Canadian Showcase

This is a product sold at Epcot.

I realize that a lot of people don’t get the luxury of going to Disney World more than once in their life. Some people haven’t ever been. And I have to wonder why their parents haven’t been locked away for cruel and unusual punishment.

Disney World (Let’s be clear: the one in Florida. Not that lousy excuse for all things magical in California.) includes 4 main parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM Studios), and Epcot. I also include the 3 water parks and Downtown Disney as part of Disney World, but I won’t get technical.

Epcot is one of my favorite parts of the Disney experience. Basically, Epcot is also known as the World Showcase. There are 11 countries with pavilions displaying traditional architecture, food, and goods from each nation. It’s a brilliant idea if you ask me. Once you go to Epcot, you feel like you’ve actually visited the countries on display. More importantly, you only experience the good parts of each country. And you don’t have to travel there. AND you’re actually in Florida. It’s a win-win-win if you ask moi.

The cool thing about Epcot is that everyone who works at a particular country’s pavilion must reside in that country. Each “cast member” is dressed in traditional clothes (Yes, in Germany they were lederhosen) and their name tags say specifically where they are from. Good idea Disney. Epcot is really just a great introduction into stereotyping.

Now, the moment you’ve all have been waiting for: There is a Canadian pavilion. It’s so embarrassing and awesome. The American one is just as embarrassing, but whatever.

It’s obvious that Canadians have no traditional clothing. So the workers at Disney decided to dress the cast members in red and black flannel shirts and khaki shorts with mounty hats. This is a disgrace. While most countries are dressed up in their finest outfits, the Canadian’s are stuck with flannel in Orlando. Rough.

Just no.

The store that’s in Epcot’s Canada includes a lot of clothes from this Canadian brand, Roots, which I actually like. They also have candy from Canada. And some weird night shirts. So that’s always alarming.

Usually, there are bars in each country where you can grab an authentic alcoholic beverage specific to that country. In Mexico they serve Margaritas, in France, champagne, and in Germany they serve everything. In Canada however, they serve popcorn. And whenever you get some, the workers always tell you how popcorn originated in Canada which I’m pretty sure is a lie.

Welp, there it is.

The restaurant in Canada is Le Cellier, a steakhouse. The food is definitely the worst out of every country. And I’ve eaten at the Norway pavilion.

They just haven’t made anything special in the Canadian section of Epcot and this makes me sad. I mean, it’s just not up to par with the rest of the showcase. There is a waterfall though, but it’s only cool for about 5 seconds.


43 thoughts on “Canadian Showcase

  1. They tried to do something like that at Bush Gardens in Virginia. I think they may just do it by continent, but I do remember my grandma wanting to go to the German area because I think she has a drinking problem. Her bathroom has always been full of Vodka bottles filled with “water” or so I’ve been lied to.

    The U.S. doesn’t have any real traditional clothing either. We could dress like hip hop artists or pilgrims. That’s really the only original ideas we’ve had.

    P.S. Do Canadians ever call themselves Americans? They are Americans, but only people in the US seem to refer to themselves as Americans. For some reason I’m a real stickler about being all inclusive to all of North and South America.

    • They don’t mind being referred to as North Americans. But I think American would be a bit of a stretch. But I agree, they are Americans. I remember when Paul and I were living in England everyone would ask us where in America we were from. Paul got tired of correcting people and just started saying L.A.
      The American traditional garb is way better. Well, not really. It looks like something Martha Washington would have worn. I have trouble deciding which is worse.

  2. Adair says:

    What you are saying is Epcot is like Vegas; you can visit the world without leaving th USofA. The difference would be Epcot is minus the strippers, slot machines and trannies.

    I saw your tweet about your name being the 6th
    most common name for girls. Take heart, Lily from Canada–1) it’s not the 6th most popular boys name and 2) the name may be common, but, you, Lily from Canada are unique.

    • Aw shucks. Thanks Adair! Yeah I suppose its kind of like Vegas! But a lot more wholesome and Disney-based. I haven’t been to Vegas, but I would love to go! I basically just want a gondola ride at the Venetian.

      • Adair says:

        Just be prepared to accept some of the most beautiful women you’ll ever see on the street, in the casinos and in the Ladies bathroom, aren’t.

