Butchart Gardens

I had a fun Christmas experience last night. It was so fun that I almost forgot I was in Canada. Paul’s family and I went to this place called Butchart Gardens where, during the summer, acres of beautiful flowers grow. During winter, they completely light it up–turning it into an amazing winter wonderland.

When we first entered, there was an ice skating rink. I felt like I was in Charlie Brown’s Christmas. So precious that people like to do that for fun. Ice skating is the most effective way to torture me. I’m always interested in watching (with narrowed eyes) how graceful people can be on two blades.

Butchart Gardens was better than I thought it would be, to be completely honest. I thought it was just going to be a bunch of trees wrapped in lights that you walk around for hours. Instead, there was a 12 Days of Christmas theme. So as you walked, you would spot a partridge in a pear tree, 2 turtle doves, and so on. It definitely gave me a sense of purpose. Kind of like I was collecting each line of the song. Anything that involves collecting makes me feel like life is worth living. Beanie Babies and Pokemon ruled my world at one point in my life.

I would have to say that my favorite “Day of Christmas” that they depicted was 5 golden rings. Unlike the others, the rings were lit up and floating in a pond. I liked that.

Paul and I rode on a carosel that was in the middle of the park. I think his parents were wondering why their 30 year old son was riding on a merry-go-round. It was really fun for me because I got to ride on the giraffe after pushing some kids out of the way. Only the strongest survive. Sorry I’m not sorry.

When we were leaving the gardens, I realized that we missed 12 drummers drumming. But I stopped caring after about 10 seconds. There were so many dogs there that I had trouble concentrating on anything else. I often make a bee-line for every dog that I spot. I like to think that in another life, I was a dog. I would’ve been the best companion anyone could’ve had.

More importantly, on the way out we got hot apple cider and signed the guest book below some German folks. Paul wrote “Lovin’ it up!” in the space where you’re supposed to write how much Butchard Gardens changed your life. “Lovin’ it up!” sufficed.

As we were driving out of the parking lot, we drove under 12 drummers drumming–how clever!  I kind of guessed that we would though. Because I’m so smart.

The only thing that’s slightly off-putting about the whole experience is that everyone is singing 12 Days of Christmas. This one woman in particular was awful. I wanted so badly to give her the stink eye, but it was too dark to be effective.


19 thoughts on “Butchart Gardens

  1. Wow that’s the picture of the place? It looks like a movie set. So colorful and Skittle-like. What is it about lights that amaze us so much, especially this time of year? I looked at the picture again and now I want to eat it. It looks like a Gingerbread world.

    • Skittle-like. Good description. Just wanna eat it up! Yeah this is probably the best place that Victoria, and probably all of Canada has to offer. It was pretty magical.

  2. So, a different version of Bitters 12 Days of Christmas, eh? I agree on the strongest surviving. If you are thinking of grabbing the last down filled comforter in a Queen size that I have picked out, I swear, I don’t care that you are in a walker, I’ll snatch it out of your hands and use it as a battering ram. Not that I ever have, and, not that I’ve been banned from Macy’s in three malls for incidents that may or may not resemble this fictional story.

    Lily in Canada, I want to say in all honesty, your Blog is always great fun to read. Thank you for writing about your world. Have a safe trip!

    • Awww shucks! Thanks Adair! I’m so happy that you enjoy it! I question myself with each post–Is anyone going to like this? Will anyone think this is interesting? You make me happy.
      Slightly different than Bitter’s, but hers would be a great halloween-themed attraction!

  3. Lisa says:

    Umm, is it just me or is the non-Christmas picture far more enchanting? Maybe the christmas garden is better in person? It looks a little garish, like Ron Howard’s remake of the Grinch. Certain colors don’t belong in the Christmas spectrum. Seems like the best parts were the hot apple cider, dogs, and carosel. Glad you had fun.

  4. Pete Howorth says:

    That looks ace, isn’t Canada meant to be proper cold during this time of year?! It’s almost as if it was taken in the Summer! 😀

    • Wellllll the first picture was taken during the summer, just to show the contrast. The second picture shows the winter version of the park. Except, it wasnt snowy when I went. But yeah it was really fun!

  5. Lisa says:

    I just realized what I wrote wasn’t very upbeat and festive. It didn’t please me. I’d rather acknowledge that this is a very sweet idea for a place that does most of it’s tourist business in the spring and summer. I like that they did the12 days of Christmas! I wish we had something like this near us. (there, that’s better.)

    • Hahaha. Yeah it was really fun! I was told that they change the flowers each season so its always different. I should take you next time you visit–good activity! Better than Ogden Point?

    • It’s okay to not find the glass always half full, although I get the feeling that is who you are, Lisa. I admire that attitude. For me, the glass is usually being used, so, the level does go to half empty on occasion. The holidays, even when we are anticipating our daughter coming home (along with whomever else will be there), really do throw even the happiest of folk into a dip or two. Personally, for me, it’s the fact they still show that damn Frosty the Snowman every year, and I can’t stop myself from watching. It’s an addiction!!

  6. Lisa says:

    Yes, Adair, I’m a painfully optimistic and positive sort of gal. Lately it just seems to get on people’s nerves so I find myself turning it down a notch but it’s definitely not my nature. While trying to be cute and funny in my comments I have recognized the need to be more sarcastic, self deprecating, etc. Those are the comments that always make me laugh. I fear if I started my own blog people might hunt me down and kill me for being too upbeat.
    This time of year is definitely a challenge. I’ve had a rough year. I feel out of sorts.
    Thank heaven for Frosty and Rudolf and the Whos in Whoville, my dear old friends!
    Let’s enjoy our daughters!

    • Dear Lisa,

      Do not change. If you fear becoming too Pollyanna, I cross my heart I’ll whisper, “LISA!! Imetay otay ebay arcasticsay!”. Without daughters, families would fall apart, don’t you think? I’m with you on Whoville, and, I have to have my Ralphie every year!

  7. natty-lou says:

    “Paul and I rode on a carosel that was in the middle of the park. I think his parents were wondering why their 30 year old son was riding on a merry-go-round”—- haha great depiction. Hope there are candid pictures to follow. If not, the picture in my head will suffice.

  8. 7,881 hits?? This proves a) you are the best writer you know, b) the internet world does want to know all about Canada and c) I didn’t figure out until last night I can see responses to my comments on my own page, a discovery that should stop my 82 visits every day to each of the Blogs I read.

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