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Have I mentioned that I like ANYTHING that relates to me?

Something that frustrates me a lot is when people don’t know information about themselves. It shouldn’t bother me, but it does. This might sound conceited, narcissistic, egotistical, etc, but I love any information that has to do with myself. I enjoy astrology, Chinese astrology, genealogy, the meaning of names, family crests, birthstones, palm readings, tarot cards, basically anything that tells you about yourself. If I lived in the 17th century, I would have been deemed a witch for sure. Actually, I did a Ghost Tour in Edinburgh and guess who was chosen to be the witch burned at the stake? ME. Only because I was popping my gum the entire tour and the tour guide hated me. Sorry, but if my gum popping throws you off, how are you ever going to make it in life?

An important detail about oneself that I think is of value to know are blood types. Many people in Canada don’t know their blood types. I don’t know why. Fun fact: my husband is adopted. I married a mystery man. He, of course doesn’t know his blood type. AND he doesn’t even care. I always say, what if you got in a car crash and they needed to give you blood?! He says that testing blood is so easy and quick that it wouldn’t matter. Well if its so easy and quick, why don’t you know your blood type then?

I used to give blood at school blood drives and church blood drives. Basically at any blood drives. I’m surprised I don’t have AIDS by now. A few times I got turned down because I was anemic or something. I guess I don’t get enough iron in my diet. Sorry I don’t eat spinach, prunes, red meat, liver, oysters, or egg yolks. Sorry I’m not disgusting. Sorry I’m not sorry. My blood is fine. The nurses are clearly just jealous that I have perfect blood and they have chunks of iron floating around in theirs. Maybe Paul shouldn’t find out his blood type. Too much drama.


13 thoughts on “Blood Types

  1. I have no idea what my blood type is and I don’t really care either. Even the poor, broken down NHS hospitals here could quickly and easily test my blood type if I was in an accident. I leave that stuff to the professionals.

    By the way who is that tall blonde girl in the picture? She looks excited about being outside a place called ‘Lily’.

    Oysters are disgusting and the fact that they are such a coveted food is offensive.

      • Oysters are just completely underwhelming. I had them round my uncles’ place one Xmas Eve during a dinner party thing. The entire first course was seafood with crabs and stuff.

        The oysters were just utterly pointless! And the crab wasn’t much better as you could tear your hands to pieces just for a small morsel of flesh.

  2. Lisa says:

    Umm, I take issue with spinach, egg yolks, and prunes being disgusting. These foods are just fine, thank-you very much.
    Everyone knows that B positive is the best blood type, right? Remember that fad diet that gave special instructions for each blood type? I think B people were instructed to eat lots of fish and vegetables…really? How novel that the food that everyone loses weight on would be prescribed!
    I’m glad I’m not O. I know it’s universal which means it’s not very special.

    • B positive is the best and only blood type in my opinion. The others are just robots. That’s funny about that diet. So clever.
      I’m glad I’m sitting next you and responding to this instead of just talking about it.

      • Lisa says:

        That sounds like something an O blood type would say.
        Anyway, B blood types don’t get in accidents.
        (I think I’ve taken my stupid comments as far as they’ll go)…

        Happy New Year, Michael!

  3. Addie (Adair) says:

    Hey! HEY!! This is one of my main issues in life–the lording over of we poor O’s (and not even the semi special O-, blood provider to the world)!! You B’s are all flashy and lookatme, the A’s take the attitude of every person who has nothing but A’s (we’re smarter and thinner) and the AB’s are the nerds of the group–but, we O’s are cast aside as inferior, nothing, we are the Ralph Kramden’s of the blood world! The Rodney Dangerfields!! WE GET NO RESPECT!!!

    Well, FA! on that!! FA–sorry, that was supposed to be PAH!! I meant the sound of disgust, not note that follows SO. Sorry. Um, thinking thinking thinking–Oh!! Well, PAH!! PAH I say!! We started this whole blood type party, and, in the end, after the nukes fall and when there is nothing left on this earth but roaches, rats and the French, I’ll bet you they all have Type O!

    As an aside, I like oysters. Especially in oyster stew. I also like seafood and spinach. And really rare meat. Not quite blue red, but, nice and red. Just letting you know in case I’m ever invited round for tea.

    (I laughed over you two side by side typing)

    • Uh oh…Youre an O blood type? I don’t think we can be friends anymore. I like sea food as well. But oysters are just weird. You don’t even chew them!

      • Addie (Adair) says:

        Yes, I am, but, Name Redacted is B+, so, that should count for something. I like to make a cute little cornbread and then hollow it out, and put in spinach and oysters that have been steamed together. You put the little top back on the bread and you can serve it and surprise the diner!! Look, you thought it was just a cute little cornbread and it’s MORE!!!

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