My Furry Friends

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been slightly branching off of Canadian topics. I will always be Lily In Canada, but I feel like I’m struggling to think of Canadianisms to write about daily. If something particular to Canada begs to be written about, I’ll write about it. But for now, I’m going to focus on whatever I like.

Our apartment in Victoria doesn’t allow pets (or real christmas trees!). They basically don’t allow happiness. Although the woman who lives down the hall from us breaks this rule since she’s half-woman half-beast. I’m almost certain that she’s Sasquatch. I would love to have a companion, but I don’t want to be kicked out of our apartment and living on the street. I always hate when I see homeless people with animals. What makes them think, “Hey, I’m responsible, I should be a pet owner!” ?

I have been wanting a pet for a while now. Someone told me that I was “nesting”. Apparently, wanting to own an animal means that I want to have children. Let me just say, that when you get to the point in your life when people immediately guess that your sickness is pregnancy, it’s depressing. I am never speaking of nausea ever again.

My family’s cat, Cozy, is about 16 years old. She’s gettin’ up there! She used to be so spry and energetic. Now she’s just sleepy and, well, cozy. We got her and another cat, Bopo, on the same day. One for me, and one for my brother. And two for my mom to take care of! We rescued them from a trailer park. They were literally trailer trash. Cozy is going to give me glares for writing this about her. In her youth, she was one of the best hunters around. We had so many rodents as presents from her–birds, squirrels, FLYING squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, mice–you name it, Cozy got it. Bopo, pronounced bop-o, was the sweetest animal to ever live. We reside on a busy road, and one day Bopo chased an animal into the road. He lived a short life, but a good one. Bopo will be forever missed.

I told Cozy to look cute. She went for the kill-me-now look.

We had another cat, Kendall, who was old and crabby all the time. We had him since I was 2. He died about 2 years ago. Whadda trooper.

The member of our family that has been the most missed is definitely our dog, Truman. He was one of the finest dogs around. I mean, he humped people a lot. He woke the neighbors up with his barking all the time. He ran away once or twice. He growled at me at night. But he was so smart. He knew so many words and all of our names. When we were gone, he would miss us. If I said, “Hey, where’s mom?” he would look for her. Even though he was a silly old dog, he was a great friend.

In his favorite spot.

He also liked to eat. A lot.

Slightly chunky.



32 thoughts on “My Furry Friends

  1. Loved that Truman so glad I had the pleasure to stay with him while you were gone and yes I can attest that he totally missed you. However I dont know who missed you more him or Rose. 😉

  2. Lisa says:

    I miss my sweet boy…what an angel. Why is little Cozette the prettiest cat ever? If someone doesn’t love and revere animals then I can’t fully trust them and I probably won’t like them. Basically a deal breaker.

  3. Animals are like children, but way better I imagine. So pets are actually a way to avoid having children.
    That’s how I see it.
    You have beautiful animals there! Our cat also sleeps alot (does he ever see daylight?) and if he doesn’t sleep, he eats.
    I want his life.

    • I would love to have the life of a cat. So luxurious! Pets are great training for babies…but I don’t think I could handle a baby right now!

  4. Great shots of your furry companions! Our cat, Felix was 19 when she passed away recently; it’s tough to imagine a life without your loyal animal friends, isn’t it? Great blog you have here, young lady!

  5. I love that you got a cat each – two for your mom to take care of. I got a cat while at the corner store and when I left for college, I allowed my mom to be sole caretaker. She constantly tried to give me that old cat over the last 12 years of being in Austin. And I have two dogs. So the old crochety cat would not have appreciated moving up here with me, I told her. She lived until 22, and my mom finally realized that she loved her, too.

    And I would like to point out that pets are indeed great practice for kids. I don’t care what anyone says. There is a certain amount of responsibility for keeping them alive that translates to BEBES. So do you have the BEBE fever? Or just want something to cuddle with?

    • Yeah I totally know what you mean! Sometimes we concentrate on how much work pets are that we don’t realize how great they were until they’re gone.
      I don’t know if I’m ready for a bebe yet! I feel like I have to be ready to live a completely unselfish life and I don’t think I can do that quite yet!

  6. Addie (Adair) says:

    Wait. You feel nauseous? Really? Should I start learning how to knit so I can make cute little things? Considering my track record, I should start now, as I’m still not finished with the counted cross stitch wedding sampler I started for my eldest cousin, who just celebrated 32 years of marriage.

    I’ve loved my pets, each of them. Currently, I’m cat sitting for my son’s cat (ohhhh!! yes, I have a son!). She is fat. Really fat. She wheezes all the time. At night, she gets on the pillow next to you, and starts to clean her freakishly tiny paws, and it sounds like this–“wheezesnortlicklickwheezewheezegaspsnortlickwheeze”. It is loud enough to wake me up. When I move her off the bed, she sits NEXT to it and starts over. DC will then give me that, “Told you so” look, to remind me she is perfect and no other cat needs to be around us. BTW, I love you had a dog named Truman! Best President, ever. We’d have to stop talking if you had one named Nixon. Only a slug should be named Nixon.

