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Finding My Inner Jew

Is it weird that I automatically think of Woody Allen when I think of Jews? Nope, just offensive.

In Victoria, B.C. today there was a vigil held at a Jewish Cemetery. The cemetery had recently been vandalized (swastikas were painted on head stones). This makes me sad. An act like that is so irreverent.

The good news is that thousands of people showed up for the vigil. It’s nice that there are so many people that want to stand up and comfort those that were disrespected.

Ever since I moved to Victoria, Paul has pointed out when I complain. I never thought of myself as a complainer. I’ve always been a go-with-the-flow kind of gal. But I’ve noticed that Paul’s right. I realized that it must be a trait that I picked up from my family. I asked my mom if she’s ever noticed that I complain about things. She and I agreed that they aren’t really complaints, per se, more like observations. I wondered why I act like this, and why I feel the need to tell people around me that I hate waiting in line, or that there should be more people working so that the line doesn’t move so slow. To me, these were all normal comments.

My mom reminded me that my great grandfather was Jewish. I’ve always known that, but I’ve never thought of myself as Jewish. Not to be stereotypical, but I can see how that characteristic would come from his side of the family. Oy vey. Now, more than ever, I want to embrace it! I don’t know how many of you have been Keeping up with Kourtney and Kim Take New York, but Scott, Kourtney’s bf is Jewish and there was a whole episode about how he had lost his Jewishness and decided to talk to a rabbi, go to temple, and find it again. The only thing that really interested me was Shabbat dinner.  Seems like so much fun! Plus, I just really want a reason to say “Shabbat Shalom!”

Just so you know, I’m not converting to Judaism or anything, I just think its crazy that there’s part of my genetic makeup that I haven’t fully embraced yet! Also, my new goal is to become fluent in Yiddish. I feel like this will come in handy in day to day convos with both Jews and Gentiles.

Unfortunately, I think I had some Nazi sympathizers laced throughout my family tree. I inherited some pro-Hilter books which are INSANE. Having studied History, I really appreciate their value and content. Inside there are pictures of Hilter holding babies, and laughing with people. I wonder who the authors of this book were trying to fool. After everyone reads this they’re going to realize what a great guy he was! These books were probably handed down to me because, out of my family, I look the most Aryan. So not kosher.

“Germany Awakens”


38 thoughts on “Finding My Inner Jew

  1. So will you be posting the conversations between your internal Aryan and internal Woody Allen?
    Because that would be interesting. Or dangerous…
    Also curious what kind of google search hits your blog will get now…

  2. It makes me sad to hear you watch Keeping Up With the Kurwa’s (yeah, I had to google insults that start with K, but this one seemed pretty fitting).

    By the by, commenting on long lines or the impossibly slow rate of movement by the people controlling them is NOT complaining – as you said, it’s an observation. It’s just like how I observe that a lot of guys who drive Hummers are assholes and have small weiners.

  3. Marya says:

    My mom thinks she’s Jewish. Not even gonna lie. Scott Disick would make one skegit rabbi…(the outfits?!?!?!). I’m so glad he has found himself once and for all! Makes me wanna re-think my life. Jk. Obvi.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. Addie says:

    My family came from Ireland a gazillion years ago. You are not allowed to be Jewish if you are from Ireland–you can only be depressed, drink too much, and hate the English.

    • I don’t remember Angela’s ashes because I never saw it! The Irish side of my family was married to the Jewish side of my family. I’m a full mutt. I just watched “Magdalene Sisters” and it was really good if you like unfair Irish living and evil nuns.

      • Addie says:

        Your mom had mentioned that combination. Wow. I bet they had some great fights! Welcome to my genetic background–unfair Irish living and evil nuns! I loved The Magdalene Sisters!! Angela’s Ashes was pretty true to the book, so, if you have a couple of hours and want to end up sad, you’d really enjoy watching!!!

  5. An American woman complaining about things when in another country? Surely not!

    I remember seeing some clips of an anti-Jewish propaganda film in a documentary about the Nazis. It was so absurd that it could have been satire.

