Drinking is never a good idea

How I felt this last night/ this morning...

I never drink. Well, that’s a lie. There was one year in college when I drank a lot. A lot for my standards anyway. It was fun, but its definitely been out of my system for a while now. Last night I decided to go out with a couple of my friends here in town. I actually hadn’t been out in Victoria before last night, so I thought I might as well familiarize myself with my new town.

I went over to my friend’s apartment and we sat around, got ready, and talked about cross-stitching. The other girl that was there is really into it and is certain that she’s going to become filly rich off of her unique designs. Props to her dreams. She bought about 60 different colors of thread at a place called Fabricland (Canadian Michael’s?). We spent at least 45 minutes organizing them into appealing color combinations before we decided to go to a pub.

Before we left, I had 2 Smirnoff Ice things (or Mike’s Hard Lemonade)…whatever. You know what I’m talking about. Then I talked to my friend’s cat for a while. I must have been really making a connection with the cat because she started licking my hand. I think I should consider being an animal masseuse because I’m that good at making animals feel relaxed and comfortable. From the way this post is going, there’s a possibility that I’m still drunk. Just fyi.

Then we got to this pub called the Baird and Banker. Its a cute place, but it wasn’t cute that they ask for two forms of ID. I only took my license and left my wallet at home. Do you know why I do this? If my purse gets stolen, then my wallet is safe at home. That’s what you call a genius move. Even though my purse has never been stolen, I’m still paranoid about it.

Whilst at the pub, we met some weird Guido hockey players. I asked one guy if he was on steroids and he got really offended. I’m sorry but if I can see veins popping out of your arms, the question is begging to be asked. They bought us drinks for some reason even though all of us were taller than their entire team. Yes, I actually found friends that are as tall and taller than me. I have never felt more at ease.

I told my friends that I was going to wait outside for Paul to come pick me up. I felt like I was going to puke. And then I did. Thrice. Outside. People laughed and pointed. Ugh. NEVER AGAIN.


19 thoughts on “Drinking is never a good idea

  1. Booze barfs are the worst. And I find it fascinating that you go with your purse, but not wallet. When I’m out and about, I got with my wallet, but not purse. Less to carry. But my wallet is small and fits in my back pocket. My purse can fit a baby and all of its things in it. I don’t need that much stuff unless the baby is actually with me. Hope your barfs go away, dear!

    • My wallet is really nice. My purse is nice too, but if I ever lost my wallet, I would cry like a baby. I definitely agree about it being less to carry, but at least purses have a strap.
      Thanks! I feel much better. And I’m craving chinese food.

  2. Never again? That’s always what someone says right before cutting to a scene of them with a beer funnel down their throat.

    I stay away from booze because when I drink I think the only thing to make me feel better is eating a lot of whatever happens to be open late at night. Things that are open late at night never make your stomach feel better. I’ve reserved alcohol for vacations, huge accomplishments, or maybe in a situation where I would feel like it was disrespectful not to. Maybe I can refer them to this article as a reference. I’ll write down the URL and keep it in my wallet. That should convince everyone that I’m behaving normally…

    • See, usually I’m smart like yourself. But, ya know, peer pressure + trying to be cool = me looking like a lunatic. I don’t ever drink with meals, but for some reason last night I was craving pizza and chinese food. A winning combo. Actually, I’m still craving both those things, but I’ll probably end up eating ramen. That’s almost chinese food, right?

  3. LOL! Throwing up outside is the best. Nothing more embarrassing but at the time you don’t care. Haven’t done that in years though I’ll admit. Usually when I feel ill it’s when I’m in bed and the rooms spinning.

    I used to be a hero at drinking, £60 on drinking Friday night, be out Saturday night and do it all over again. Now I spend £20 on drinking and I’ll have a hang over for the next two days. 😦

    • Hah soo embarrassing. In England, its the worst. There’s always puke on the streets. ALWAYS.
      I’d rather have no tolerance, than have to drink all of my money away to feel anything, ya know? You’re saving your hard-earned money!

      • It’s cos most of us are still on rationing here in England. We have to choose between getting some beer or having a mop to clear the sick up from last week.

        Mops are boring.

  4. Yay, Lilly out on the booze again. I haven’t thrown up from drinking for ages but there is always that sense of shame when you do.

    I didn’t know people would have both a purse and a wallet. I always thought it was one or the other. I am intrigued. Or do you mean handbag? Man, this is confusing.

    I have read websites dedicated to guidos and they look like utter freaks. Freaks on steroids that is.

    • Yeah, we call handbags purses here, and wallets are wallets. I vaugely remember people calling their wallet a purse in England. Ugh why can’t everything be the same?!
      Guidos are so entertaining. Tell me you’ve watched Jersey Shore.

    • No good. Well, I threw up my calories, and didn’t spend any more, but still. I would have rather done those things than feel like I did last night. Hahah Yeah never again!

  5. Wow, I thought all you cross-stitch chicks were tough.
    I’ve marked several places as my territory in the way you describe. Though I had to get pretty deep in my cups to do it.

    Didn’t your friends come out to take care of you?

    • Hah I’ve never cross-stitched, but I would like to learn, and be tough.
      My friends wanted to come out and take care of me, but I told them to stay inside. They ended up coming out and taking care of me! So kind…

  6. Lol. What did those darn guidos buy you?! One isn’t supposed to get sick after the amount of alcohol you described. Maybe you didn’t eat enough that day?

    • Lol I know right? I hadn’t really touched alcohol in a year sooo maybe my awful tolerance combined with the speed that I drank everything = puke? I probably didn’t eat enough though, you’re right!

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