself.

  5. The only things I don’t talk about are subjects where I’m going out of my way to bother someone specifically. If I know it’s something that is really personal to someone who will see/hear it then it’s easy enough to avoid. There are always casualties to everything. I don’t think you should always limit yourself though. As long as nobody is being malicious it’s all good.

    P.S. I think Unitarians believe in everything. It’s like a combination of every religion. I know a couple of them and I also know someone who isn’t one that went to a service. She said it’s a cult. There are candles and men in hoods. You can be as accepting of others as you want but never will I not be freaked out by men in hoods.

  6. It’s hard to keep track of what people are sensitive about though! Everyone has something, right? Maybe not. I don’t know.
    I’ll have to research Unitarians! Sounds interesting. What religion are the hoods from? The KKK? That’s not a religion. I think I would be scared too. Cults freak me out but I’m so intrigued by them. Lots of good documentaries based on cults. Guilty pleasure.

  7. I’m not sensitive to any subject, even fat people hah. I find it funny when anyone gets offended by anything, they’re only words, they mean nothing. Their opinion means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Someone asked for their thoughts on Muslims and Islam, oh boy you should read that thread hah.

    I choose to be one of those people that doesn’t get offended and ruin my own day.

    • Yeah I think the key is hanging around people who don’t get offended about anything. I rarely get offended, but I know that others do, so that’s why I avoid those subjects. I’m always bound to make someone cry. haha

  8. I liked this one.

    Obviously, I don’t mind talking about religion, it’s kinda what I’m supposed to do. The only reason I joined the Church is because I was just plain interested in what it was all about, in the beginning. To each there own. Now, politics is a different kind of monster.

    I posted something about politics, a few months ago, and all sorts of crazies came out of the wood works. (They’re crazy because they argued against me having certain political stances that they believed contradicted what Church I went to. Really?) After that I decided to stay away from politics, until I started the new blog, which all is fair game now.

    What I don’t like about talking about politics is that everyone gets their information from either one biased news source or the other. (I especially like one particular blog that CLEARLY STATES that they do not like talking about politics, BUT they have a Fox News ticker on the side bar. I mean, Come On!) My dad is an old Vietnam Vet/Hippie/Dave’s not here man, and was clearly raised liberal. He gets all his news from The Daily Show and the Rolling Stone magazine. Are these things biased? Heck yeah, but at least they’re entertaining while they are.

    • I absolutely hate when people are like, “Oh you can’t be on that side because of your religion” Umm hello, it’s my life, and my opinions and morals. I can believe in whatever I want. So dumb. I love the Daily Show and The Colbert Report. It’s all so good.
      I usually wait to tell people that I’m Mormon a while after they’ve known me. That way, they aren’t able to immediately judge me based on any knowledge (true or false) that they have about Mormons. People are always surprised when I tell them. And one woman even told me, “I knew there was something special about you” 😀

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