Alone Again, Naturally.

Gilbert O’Sullivan was alone. Look how he turned out.

I’ve never lived alone. Ever. Even in my college years, I always had suite-mates (not roommates because sharing a room with someone after the age of 8 is sick). I never went on vacation alone and I definitely never had my own place. I have our apartment to myself for the whole week and I really don’t know how I feel about it.

On one side, I have lots of freedom. I don’t have to cook dinner. Actually, I don’t have to cook at all! In fact, I’m sitting here, eating a breakfast consisting of Flavor Blasted Goldfish (Xplosive Pizza, in case you’re wondering).

I don’t have to watch football.

Me: Who’s playing?

Paul: The Redskins and the Eagles.

Me: I hate the Eagles.

Paul: You do? Why?

Me: Because there was a guy at the hockey game wearing an Eagles sweatshirt and hat and he annoyed me. Plus Michael Vick is on that team so….yeah. And I like saying Redskins.

Paul: ……………

It can also be lonely too. I obviously have friends I can spend time with, but it’s not the same. No cuddles, no stupid inside jokes, no sharing blankets on the couch.

It’s weird because I am pretty independent. I don’t mind going to movies alone, shopping alone, or eating out by myself. I also decided to go to England for 3 years without knowing a soul. A lot of people would never do those things.

Being alone is such a weird feeling. You only have to think about yourself. I remember talking to this girl (I say girl, because she was around my age and I hate being referred to as a woman. It sounds so old!) who was giving me a pedicure and she said that both her parents had died and she didn’t have any siblings. There were probably times in her life that she felt like the loneliest person in the world. It would be so hard to be in her position. But I believe that people are only given situations that they can handle. It may seem tough to me, but she seemed okay with it. I think she was a stronger person because of it. Meanwhile, I’m talking about how I don’t have someone to share the couch with. Normal.

This week, I might watch some movies that I’ve never seen, cook something I’ve never cooked (out of boredom and hunger) and go somewhere I haven’t been yet. I’ll keep you posted on my weekly adventures. But don’t get your hopes up.


34 thoughts on “Alone Again, Naturally.

  1. I appreciate the down time when my girl is gone, but always look forward to her return.
    And not just because I know it will make me clean up the mess I’ve been living in for the last week…

    • Hah yeah, I’m sure a majority of my time will be spent cleaning. Technically, I think we’re still in that newlywed stage. But I’m sure years down the line I’ll be like, “SEE YA!”

  2. Do you never feel the need to be alone then? I would go mad if I were surrounded by people all the time. I’m such a loner.
    That’s not really true. I want people, but sometimes… Sometimes I just want to not talk. Enjoy your week! It will be okay. I say it will because I believe it :). Such freedom it gives! Take it!

    • Yeah I agree with you. I don’t think people should want to be alone all the time, but I don’t think they should be surrounded by people all the time either.
      You’re right, it will be okay! Thanks NBI! 😀

  3. You come from a long line of loners. Just because a person is alone doesn’t mean they’re lonely. I think Kelly Clarkson sings about this in “What Doesn’t Kill You.”
    I’m with No Blog Intended. I love being alone. Castaway with Tom Hanks was my fantasy Island. I wouldn’t even need Wilson. Just me and the… just me.

    Just don’t turn into Gilbert O’ Sullivan.

  4. Women hate being alone for some reason. Do females constantly hear screaming when you’re not around someone? I think my boss just read that. Eek! Still not as bad as the time I emailed my friend “I feel handsome today” and she saw.

    I understand hating aloneness. The first 2 months of living on my own stunk. Actually no, it was longer than that. I had to use computer games to drown out my sorrow because I had nothing else to occupy my time. At least yours is only temporary. Even though I would love to see “Lily in Insane Asylum” which is where I’m sure you’d end up if alone for too long.

  5. Addie says:

    I don’t mind being alone, obviously–I do mind being lonely at times. I watched this show, Life Changes, with the OctoMom, and, after that? I really appreciate being alone.

    Ramen w/chicken bits in it and BeanieWeenies both fall into the category of AlmostRealMeals. Plus, adding the meats remove them from being lazy foods. Unless you use pre-cooked chicken bits, then, yeah–LazyFood. Not as lazy as the fall back tortilla with cheese and heated in a microwave, but, close.

      • Addie says:

        Love Clueless. I also love ’10 Things I Hate About You’, even though I’m not big on Julia Stiles, except for that movie and Dexter. The rest of the time? Not so much.

  6. LOVE your description of why you don’t like the Eagles. That’s totally something I would say.

    I’m posting an Indian chicken curry recipe here soon, if you’re up for trying an Indian dish this week! 🙂

    • Haha thanks! I figured true girls would be able to relate to that! hah
      Okay yes, I have been meaning to try your recipes. I’m gonna try it out tomorrow–someone is cooking for me tonight (thank heavens).

  7. Naked Tuesdays. Definitely. I love being on my own though it probably doesn’t help my sanity when left to my own devices.

    So before you go insane, do Naked Tuesdays. Hell, don’t even get dressed at all this week. Just let yourself go for an entire week and do nothing and be messy. Clean up all the dirty pots and what not the day before he comes back 😀

    • Ha that would be the life! I don’t have any toys though. Kids need toys, right? Maybe I could just sit them in front of the tv so they could watch Angela’s Ashes with me. Then they would realize how lucky they are and that they don’t need toys! Life Lessons by Lily.

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