Canadian Monopoly


Last night I went over to my friend’s house (I’m making friends!) and we sat around thinking of things to do. We tossed around a couple ideas but we eventually settled on Monopoly. Is there really anything better to do on Friday nights? Only yes.

I’ve always liked the game of Monopoly. In my junior year of college we taught my brother to play Monopoly (who goes through life not knowing the beauty of Monops?). We probably played around 50 times that semester. More often then not I would quit playing because my brother would make deals with everyone else except me. Rude. I’m not sure if most people make deals when they play, but I’m pretty sure its considered cheating. For example, he would say, “I’ll give you Vermont Avenue if you let me stay on your property for free and give me St. James Place.”

The Monopoly game that my friend had was a Canadian version. It was so scary. First of all, it came with fake credit cards, most likely to prevent cheating, which sucks because cheating is awesome. But it also prevents math, which I applaud. You just type everything into an electronic box-no messing around with Monopoly money/Canadian money. However, the use of credit cards means that the amount of money used is realistic. You start off with 6 million! It just gets depressing after that.

All of the spots were places in Canada. Some were normal, like Toronto. Some were not, like Medicine Hat. They should re-name that city “Kill Me Now.”

The community chest cards were the best though. One of them said, “You won a contest by making the best maple syrup! Collect 500 k.” If there’s a real contest that gives out 500,000 for making the best maple syrup, I know what my new life goal is. Brb making syrup.


19 thoughts on “Canadian Monopoly

  1. I played Monopoly by myself once before I knew how to read. I’d have to run upstairs and ask me what the cards said. He should have shoved me down the stairs and saved us both a lot of aggravation. I hope you won. That would really stick it to your new Canadian “friends.” Let’s see if they really do “stand on guard for thee” when you cream them.

    • Ugh I know. That would’ve been great. I came in second only because one of my friends barely landed on anything the entire game and ended up with 15 million. Seems unfair.
      During the game people said that “they forgot” I was American. :/
      Monopoly with one person should be some sort of Guantanamo Bay torture.

    • Hah thanks! If I figure out the perfect recipe, I’ll share it on here. I’ll be the next Paula Deen.
      I don’t trust people that don’t cheat. ………………..wait.

  2. I used to love Monopoly when I was younger but I really don’t know why. I hardly ever saw a game to it’s completion and got fed up with how serious some people take it.


    Credit card thingy makes it sound futuristic. A maple syrup competition sounds bonkers.

    Actually, Monopoly is years old. I reckon the original Community Chest cards said things like “You have subdued another African tribe! Collect three shillings”.

    • Hahahah so true about ancient monopoly! So funny!
      I know, I hate when people make deals! I actually liked playing English Monopoly. Playing with pounds just felt right.

  3. Addie says:

    We’ve discussed Bud (your Bud, not mine) and his Monopoly playing ways. He should be stood in a corner, and when he gets out, only allowed to use the hat when he plays. I could never sit silent and allow that. Monopoly should be played with the cash, the all fees go into the pot and Free Parking wins that cash, the sweaty palms as you face the Green and Blue properties, each filled with construction, knowing you have to make it to GO!! Anyone who says they haven’t cheated in Monopoly is a big fat liar. So, there. (PS I’d love to see a Community Chest that awarded you $50K for making the best poutine!)

    • Eww pountine! Barf! But yeah, in the Canadian electronic monopoly, free parking didn’t exist! It was just an empty space since there was no cash being passed around! What’s wrong with the world these days!?!?

  4. If Addie met Bud she would know that NO ONE puts that 6′ 8″ baby in the corner…no one.

    I think it tells a lot about a person as to what “piece” they choose. I always liked the dog because it looked like Toto from the Wizard of Oz. If that was unavailable I’d go with the car and then finally the shoe. Anything other than those pieces and I just felt like a hobo and I knew I would lose the game.

    Medicine Hat!!!!! Lol!

  5. I was the Jean Claude Van-Damme at Molopoly in my day, the English version though obviously. And if I wasn’t the car, I wasn’t interested in playing. “BRUM BRUM” I’d yell as I moved squares.

    “You’ve won £100 in a beauty contest” Too right I have.

    • Hahahah yes! That was my favorite card as well. The beauty contest. So applicable to my everyday life. The English version was the one that I played the most actually. Boring nights in Canterbury…

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