New Years Eve

Someone tell Bono that he's making AIDS worse.

I think 2011 was one of my greatest years. So many crazy things happened! I graduated from an English University, I got married, I moved to a different country, I made new friends, and made a blog.  Lots of milestones packed into one year! I wonder what 2012 holds?

I rarely make resolutions. If I do, it’s usually “lose weight” along with every other girl on the planet. Even when we girls are skinny, we never appreciate it. There’s always room to lose a pound or two. But I’m going to exclude that from my resolutions this year, because, lets face it, it’s not gonna happen. So here it goes, 2012 Resolutions!

1. Stop hatin’. I can hate on everything and anyone. Seriously, its a gift. But instead of saying “hate” I should just say that I highly dislike something. Approximate time that this resolution will last: 1 week.

2. Volunteer more. Working for no pay is possibly the worst idea that anyone has ever thought of. I also highly dislike the phrase ‘pro bono’ because it looks like pro Bono, the annoying Irishman who won’t take off those hideous shades. I’m definitely anti Bono. I feel like I should be doing more work though, and since I can’t really get a job, I might do some volunteering. Hopefully it will be good for my soul. Approx. time this will last:  4 months. Do I have too much faith in myself?

3. Be more spontaneous. In Victoria, I literally do the same thing day after day. I need to go explore, make friends, find activities (not that blogging isn’t a good activity!) and make more of life. Approx. lasting time: 2 minutes.

4. Read more. I used to be really into reading books from the “Classics” section of Barnes and Noble. Now I read a blog or two and I’m exhausted. Approx. lasting time: The whole year (because that’s how long it takes me to read a single book).

5. Make our apartment cozy and perfect. I have been saving up for a couch ever since I moved to Canada. I don’t work that often, so I’ve only saved up a little over $1000. But hey, I babysit for a living! I’m not a citizen, so I can’t get a real job right now. I’m proud of my savings! I am about half way to my couch! I also got a great deal on an entertainment center for our TV. Slowly but surely, my perfect home is falling into place. Approx lasting time: Forever.

6. Go to church more. I’ve been seriously slacking. It’s not that I don’t want to go, because I do. I really do. I’m just SO LAZY. I cannot be bothered to get there at 9:30am. I really want to go every week, AND start reading my scriptures more because I don’t remember anything. There were some religious questions on Jeopardy and I didn’t know anything! How embarrassing. Approx. lasting time: Until the next Rapture.

7. Complain a lot little less. This is tricky since there is so much to complain about daily. Dumb people, smart people, people who think they’re smart but they’re really dumb, people who think they’re dumb but they’re really smart, people in general, etc. Approx. lasting time: I don’t even know if I can start this one.

Wow making resolutions is so depressing. I thought this year was pretty good, but look at all the things I can fix. Or I don’t have to change at all, since, lets face it, I’m literally the best person in existence. I just made this list to feel a little more human.

New 2012 Resolution: Try not to be so great.


27 thoughts on “New Years Eve

  1. Marya says:

    Ehmehgawsh..there is NOTHING worse than “same time next year…I’m gonna be a size 0!” or “same time next year…I will master the art of Yoga, travel the world, and save a life!!!!”..gross. Personally, the same time next year…I’ll still be the same size and will still not not understand the joy of the “Downward Dog”. So here are “My New Years Resolutions”:
    1. Break up with Ben…..and Jerry
    2. Break up with Cherry Coke Frosted Flakes…move on to Cherry Coke ZERO and Frosted Mini Wheats!
    3. Realize that I will never be Ms. Chace Crawford and that Nate Archibald doesn’t exist:(
    4. Realize that I will never be Kendall Jenner
    5. Stop saying “douchebag” and “biotch” because when you start to call your cat those words…you realize you need to stop.
    6. Be nicer to my cat.
    7. Stop abusing the words sketch and legit. Sooo last year. “skegit” on the other hand….
    8. Stop cheating on Netflix with On Demand.

    Approx. lasting time: like a day..maybe 2.

    xoxo Marya’s Daughter…the “skegit” one.

    • I like skegit almost as much as I like Spachel. Why can’t our life be gossip girl? I’ll be Serena since I’m blonde. You can be Blair. Slightly jealous because Blair has the better wardrobe, but I’m over it. Just shorten douchebag to douche. Perfect. So much cousin love today.

    • Lisa says:

      You and Kendall Jenner….twins. (actually you’re better, she doesn’t have Elizabeth for a daughter!)
      You and the words “douchebag” and “Beotch”…..perfect!
      Why would you break up with Ben and Jerry? One of life’s little pleasures. Someone with a raptured L5 deserves a little Phish Food now and then and a little Jo Malone splashed on your wrists.
      Just be your beautiful, crazy, tall self.
      Love You!
      Happy New Year!!!!

      • Pah on Psish Food. Must be a Type B thing. We O’s prefer New York Super Chunk Fudge–or some other name using the words in a different order.

    • Lisa says:

      I thought this was Marya! Forward to your gorgeous mother and know that I love you too!!!
      Oh, and Kendall Jenner has nothing on you. You are a beauty queen of the highest order.

  2. Marya says:

    New Year’s Resolution for Elizabeth’s mother…

    1. Kidnap “Lily in Canada” (husband can come as long as he brings his “Lulu’s). Elizabeth and I will take you to “a cold state.”

    2. Kidnap “Lily in Canada’s” mother…take her to the same “cold state.”

    3. Rapture my L5 or L6

    4. Be more like “Lily in Canada” and her mother…

    • I put rapture in there just for you! Why would you want to be like us?! I obviously need to flash more people in Walgreens…what have I been doing with my life?