    • Haha 32 years of marriage is a crazy feat! Ahh so you have a son, eh? Cats can be the most annoying. But it sounds like she likes your company. Truman was not named after the Pres, actually. Nor after “The Truman Show”. He was named that because he was a True Man. hah

  7. Marya says:

    You had a pet named Kendall?! Ugh. My arch enemy is named Kendall. Kendall Jenner. “Suri Cruise to Shiloh Jolie-whatever/Violet Affleck” is equivalent to “Moi to Kendall Jenner/Kendall’s life” (is it obvious i’m studying for the ACT with all these analogies??). I hope your kitty, Kendall, is MUCHO MEJOR than trashy, scummy, iwishihadherlifeimsojealous fake, gutless (lame she didn’t get that tat!), future hobo, Kendall Jenner. I rest my case. xoxoxo Elizabeth.

    • Addie (Adair) says:

      So, Elizabeth–your Kendall was my Debbie Hecker. Well, if it helps, ‘we’ win in the end. I remain my same slightly odd self while she has grown up to having her son and his girlfriend and their son and her mother all living with her and none of them work and she has varicose veins and still goes by the name ‘Debbie’. Really? Not that I stalked her via the internet or anything. *coughLYINGcough*

      • Marya says:

        I cannot express how much your story helped me. Let’s hope and pray that Kendall ends up in a trailer park on a reservation with 7 ugly kids and 180 lbs to lose:) Oh and don’t worry, I will be doing nothing but stalk her once I find out she’s in the system for substance abuse and like vandalism…(she only trying to spray her baby daddy’s tipee pink).

    • Lisa says:

      Elizabeth you are too funny! How on earth could you be jealous of Kendall Jenner? I think YOU could have your own TV show, people would tune in just to stare at your face, catch a glimpse of your style, and listen to you laugh! Seriously. You’ve got it going on, girlfriend. If KJ knew you existed she would slit her wrists, seriously. She would. You will remain tat free and she will end up looking like her desperate mother, Kris Jenner. Yuck! Stay, tall, beautiful and awesome. You’re the bomb.

      • Marya says:

        Lisa, I love you. Whenever I express my frustration about Kendall Jenner to my mom, she says something like, “Kendall is probably really unhappy” or “Be grateful you don’t have a family like hers”. I hope Kendall gets drunk in Mexico and gets a dopey tatoo of like a dead puppy on her stomach or Barack Obama on her chest. Ha! And thanks a mill for the sweet compliments. Bet Kendy only gets “future whore” or “Kim and Kris’s marriage ruiner”….there’s no way Kimmy did all that damage on her own. She def had a little sidekick. ~Elizabeth

    • Trust me, I did not name him. But alas, he was my arch enemy. So grouchy! ACTs are the worst thing ever. I’m proud that youre studying for them. I did not study for them at all. BUT SRSLY can’t believe she didn’t get that tat!

      • Marya says:

        If you consider buying glossy books and being forced to take the practice test @ school, then I’m studying super hard. And yes, ACT’s are the worst….almost as bad as Miley Cyrus and “Ice loves Coco” reruns (they for real need to get a life). And there is something with those “Kendall’s”. My friend’s cousin, named Kendall visited one time and she seriously bugged. Anyone who wears Aeropostale, thinks Hollister is couture, and hunts (!!!!) in her spare time is no friend of mine.

  8. Pete Howorth says:

    I hate having pets because you will miss them so much when they’re gone, too many of my favourite animals are no longer and now the youngest cat is suddenly the oldest. My late-cat Mischeif will always be the king!

    Cozy is definitely thinking “The world will be mine” in that photo and I am inclined to agree!

  9. Addie (Adair) says:

    I’m so lost on the Kendall Jenner thing, but, I’m totally behind you, Elizabeth. When they accuse you of stalking her, I shall swear that you were by my side, tatting. I’ve no idea what tatting is, but, it sounds genteel, and ladies who tatt would never stalk anyone on the nasty old internet. I’d high five you at this point, but, I’ve a feeling you’re like Lily in Canada and are way taller than I am. Still, it’s virtual, so, *HIGHFIVE*.

  10. Every animal I’ve ever had becomes “slightly chunky.” My first dog was so underweight but after a few years her nickname become “Blubby” because she was so covered in blubber. It shows that you love the animal.

    I don’t think wanting a pet is the same as wanting kids. It could mean you want to take care of something, but don’t want a kid. A furry kid isn’t fun. That’s just an old Ukrainian man who hasn’t grown up yet. Are Ukrainians furry? I’d guess they were.

    • That’s good. I’m glad we’re not the only family who over-feeds our pets. I don’t think I want a kid either. I’m too selfish in my life to be able to support a child.
      I think there was a news story about a South American boy who had hair covering his entire face. That would be the worst. But yeah, if I had to choose a country that had furry people, Ukraine would be up there.

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