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The Worst Excuse

I had never lived on the west coast before I moved to Victoria, B.C. I never even paid attention to the west coast. Actually, I never even paid attention to anywhere outside of Illinois. Living on an island above Seattle, we get Seattle-like weather here. Not as rainy, but still occasional gloominess.

My new favorite thing is when people say that they have SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. I agree that rain and snow are depressing and can cause people to feel tired and depressed. Totally understandable. But isn’t that just part of how the seasons work? Shouldn’t you be used to rain and winter since, I don’t know, birth? Seasonal affective disorder = being human.

What I really love is when people use this as an excuse not to do things. I am the queen of unnecessary excuses. I cancel on people but I usually just tell them I’m too lazy to do something that takes little to no effort. But when you have to come up with an excuse like, “Sorry I can’t make it, my SAD is really kicking in today” then you should just consider ending your life. Buy a full spectrum light and get over it.

I also like how it’s called a “disorder” as if only certain people have it. I’m pretty sure everyone I have ever met feels gross and lazy when it’s rainy and feels awesome when it’s sunny. That’s not a disorder, that’s just life. Kind of like when parents claim that their children have ADD when they really just gave them too much juice.

I would respect people so much more if they just said how they were feeling instead of making excuses. Everything you’re feeling doesn’t need a title in order for it to be considered an actual complaint. Just say, “I feel depressed” instead of “I have seasonal affective disorder so that’s why I’m so depressed.”  Groan. Just leave the complaining to me, okay?


22 thoughts on “The Worst Excuse

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    I have “Sensitivity To Doors” syndrome which is why I can’t leave my bedroom, however people tell me it’s because I’m a lazy bastard and can’t be bothered to get out of bed.

    “I can’t come out because of my STD” doesn’t seem to cut it anymore 😦

    • Hahahah! That would still work if you told that to me. DEFINITELY stay in your room. I feel like I can’t say that I’m lazy, because I literally do nothing all day. But it’s true 😦 I get tired from doing nothing.

      • Pete Howorth says:

        As do I, the new found joys of being unemployed and no jobs worthy to apply for! Doing nothing is tiring, your brain isn’t active enough. Which makes it harder to make witty comments on peoples blogs hah!

  2. I get a case of the sads, kind of like getting the flu. Not so much the SADS. That does sound like a lot of work for an excuse about being lazy. My biggest excuse is that I am bad at calling people back or remembering I have plans. I need friends to just show up to my house to actually get me out of it.

  3. I agree with this actually, it’s like some people are desperate to have an illness or condition of some kind. Hypochondria is fashionable, peeps.

    I think some people do genuinely get it but just because you feel a bit bored when it rains doesn’t mean you are one of those sufferers.

  4. Lisa says:

    I feel like total death in the winter. Like somebody threw a blanket over my head. Like I’m in a bad episode of Twilight, oh wait, they’re all bad! Depressed, fatigued, hopeless, cranky, unproductive, etc. I can’t say that I feel the same in the summer. In fact, quite the opposite. So my new life plan is to live in Australia for their summer and then move to the states for their summer- forever avoiding dark gloomy winters. Only somebody with real SAD could come up with this desperate plan.

    • Oh, I know. But you wouldn’t not go to work because you had SAD, right? I hope. Living in the sunshine 365 would be great! And I think that is a lot of people’s dream. But you function in the winter! I have never seen you when you weren’t up at 6, being productive, and lovin life. Don’t be cray cray.

  5. There’s a real thing called “Sundowners” where you feel the need to be home before dark. Don’t we all feel that need? Jeopardy comes on at 7! I always hated meeting the introductions and hearing the 154th fact Ken Jennings could come up with about himself.

    People love to put a label on anything they can. We’ve all got about 50 things at least wrong with all of us. Instead of being gross now we have medical terms for the grossness. It bothers me most when people blame their problems on the disorder. Beethoven was deaf and a musician. He got a cute film series about a dog named after him too. You have to respect a guy like that.

    For some reason I thought you lived in Ontario. I have some distant non-blood related relative that lives on one of the islands of Washingston State. He was disowned I heard. Probably some crazy gun nut that never quite made it up to Alaska.

    • Agreed. Although, I do love me some Jeopardy. I feel like ever contestant on that show shouldn’t be smarter than me, but alas, they always are.
      I would LOVE if I was in Ontario, only because I would be closer to home. Yeah I love on an island and its super groovy and earth-y. There’s no escape.

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