Bored Games

This makes me want to vom.

Do you see what I did with the title? I’m so smart and clever. My family has been playing lots of board games since we’ve all been home. And by lots of board games, I mean we’ve exclusively been playing a Jeopardy game that’s from 1992. You know how Alex Trebek always seems so snide when he reads the answer after a contestant makes a wrong guess? Maybe snide isn’t the right word. I’m too lazy to look up words that describe Alex Trebek. Just trust me when I say that Alex is annoying when he reads the answers. He acts as if every answer is so obvious. And he reads all foreign words in the proper accent which never ceases to make me cringe.

Trebek is originally from Canada. Sudbury, Ontario to be exact. He renounced his citizenship and became American. Which is weird. I would never give up my citizenship! I mean, he’s had a stable job since 1984 so I guess its understandable that he would just become a US citizen. Our country would clearly be lost without him.

There are so many games and game shows available to us nowadays it’s amazing that we don’t play a game every day. I feel like I don’t play enough card games. Card games are always so strategic. I appreciate a game that gives you props to use in either circumstance of winning or losing. You can throw down your cards after you win and say “IN YOUR FACE!” And you can also throw down your cards when you lose and say you don’t feel like playing anymore.

Card games are definitely the most satisfying of all the game types to win. I’ve tried to teach myself to play poker through facebook’s poker game. I’m almost decent. There’s a little chat section in the game where the other people playing can talk to you. Every once in a while people would say to me “nh” which freaked me out. Eventually I realized it stood for “nice hand.” As if I had any control over what hand I was dealt. Pshh. After a while I just pretended that they thought my hands were nice and pretty so I would respond “ty” (thank you).

Tonight I hung out in a friends basement and we played a game called Apples to Apples which was kind of fun. I had heard a lot of good things about it, but after playing it for a while, it was pretty boring. It takes absolutely no skill to play. I wouldn’t recommend it. I also brought my Jeopardy game. It wasn’t well received at first, but I think everyone enjoyed it. Let me clear up any confusion: Yes, I am 24 and still hang out in people’s basements and play board games. Not much has changed since I was 13.




25 thoughts on “Bored Games

  1. Lisa says:

    I think your caption sums this photo up. He makes me want to vom, as well. He looks like a 1970’s porn guy with that ugly mustachio. “Nice hand” makes me laugh. Only you would respond “ty” Haha!
    Playing board games in your friend’s basement is probably one of the best things life has to offer. Sadly, I’m not kidding. Good times!

  2. That bloke is creepy. He could be a doctor from a daytime chat show trying to generate a raunchier image for himself.

    I wish I had a basement that I could go and play games and stuff in. I would never leave.

    About not understanding chatroom language. I know of someone who thought that ‘LOL’ meant something like ‘I agree’. It wasn’t until he learnt it’s proper meaning that he realised why he was getting kicked out of chatrooms all the time.

  3. I will return later to say a word or two about this, firstly, I have to go find a needle to blind my minds eye. I cannot carry that smarmy look in a half naked Alex in my head.

  4. kkkkrissy says:

    Do you remember how when we would play Jeopardy, the winner would have to do that awkward victory dance? Uncle Peter won, and it was quite amusing to see the proper little Brit turning bright red and trying to strut around your living room! Suffice it to say, the victory dance requirement was enough to deter me from ever wanting to win, which of course, I probably wouldn’t have anyway. Ask your mom to demo the victory dance, she’s a pro!

  5. All of the older people I know (people in their early 30s) love Apples to Apples. We played it on Easter at my Grandmas and I only did better than my uncle. I like to think it’s because I’m original and think differently than everyone else.

    The last time I played the game War with cards I had 3 cards left. 3 cards to my opponent’s 49. Guess who was champ? Me! The greatest comeback of all time in anything. I think that game lasted about 2 hours and eventually all of the cards were mine.

    One game I never really liked was Clue. Probably because I was watching my sister play and I walked around behind her and said “Mr. Green” while looking at her card. She hit me all because I was trying to proof I could read. I’m sure you have some great abuse stories that came out of board games.

    • I’m one of those people who always has to be re-taught card games. I always get so rusty! Can’t believe you played War for 2 hours…!
      Clue is probably the the #1 cheaters game. Everyone always looks at everyone else’s cards. In England they call it Cluedo which makes literally no sense. So I’ve refused to play it for a while.

