Congrats Grad!

Note to self: Never get an honorary degree.

Today was my college graduation. Obviously, I didn’t attend. It was held in Canterbury Cathedral (how prestigious!). I would’ve worn a black robe and received a fake diploma (they sent the real ones to us in the mail a while ago) . My school’s graduation ceremony is taking place 8 months after school finished. That’s a quick $2,000 for international students to fly back to England just to attend graduation. Don’t ask me why England is so weird and backwards because I don’t know.

Everyone I’ve talked to said graduation is a bust anyway. Well, not everyone. I have bad memories of my high school graduation. For some reason it was in a church. Not one of those little cute steeple churches, though. It was held in a mega church. One with an amphitheater, a rock wall, and a food court. You could really feel the spirit. The ceremony was around 4 hours long. I remember people giving painfully unfunny speeches and being sandwiched in alphabetical order next to people I had never really talked to.

I’m not sad about missing the actual ceremony–I know I’m a graduate. I don’t need to walk across a stage to be one. The thing I’m kind of bummed about is missing my friends. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t like missing out on a good photo op! But its just not worth it to get on a plane and fly to England, am I right?!

Also, now that I think about it, the ceremony itself probably would’ve been all English-y. Pomp and Circumstance wouldn’t have been played, the announcer would’ve mispronounced my last name, and the ceremonial robes would have had weird red and purple stripes on them. At least I wouldn’t have had to wear the getup that Orlando Bloom got stuck wearing at his graduation in Canterbury. YIKES.


30 thoughts on “Congrats Grad!

  1. Orlando Bloom looks like he’s graduating with a mushroom cap on his head! Thank heaven you didn’t have to wear one of those!
    Actually, you would have been a beautiful graduate : ) Seriously. Maybe we can go one day in the near future and re-enact it? Sorry it was so inconvenient : (

  2. pops says:

    you don’t need a piece of paper to tell you all the good you’ve done–you already know in your head and your heart. (oh wait, you already have the paper. scratch that…)

    • Oh wait. Go to your room. Hah thanks pops! It’s good to be done with all of that. Remember all the fun papers that I sent you at 2am? “Ummm can you proof read this for me? It’s due in 5 hours…”

  3. Congratulations, Lily!
    I had a great time at my college graduation. My friends and I brought a huge thermos of screwdrivers with us. After we finished that, we sent my friend’s sister out for 5 bottles of Andre champagne -$2 a bottle!
    We were the most popular row at the ceremony.

    • Hey, thanks! Sounds like you guys really know how to graduate! Did anyone stumble across the stage? More importantly, did anyone fall on their face?

  4. Marya says:

    You college grad…you college grad. You would have looked smashing in a flaming red tote. I think earning a degree in another country is to be commended. And the most important thing about your degree is that you found someone to love forever while getting your degree in a foreign country. What makes Orlando Bloom so special? How did he get an honorary degree? It is because he can play soccer and act? I’m confused.

    • Ahhh true! I’ve completed so many awesome milestones that the actual ceremony seems miniscule in comparison!
      Orlando Bloom can play soccer? I think he just got it for acting. Seems unfair.

  5. I had a double graduation – one for masters and one for the college of architecture. Both were LONG. Of both of them, architecture took the longest. They have little forms for you to fill out talking about what you’re going to do next, what foods you like, set ups for a joke if you want to tell it…I mean, you stand up there and someone talks about you for 5 minutes. It’s not just going across the stage. But it was fun, and I had to do it again the next year when Hubs graduated. And I realized our (adorable, but very awkward) dean RECYCLES his closing joke! And tells it very poorly both times. Just watch an episode of some tv show where they graduate (Buffy perhaps?) and you’ll get the feeling you’re looking for. You did it! Congrats, grad! Is what a balloon would read, if I were to send one from Austin to Canada. Just somewhere in Canada. That place is pretty big…

    • Sounds like your graduation was awesome! If they spent time talking about me for 5 minutes then I gladly would have gone!
      I guess if a joke works, then keep on keepin on!
      Yeah, float a balloon my way! I’m sure it will find me…

  6. Is a mega church anything like Mega Shark?

    That sort of ceremony would bore me to tears without question. Even if I lived next door I wouldn’t bother attending it.

    Well done on passing though. Or should I be passing that congratulations onto Wikipedia…?

    • If there was a mega aquarium with a meg shark inside the mega church, I would probably go all the time.
      Hahha congrats to me and a sprinkling of congrats to Wikipedia.

  7. I skipped my HS graduation. All of my friends had last names toward the middle and end of the alphabet. I had one guy that was a fellow B but he had bad breath. These facts are reason enough to stay at work an hour late on the night of your graduation. I also like too that I was threatened with not being allowed to walk at graduation multiple times if my behavior didn’t change.

    • High school graduation is always weird because the robes are always the school’s colors so everyone looks like a clown. Ours were red–so flattering. But really, you didn’t miss out on anything.
      Threatened because of bad behavior? Doesn’t sound like you. 😉

  8. Congrats Lillington! I agree with pops, you don’t need a piece of paper to tell you how great you are, which incidentally is the exact reason why I never bothered with Uni in the first place ahah.

  9. I’m verklempt! Here’s a subject–the buttercup; neither dairy nor dish. Discuss.

    Well done Lily, and so glad you found a proof reader that was glad to help you out. I must find one of those!!

      • Addie says:

        Ah, dear Padawan!! Coffee Talk with Linda Richmond (Mike Meyers) was a stable bit on SNL from 1990 or so. He actually was mimicking his Long Island ex-MIL. When something happened, he was verklempt, and would offer a subject to be discussed while he steadied him, um, herself.

        Go to 5:35.

        Wow. Forced proof readers. I think you have a business idea there.

  10. Addie says:

    I am totally playing the parent card:

    “Go ask your Mom.”

    See, you say something that makes me verklempt, and, to withdraw from this emotional moment, I give a suggestion for the group to discuss while I am gathering myself together. SO, I offer a discussion on the buttercup–it’s not dairy nor a dish.

    See?? Funny!! No?

    Go ask your mom. 🙂

  11. Umm I don’t think she’ll know what you’re talking about.
    But now I kind of understand. From now on, just don’t use the word verklempt becaue its weird and spell check doesn’t know what it means. You’re a weird one, Addie!

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