  3. Addie (Adair) says:

    Dear Lily in Canada,

    What a year 2011 was for you!! So many bright things that make even someone who has only come to know what little part of you exposed (as it were) to the public find you a special (no, not that kind of special) person who adds laughter to my day. That was more than likely the most convoluted wrong tense lost in translation sentence I’ve ever written–somehow, I think you understand what I was saying.

    New Year’s Eve Resolutions are a dime a dozen. Sometimes, they are a nickle a dozen, depending on the exchange rate that day. Your resolutions aren’t really, well, resolutions, they are more a way of understanding what is missing in your life. Spontaneity is great (says the woman who has to map out her trips from the house in order not to wheeze), volunteering does make your heart feel better (it’s amazing how much I can do right here from my house), reading books gives us windows to every part of the world. I’m okay on the classics, I’d rather read books that grab my interest, like the one I mentioned to you, ‘Mrs. Mike’. Church is a place we go to feel closer to God, it should never be a place we feel we have to attend. Isn’t there another service you can go to, or, does it have to be 9.30AM? I do believe if you are spending that time falling more in love with Paul, well, God would see that as part of his Divine Plan for us to be at peace and to care for each other. Read your scriptures, meditate on the word of God, reach inside your soul and be glad you are who you are. As for savings, well done, you!! I shall send you my bank card and my list of bills, and perhaps you can take care of them, removing the temptation for me to go, “Well, I have this left over–what can I buy that makes no sense?” I’m not sure how large a TV you are saving for, however, you can find a nice 1080p 42″ for well under $1000. Then, you’ve enough to get a Snugglie for you and Paul–the Couplie. aha! Made myself laugh!

    If Marya and Co manage to kidnap Lisa and Lily in Canada and Paul, well, I’d like photos of the hilarity to follow. Somehow, I know it would be time surrounded in love and laughter and being occasionally judgmental.

    I apologize for taking up so much of your comment reading time. Take care and don’t really change. You are kinda nifty the way you are now.


    • I think my resolutions are resolutions! But I can see what you’re saying. I still need to find Mrs. Mike! I always feel closer to God when I attend church, maybe because when I don’t go, I don’t concentrate on Him. But when I do go, its easier for me to think about my blessings, learn something new, etc. I think my church in Victoria only has one meeting. So I don’t really have a choice 😦 I will definitely make sure to take a picture of the kidnapping! Should be disturbing on so many levels.
      Thanks Addie! Your kind words have helped me this year 🙂

      • I’m pretty sure Bono and Russell Brand share a hairstylist and clothing stylist. They both make shopping at Goodwill (aka GW Ltd) look like a better option than where they shop. I agree on church. For me, though, all the external stuff keeps me from that connection. I’ve actually started to look into the Friends Society. Regardless, we have the right idea–enjoy the breaking of 2012. You and your mom give each other a hug from me. Should be easy if you are watching TV in bed together again.

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m loving your list and enthusiasm to shake things up a bit. Of course you’re great just the way you are. Can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the coming year.
    Oh, and I’m anti Bono, too. I think it’s okay to hate on him a little, I mean look at him, what’s with the annoying glasses? Only by saving 1000’s of lives in Africa can he negate his bad taste in eye wear. So I guess we can give him a pass?
    Happy New Year!

  5. Bono is an eejit. An eejit with soppy glasses and no sense of humour. I thought Irish people were supposed to be happy and jolly.

    Don’t worry about the complaining side of things, it keeps us all amused here!

    • Lisa says:

      You’re right, Michael. He has no sense of humor. He’s full of self importance. He’s a disgrace to the people of Ireland, I’m sure. The glasses are the cherry on top, Ugh! please kill me.
      Okay, I’m back to hating him. Thanks for setting me straight.

    • He totally is. All Irish people are supposed to be Leprechauns, right? Maybe I will save my complaining for my blog. And in real life I will be more angelic.

  6. Becoming Bitter says:

    Wow you have certainly accomplished a lot during 2011.

    We have the same first NY resolution Lily. I know I need to stop hating/being negative.

    Stop complaining? Hmm… I don’t think that’s possible for me though.

    • Haha yeah its hard to stop hating and being judgmental and stuff. I feel like it’s just our human nature! I’m sure you have accomplished a lot too! You always seem like such a busy bee! Ahem, I mean, a very dark, death eater busy bee. 😉

      • Becoming Bitter says:

        Yeah I did accomplish things, like graduating, but … (this is going to sound weird) I’m proud of you!
        *Smiles* Yes I am busy death eater bee. Work just became hectic. That’s how lab life is. Sometimes it’s slow and sometimes it’s crazy fast. Seriously though many pats on the back for dealing with those changes. Change and I aren’t best friends.

    • Aww thanks Bitter! That’s so sweet. I thought I could handle a lot of change at once, but it was difficult. So many big things happening at once was very overwhelming. I’m jealous that you have an awesome job though! Well, I assume its awesome, since you do it for a living.
      Lot’s of love to go around, eh?! I’ll know who to hit up next time I need an essential organ!

  7. Addie (Adair) says:

    Okay, you know what I love here? The, well, love here. I’m not saying we’re all best of friends or anything, however, with that said–I’m pretty sure I’d donate some non essential organs to any of you who needed one. Maybe even part of my liver, since it regenerates. So, well done to Lily in Canada for graduating and stuff and to B2 for continuing on in lab life. Carry on living and judging, after all, someone has to do it when I’m gone.

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