  6. Marya says:

    We love Clue in our house and we love Apples to Apples…Lily in Canada…it is probably better when you play Apples to Apples with younger kids…our Adam…the most quiet of all of us…somehow makes us laugh the most with Apples to Apples…because he comes up with the best/creative answers….

    Let’s go to Alex Trebek. Somehow my mother, back in the ’90’s, had a calendar that was simply titled, “Celebrities and their Cats.” February featured, “Alex Trebek and his cat Linger Dinger.” My mother was at a doctor’s appointment in The Valley; Tarzana to be exact, and ended up in the elevator with Mr. Trebek. She looked at Trebek and in her monotone voice said, “Do you have a cat named Linger Dinger?” Trebek responded, “Why yes I do.” My mother somehow also knew that he lived with his mother FOREVER…and probably still does. But really mom…only in The Valley would you be asking a famed game show host about their cat. I don’t watch Jeopardy…it makes me nervous on many levels…’nuf said.

  7. Board games are (sometimes) okay, but card games are the best. I can’t even count how many hours A DAY we can play card games.

    There was one special card game that I recently played with a friend, but not with real cards. Was actually weird, ’cause there were things like ‘you have to build a village and later you can make a big city of it’ and ‘build (?!) a knight’.

    Anyway, card/board games are good.

    • Thats weird, but it sounds like fun! There was a game that my parents used to have called Cathedral where you had to build a city, but I don’t really remember how it worked!
      I agree, card games are the best!

  8. Addie (Adair) says:

    The word that comes to mind for me when I watch Alex is ‘autocratic’. There is part of me that just wants to snatch those cards out of his hand and say, “Let’s see you look so pompous now, Mr. Got the Answers on These Cards. Go on, give me the question to “Died with head in toilet” (Who is Lupe Vélez?)! And, this is from someone who loves Jeopardy. I also like Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly, unless I’m playing with someone who doesn’t honor the Free Parking gets all the money in the middle of the board. It’s a game that allows you to do a victory dance (perhaps you can tape this one by ‘Baba’, so we can all learn it). As far as cards go, I like cribbage and gin, as they, too, offer themselves to a victory dance and smack talk. If you have to be all poker faced, forget it. And chess? Forget it!! Too long, too serious. In games, I want you to know I own you–know it, and weep about it when I’ve won yet again.

    • Yes! Games are all about competition and rubbing it in people’s faces when you win. Baba is my grandpa. Oy vey. Monopoly is one of the best games. My brother always ruins it because he makes deals with people. Like, “I’ll give you Atlantic Avenue if you don’t make me pay.” Grrrr

      • Addie (Adair) says:

        He does WHAT? He shall be banned from ever playing Monopoly again! Banned I say!! Parker Brothers shall hear of this travesty!! The idea behind Monopoly is to shame someone as they fall into bankruptcy, watching them slowly sell asset after asset, mocking their poverty, knowing they will eventually land on your Boardwalk, with a hotel placed in a predominate place on the space. At that point, you throw back your head, and laugh wickedly. MUWAHAHAHA!!!

        I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing bankers do when they foreclose on someone in RL.

  9. I kind of love Trebek’s horrible personality. If I pay attention to what time it is, I’ll watch the heck out of Jeopardy. My neighbor had a BBQ and I snuck out to watch it and one of his guests asked to watch it too. So this complete stranger came to my house and asked if I was any good. I laughed and said sure, I get about 1/3 of the answers right, if it’s the college or kid version. He got EVERY ANSWER CORRECT. I hated watching with him.

    We played dominoes last night. The sound of them smacking down for multiples of 5 is very satisfying. I like the card game Ratscrew, too. And puzzles. And Apples to Apples. And Scrabble. I really do love board games, but I don’t get enough of a chance to play them.

    • That guy sounds insane. He should have gone on Jeopardy! My hero will always be Ken Jennings who won 75 games in a row or something like that! I have never played dominoes, but I like the idea of them! I have heard Ratscrew is really fun but hard. Scrabble is great, but now everyone plays Words With Friends on their iphones, so I feel like everyone is amazing at it now!

      • And just to be clear: I’m not saying I’m good at any of these games. Slightly terrible. Especially scrabble.

        And that’s a good point – I hate Ww/F b/c everyone else is so great at it. Dominoes IS way fun and ratscrew is easy, but I too need to be reminded of the rules each time.

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