Michael Buble: More Annoying Than Ever.

Slightly misleading.

Canadian singer, Michael Buble had 70 people want their money back after a concert in the United States. Apparently this happens to him a lot. So much so that his agents were scared he was going to lose his fan base. He’s definitely lost me as a fan, but then again, I was never one to begin with.

Apparently, Michael is as annoying and gross as I thought he would be. He uses vulgarity to get laughs out of people. In my opinion, that’s the cheapest kind of humor one can use. In a report, Buble noted, “I get letters saying: ‘I really liked you, but you were crude, you were rude, you used foul language, and you were suggestive.'”

First of all, ew. I don’t know who Michael Buble thinks he is, but he’s only making himself seem more unattractive than he usually is. Does he even know his fan base? It’s probably people older than 40. Who is he trying to impress?

One of my ultimate pet peeves is when people think they can do anything because they’re famous. Paris Hilton is no more of an actress as Michael Buble is a comedian. Just do what you’re good at and stop trying to be funny and cool and great because it’s not working.

Michael’s response to all of this was, “Give them their money back. I don’t want them at my show. I don’t want some stuck-up prudes [who] can’t laugh at themselves. Give me my kind of people and we’ll be fine.”

Sooo what your saying is, you want to be in a concert hall surrounded by 30-something jackasses? Sorry, but they don’t listen to your crappy songs that you didn’t even write. I guess you’ll have to settle for the middle-aged women who’ve bought your albums and got you where you are today. Rough life, Michael!



30 thoughts on “Michael Buble: More Annoying Than Ever.

  1. My friend’s mom likes him. She’s 56 and thinks “suck” is a curse word. Those lights got too bright for him too soon. He wasn’t able to see his audience through the shining spotlight.

    And what is it that Paris Hilton can do well? I’m scratching my head here.

    • Yeah, that’s kind of what I meant. Like, its fine for people to say that stuff if they are comedians and you already know what you’re in for. That’s fine. But when you sing croony, Sinatra-esque songs, that kind of behavior just doesn’t seem right.

  2. Lisa says:

    YES!!! I hate Buble’s arrogant demeanor. He seems like the type of guy that bullied kids in middle school. He’s a “crooner” for pete’s sake! A CROONER!

  3. Pete Howorth says:

    I’m a fan of his music, I’ve never watched or seen him in concert so I don’t know what kind of person he is, but I still like the sound of his voice penetrating my ear canal…

  4. I don’t understand the appeal of BubblEE. When people express their love for his voice, I show my shocked disbelief by replaying the scene from ‘A Christmas Story’ when Ralph throws Schwartz under the bus, and you can hear her screaming, “WHAT?? WHAT?!?!?!” inside my head. On the outside of my head I smile politely and say, “Really? How nice.”

    • I really don’t have the strength to pretend that I am interested in any opinion that I don’t agree with or that doesn’t have to do with how great I am. You are a better person than me for doing so.

      • Yes, on the outside I appear as if I care, but, the cold hard truth is I’m thinking of something else entirely; usually how boring they are or if they know they have a VB (visible booger). I’m a bbbbbaaaaaadddd person.

        Oh, well.

    • Hahah thats an awesome tidbit of knowledge! Bad karma for sure! Yeah I wonder how his model wife can put up with his annoying behavior. Michael Buble = The Grinch. Cold black heart.

  5. alronbri says:

    I went on the internet to see if it is me or if there is anyone else who finds Michael Buble inceasingly annoying. He used to come across as a perfect gentleman when he started but then I was shocked by his Kim Kardashian comment during his concert and the recent Christmas skit. Who does he think he is? He is so pretentious and his songs sound (boringly) all the same.

    • Ugh I totally know what you mean. I am glad (and no surprised) that most people agree! What a loser! Putting people down to make yourself look good is just pathetic. Oy!


    im in my 60’s and i cant stand the guy…i get a bad feeling about him…something is not right with him….whats he hiding?…gives me the creeps..

    • Yeah he’s not my favorite person either. What IS he hiding? My parents said he looks like a bully and I kind of agree! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  7. Rocky Road says:

    I am so glad I’m not alone! I first heard about Bublé in 2010 or so. I loved his song Haven’t Met You Yet. My first thought about him was “Wow! What a guy! What a voice!” But when I finally saw what he looked like, there was something about his face that I didn’t like. I couldn’t figure out what it was or why I felt that way. I did however try to ignore it and pretend I didn’t think anything. Why do we do that to ourselves? Ignore our gut feelings? I guess I didn’t want to be disappointed. Now I just can’t stand his face. And like someone else here said, he gives me the creeps as well. He reminds me of Frank Sinatra, and not in a good way. They both give off some really weird vibes.

  8. Jess says:

    Someone else understands my pain. I’m pushing twenty and practically everyone I know (even people my own age) drool over him. Whereas I’m in my corner just wanting to gouge my own eyes out every time his music plays in a store. Especially if it’s Christmas music…or his cover of Feeling Good (which is a song I love).

  9. Asha says:

    Just watched buble on tv and I too wanted to see if anyone else felt cringey and weird from watching his performances.
    To be honest, I think the weird creepy feeling stems from the audience not feeling he is a genuine guy, that smile, his mannerism his performances seem overly rehearsed not merely to put on a good show but because he loves himself way too much. It seems he wallows in and soothes himself with the sound of his own voice.
    None of this is made better by the fact that he pops up out of nowhere come Christmastime.

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