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Apparently there’s a new show on Canada’s Discovery Channel called Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All. Watching this sounds about as appealing as hanging out with my grandpa for the day. Aka the worst.

Being a know-it-all means two things: you have a lot of meaningless knowledge, and you have literally no friends. Why would I want to watch people like that on TV when I wouldn’t want to be around them in real life? I feel like that show would just make me angry. The only people that should be contestants are people in college. Maybe not though. Know-it-alls come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

This reminds me of another show that I loathe, The Big Bang Theory. Why would I want to watch annoying people talk about science? I’ve given the show a couple chances thinking, “I really hope this gets funny” but it never does. All of the guys on that show are so fugly. Whoever is in charge of costume design should be shot. No one dresses like that. Not funny. AND there’s a laugh track. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of shows that I used to watch that have a laugh track, but with The Big Bang Theory it just seems so forced. Here’s a clip of the show without the laugh track. Its just so so stupid.

Oddly enough, I’ll still watch shows like Hoarders and Toddlers and Tiaras and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Even though I can’t stand the people on those shows, I’m intrigued by their way of life (and by how dumb they are). Okay fine, to be honest I watch Hoarders so I can see houses full of fermented poop, the Kardashians so I can see the love of my life, Scott Disick, and Toddlers and Tiaras so I can be mesmerized by girls like this:




19 thoughts on “Know-It-Alls

  1. That little girl is the annoying fat woman in the office but 16 years in the past. I hate her.

    A show about know-it-alls would be horrendous. There is a woman in my office who thinks she knows everything and it drives me insane. If Neil Armstrong came in and gave a talk about the Apollo Moon Landings she would probably try to correct him on something.

    She is fat and hideous. Probably took part in beauty pageants as a child. Also Irish.

    • Hahahh. People like that are just the worst. It’s so childish and immature to act like you know everything. Even if you have already heard about something, its just polite to even pretend you are interested in what people say. Argg.
      I’ve watched the clip of Alana about 50 times. I cannot stop.

    • I saw that blog post! Haha he’s such a classic. Love it.
      Yeah I think shes really pretty, but her character annoys me too. She’s constantly rolling her eyes. Its the same thing every episode!

  2. I go back and forth, being annoyed and wanting to confront the hell out of them, and feeling sorry for them, because deep down, I know how terribly insecure they are. The latter always wins out.
    But really, is there anything more unattractive than NEEDING to present yourself as one who knows everything about everything? For the sake of others, just zip it.

  3. Marya says:

    I absolutely HATE Trivial Pursuit. Trivial Pursuit means people have useless facts in their heads that calculate into insecure humans. No patience.

  4. Know-it-alls are always the worst on every show. Lisa Simpson is the worst Simpson. Alex from Modern Family never even gets a plot point. They’re so uninteresting but it’s a formula that is always used. Every sitcom needs the slutty daughter and at least a wise cracking child. Sometimes they’re not a know-it-all but they’re always a schemer at the very least. Kids aren’t that smart to catch their parents doing something lik that!

    I’ve never watched The Big Bang Theory. I wouldn’t even know how to understand a TV show with a laugh track. Why do they bother anymore? Sorry, that’s just a topic that is way too near and dear to my heart.

  5. Laugh tracks suck ass, they ruin shows I think. They’re used for the creators to tell us when something is funny.

    “He just asked a queer for a phone number, LAUGH NOW!!!!”

    The old English shows they used to make filmed in front of a live audience, now they were funny. Because they actually made people laugh rather recording a bunch of idiots laughing, how do you even get that job anyway?

  6. My siblings watch big bang theory, I can’t stand the show. It’s annoying as heck, how it became so highly rated? now that’s a theory I’d like to hear! 😛

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