  6. Lisa says:

    Give me a bagel with a Shmear and a little kosher salt and I’m a happy girl. A little complaining is good for the soul. It means you have healthy self esteem.

    Lily, you don’t have to worry about people getting offended since your DNA is comprised of so many opposing nationalities. Just tell them you’re one of them, and you feel their pain. Haha!

    Also, you have ancestors who fought with the Yankees in the north and those who fought for the Confederates down south. Very handy!

  7. I’ve had Jewish friends from New York. Some of them are exactly like Woody Allen. One in particular whines a lot and is such a nervous wreck. He’s one of my favorite people of all time based only on the fact that he’s a walking stereotype. He’s only half Jewish too which surprises me. I was so proud when I got him to walk up and talk to a girl. Did I mention he’s like 5 years older than I am? Alan Schwartz is the best.

    • I would be forever entertained if I had a stereotypical Jewish friend. Alan Schwartz. So perfect. Everyone from NY scares me. I can barely watch The View without cringing. But for some reason the Jews put me at ease.

  8. Pete Howorth says:

    Complain about how expensive everything is, that’s what I see the Jews doing on television a lot these days so there must be some merit to it.

    Sad to say I don’t have any Jewish friends, this leaves me feeling empty 😦

    • I don’t have many either. I didn’t think there was a very big Jewish population in Canada, but I guess there is!
      Maybe I will start complaining about how expensive things are…just to fully embrace my heritage. 😉

  9. Marya says:

    I have been so busy lately, you and your faithful readers will probably not read this entry. But, alas, typing has always been therapeutic for me, so here goes.

    When I was 14 yrs. old and a day away from my 9th grade graduation (from Jr. High), I had to get my nose cauterized. Seven sticks of silver nitrate Dr. Oppenheimer stuck in my left nostril, not all at once, but individually. This left me in much pain with silver nitrate residual above my upper lip and chunks of coal-like material coming out of my nostril. I missed my graduation ceremony. That afternoon, our neighbor, Elaine Cohen called my mother and said, “Get Marya dressed in her graduation dress. She is coming to Jeffrey’s nursery school graduation at (the) Beth Kodesh Synagogue and she will have a graduation. She will put a band-aid underneath her nose and everyone will think it’s a nose job.”

    That evening at the graduation, with my Gunny-sac, white, dotted-swiss dress on, side pony tail and band-aid in place, I found myself at the dessert table. Once of the “zaidys” standing next to me, looked at my nose and said in his Jewish/Yiddish accent, “They did a nice job.”

    I am nothing without my Jewish friends. Everytime I move to a new town, I must have my Jews. They say my father’s relatives came over to Montana to mine, from the Ural Mountain Range in Russia. I know that I am Jewish. May I interject that the child’s nursery school graduation I attended was (here comes the name dropping) Jeff Cohen or “Chunk” from “The Goonies.” I love that family because they are family. Jeff always looks at Mormon me and says, “Marya, being Jewish is a state of mind. You are Jewish.”

    P.S. Our Jeff has gone from “Chunk” to “Hunk” or so says “Yahoo-News.”

  10. Lisa says:

    Growing up in New York allowed me to fully embrace my Jewish gene(s) and then, because I am part Jewish, allowed me to make fun of all the stereotypes. So fun to imitate and sooo thankful to have inherited the ability to occasionally make people laugh. Yes, humor is part of our heritage.

  11. Haha. I wish you luck on your path to discovery of yer innah Jew!

    P.S: Kourtney and Kim make me want to vomit *_*
    How can you watch that stuff?!

    P.P.S: Great blog!

  12. I grew up with a grandmother who was in Germany for the ENTIRE war and witnessed horrors you could scarcely imagine. She carried scars – physical and otherwise – to her grave. My grandfather fought in the Polish resistance and so my childhood was filled with interesting tales to say the least.
    Excellent post, Lily. Your family should be proud of the person you are now.
    A great legacy I’d say.

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