This is a House of Learned Doctors

My entire school career.

When I was in school, I didn’t try as hard as I could have. And by school, I mean high school – university. I never took anything super seriously, unless I was really interested in it. I picked my major by determining it was the subject that I hated the least. I liked the idea of school–getting ready, going to class, interacting with teachers and students, etc. But when it came down to the work, like most people, I hated it.

It’s weird looking back because I think, “Oh, if I was in school now, I would be so enthusiastic and give everything my all.” But would I? I think I said the same thing most years before school started. “Okay I’m ready for a fresh start.” Sooner or later my fresh start would become rotten.

Imagine going back to school having all of the knowledge that you’ve have accumulated since then. Easily Harvard material.

I think its hilarious when students write their papers the night before and get top marks. Only because I’ve done this. It’s the ultimate best when teachers warn you to start the project or essay months before and say that you’ll fail otherwise. Challenge accepted. Most of my teachers told our class that if we used wikipedia they would be able to tell, and it would be wrong. Welp, I used wikipedia in almost every paper, and guess what? They couldn’t tell, and I was right. Sign of brilliance.

The only reason I have studying on the brain is because Paul has to take about 5 conversion tests for his degree. Because we got our degrees in England, he has to convert his to the Canadian system. Whereas I don’t because I’m great. I feel bad though because he’s been studying so hard and I’ve been laying around watching Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Don’t judge me. Or do.



26 thoughts on “This is a House of Learned Doctors

  1. I’m getting appalled by school already, and there are five more years to come – if I succeed (I guess I will). I’m just too scared to do it like you, but in the end, having a blog is the best way of wasting time you could have spent on studying. But on the other hand, I believed these last exams were bad, and they were good (enough, but mostly good) and then I think: I’ll make it anyway!
    But… It’s soo tiring…

    • It is tiring! I imagine that if I had a blog during school, I would have never studied! You will make it through school! If I did, you definitely will. It’s a long road to the finish, but it goes by so quickly!

  2. a) I am 100% judging you for watching K&K Take NY.
    b) I’ll let it slide because you pretty much just summed up my entire college career. Definitely one of those night-before-it’s-due paper writers, and like you, received good grades. I was a little more enthusiastic in high school, but only because I wanted to graduate early and GTFO out Iowa.

    • Hah I’m okay with the judgement.
      YES. You understand the midwest. I’m from the chicago suburbs. I like it there, but there are so many better places to be. Every time I wrote a paper the night before, I would stay up until 4 and always say “WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?” Every single time.

  3. Studying is such a ballache. I looked into doing an open university about history or something as I really like history. But then I realised I would have to write essays and stuff.


    Just think though, if you had excelled in all those subjects it would have given you the perfect justification to hate people who did similar but different subjects.

    • It is a ballache. I like history too, thats why I chose to study it. It’s easy though because everything is on wikipedia. And also, you never really have to give your opinion on anything because it’s all just facts.
      But yeah essays suck.
      Ughhh I could have hated so many more people!

  4. This is a great topic and a great title, it’s from ‘Step Brothers’ correct? So funny!

    I’m really starting to think we can do away with schools entirely, now that we have the internet. And let’s face it, Google has turned into the magic eight ball. You can type anything in and get an instant answer. ANYTHING. It’s so freaky. I went to school in the wrong decade.

    But on the flip side, does a person really understand the way to LEARNING with instant answers? Wait, let me ask Goggle….

    • Google is, by far, the BEST invention of all time. Yes, it’s from Step Brothers–you know that! “You and your mom are hillbillies. This is a house of learned doctors.” Such a great scene!

  5. Pete Howorth says:

    People always used to tell me when I was in school, “Enjoy it because school years will be the best years of your life.”

    But I hated school and I probably hated everyone in my year, I was thrown out of the good secondary school in the second year and had to go to a really crappy one in a really rough area. The teachers were funny with their “You’ll never accomplish anything anyway so why am I even bothering” approach to teaching.

    My English teacher actually said you me, “You won’t get above a C on your GCSE” but I showed that warty cow when I got double A! (Literature and Language). But now looking back, maybe they were the best days as I had no concept of being poor back then.

    • Ugh teachers can be so awful. They all just seem power hungry. Having a nice, sweet, smart teacher is a rarity. Good for you for getting awesome grades! Proving someone wrong is the best motivation ever!

  6. I feel the same way. I barely tried at all when I went to “university.” I only went to Community College and the teacher said “You’ve learned everything you can possibly learn about making television now go out there and do it!” Most people from my class are still in school. They should have been straightforward with us and said “there are no jobs in television in New Jersey” but teachers are liars.

    Did you always say marks or is that you trying to fit in with Canadians?

    • Hah the only reason I say “university” instead of college, and “marks” instead of grades is because in England, people would act like they didn’t know what I was talking about. “Oh, you mean university?” OBVIOUSLY.
      You studied television production? Seems interesting and fun. But yeah, if there aren’t any jobs around then it doesn’t really matter.
      I fight any Canadianisms that try to come out of my mouth.

  7. Funny, I went back to school years after getting my degree to study something else and did surprisingly well, and enjoyed it a lot more since I was there because I wanted to be.
    Possibly because I was an adult and they were teaching teens (for a value of teens equaling idiots).
    And Kardashians? Really?

    • Thats awesome! I definitely want to go back to school, but in a couple of years. I hope to have the same kind of experience, of really wanting to be there. Instead of feeling like I just have to finish.
      Dude, think what you will, but the Kardashies, are super entertaining!

  8. Annoymous says:

    The word ‘ballache’ makes my flinch. Oh, my. I think what does scare me is what isn’t being taught. I was shopping a few years ago, at a sale. Oh, how I love sales!! The word ‘Clearance’ (Clarence!) makes me giddy with anticipation! There were two girls home on holiday break, wearing teeshirts with their university name and discussing their upcoming graduation, etc. Not that I was eavesdropping or anything. Looking over a pile of sweaters under a sign that said, ORIGINALLY $90!!! NOW, 75% OFF!!, one said to the other, “How much is that?” Her friend turned to the clerk who said, I’ll have to check. So, I said, without looking up, “It’s $22.50.” Dead. Silence. Girl 1–“How…how did you know that?” I wanted to weep.

    I bet they went on to work at Goldman-Sachs, and have amassed a fortune.

    • Annoymous, eh? Hah to be completely honest, I can’t do any math in my head. Math is not my subject at all. I had to try really really hard to just get Bs and Cs and then I stopped trying and got Ds. I would definitely be one of those girls in awe of your math brain. :O

      • Addie says:

        How did that name appear? It’s my secret name!!!

        Half of 90(50%) is 45 and half of that is $22.50. 75%!

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    • Addie says:

      I’ve left a comment on your post, Clarissa. It’s awaiting moderation. I think ‘awaiting moderation’ really means ‘possible censorship’. How ironic on a day where Wikipedia and Google and a wealth of other sites, personal and professional, are protesting the possible censoring of the information they provide.

      Lily in Canada writes about life in a poke it a bit way. I’d suggest here, as I did on your site, to check out what is said throughout before you judge. If you actually do just that, and discover, as many of us have, that Lily in Canada is smart and funny–well, you may want to apologize. Just a suggestion.


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