Move Over Madame Tussaud

For some reason a doll of Steve Jobs has been made. Let’s think about this for a second. Someone came up with the idea to make a Steve Jobs doll, actually told people about it, and got it made. Some people have no shame.

OMGahh that totally looks like Steve!

I’m not going to beat around the non-existent bush, dolls are creepy as hell. Barbies are alright because if they attacked you in the middle of the night, you could swat them away. American Girl Dolls are another story. If you look at them dead on, they’ll peer into your soul and you’ll wish you were never born. Trust me. I had 2 of them. Kirsten and Samantha. *shudder*

The only thing creepier than dolls are wax figures. I’ve had the pleasure of going to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and it’s pretty horrifying. I mean, its fun when you pretend that you’re hanging out with celebrities but then it just goes downhill after you post any pictures on your facebook. My favorite is when someone comments on an obvious Madame Tussaud’s picture and says “Omigosh! I thought that was really Justin Timberlake!!!!11!1 heheh!”

It was either this picture, or one of me and a wax Hilter.

I wonder what celebrities think when they’re told that a wax sculpture is going to be made in their image. I would be offended. Although, I get offended if I have to wait in line at the grocery store.

I feel like the creators of the Steve Jobs doll should make him into a doll that also serves as an iPod dock. I think he would’ve liked that.



18 thoughts on “Move Over Madame Tussaud

  1. Lisa says:

    How do we know Steve Jobs wasn’t wax? He seemed like a pretty waxy guy.
    Hey, I was just thinking…what the heck is wax? Where does it come from? Seriously, what is the source of wax?

  2. Addie (Adair) says:

    Millions of bees owe their existence to Madame Tussaud. Every year, they create a special honey for her, and leave it on her front doorstep, with a sprig of lilac on top. They leave that and around 3 tons of wax. Then, they go back to being bees and hanging around stinging the bottom of the foot of an innocent child who stepped on that bee as she was walking barefooted through a patch of clover. Just, you know, walking. Innocently.

    But, yeah, that’s where the wax is from.

  3. Marya says:

    Imagine my shock and horror when I was in the Chicago American Girl store and as I was going down the escalator, what was coming up the escalator? A Goth 20-ish-year-old gal with a serious look on her face holding her American Girl “Pick Me” doll that looked like her. Seeing that I have two girls of my own I, much to my chagrin, am an expert on The American Girl(s). I was well aware when they phased out Samantha. But I don’t recall there being a “GOTH” American Girl. So…this twenty something gal made that “pick me” into her. Dyed the doll’s hair black, gave her severe bangs and well…HELP.

    I also think we need a grace period when someone dies to make them into a doll. I think Steve Jobs was waxy. I am with Cousin Lisa and Addie/Adair on this one…I think Madam Tussaud receives her wax from from a very special beeeeeeeeeee.

    • Just when I thought nothing was scarier than American Girl Dolls….! If I had a goth doll, I would’ve probably cried myself to sleep at night!

  4. I love watching youtube videos of them making those wax dolls. I think they made a dillion Lady Gaga ones, so it was probably an MTV making of the somethingsomething. It’s very rare that the dolls aren’t creepy. The Fergie one makes me want to pee (or was that her?) from how bad it looks.

    • I didn’t know there were videos of people making them! Will they give me nightmares? I’m going to look up the Fergie one out of curiosity….

  5. You have to wonder at the mentality of the people who are buying those Steve Jobs dolls. No matter how much you may like your iPod at the end the day he was just a very successful business man.

    Is that really you in that picture then Lily? You look completely different. And scared.

    There is a waxworks here in the UK somewhere on the coast that is infamous for being horrendously bad.

    Here is an example of a bad wax model in Blackpool. This is meant to be Michael Jackson:

    • Hahaha that’s such an awful Michael Jackson. So creepy.
      Yeah, that’s really me. But that was taken about 4 years ago when I didn’t eat a lot. And my hair was way too long. I look like a scared pony. But wouldn’t you be scared next to Alfred Hitchcock?

  6. Pete Howorth says:

    They say it looks life like, I’m pretty sure his wrists didn’t look like that his hands have just swallowed a ball. What would you even do with a Steve Jobs doll? Dress him up in Barbie clothes?

  7. Went to Madame Tussauds off Times Square. My girl was dubious.
    She was right. Still haven’t figured out how to get my twenty bucks back.
    And OMG! Looks like Hitchcock is about to strangle you!!! He must get asked to pose like that all the time!!!!

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