  3. Becoming Bitter says:

    I’ve been to Disney World (Florida) plenty of times with the family.

    I never noticed what they had the Canadian “representatives” wearing. Now that I’ve seen the picture – It’s so weird… and funny.

  4. Yes, I have found another Epcot fan! I have been twice and loved it but everyone gives me funny looks when I say it is probably my favourite out of all of them.

    I found it really interesting and original compared to other theme parks. I even liked the Ellen dinosaur ride.

  5. Lisa says:

    To prove how unpopular the Canadian showcase is I can point to the fact that it is the only world showcase that closed several of their vendors. That whole upper patio area use to have a crystal and Christmas store. ( if I remember correctly?) I guess I can see why they closed them? I have never associated “crystal” with Canada.
    Lily, were you really going to leave out “Off Kilter” the hybrid Scottish /Canadian band with grown men who play bagpipes and wear kilts? Sadly their demographic is 60 year olds and up (basically anyone in a jazzy or anyone who needs to sit and rest awhile. Haha!)

    • I think the problem with the Canadian bit is that no-one really has much of an opinion on Canada, either in a positive or a negative way. Canada is just… there.

      They speak English, they use dollars as currency and they have American-esque accents. They don’t really have a unique stereotype or identity.

      You ask someone about Canada and they just shrug and say “Dunno but I have relatives that live there”.

    • Haha I refuse to acknowledge Off-Kilter’s existence. I like to think that it is more an off-shoot of the United Kingdom than Canada. I’m just giving Canada less credit than they deserve.

  6. Becoming Bitter says:

    Twitter FAIL. I can’t find it, but I believe it went something like this…

    His Tweet:

    “I go to the gym to get frisky and kinky with other men” something along those lines.

  7. Adair says:

    I feel so left out of the Epcot love!! My family only went to Disneyland and Sea World, which, because of the residual stickiness of the salt water splashed by the man eating whales makes the rest of the day miserable. Wow. I’ve been so grumps the last two days, maybe I should change my name to Bitterness Personified.

    • Epcot is amazing. Save up and go. Its fun for all ages. You might have to go outside though. And on a plane. And talk to people. Sooo maybe not your style?

      • Adair says:

        I’m thinking that part I could work up the courage to do, medications can work wonders. It’s the idea of Florida that makes me creeped. All those bugs and heat and people touching things I will have to touch.
        My parents took is lots of places, except my dad always stayed in the car, smoking a cigarette and listening to the radio. He didn’t mind driving us, he just didn’t want to do anything once we arrived. Oh, and my mom made us dress in the same color so she could find us. No big deal for me, but, my brothers hated Pink Short Day.

  8. Oh, I love it! Another lonely person who doesn’t appreciate Le Cellier! Is it the cheesy moose dessert or the dungeon atmosphere? I’d rather eat at the all herring princess buffet in Norway, too. I do love the Martin Short movie tho it needs a Paul gross cameo…

    • Umm who are you and why are we soulmates? Dungeon atmosphere haha! So true! Martin Short is one of the greats, but those panoramic movies make me wanna barf. And they make me dizzy too.

  9. natalie says:

    hahahhah. How is that Canada? Now even though I’ve never been in Canada, when I say it doesn’t look like that I’m usually right (or drunk).

  10. Lisa says:

    I think this motley crew of bloggers should all meet at Disney’s Epcot aboard the friendship cruise. Wouldn’t that be so fun and majorly awkward?
    *Nothing I have written, thus far, has made me laugh as much as imagining this has.

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      That would be so much fun! Seriously. Okay I’ll be the one wearing a black cloak and a bloody mask. Now how about everyone else? How will I recognize you?

      • Lisa says:

        Okay, that made me laugh even more. I’ll dress as Peter Pan. I’ve always wanted to be a ginger boy in green stockings.

  11. Marya says:

    I would love to invite myself to this “Party @ Disney World’s Epoct” party…hint, hint…I will be “Minnie Mouse” because there is nothing “mini’ about me.

    • Adair says:

      I’ll join everyone via Skype!! I can go everywhere that way! I can see it now:
      “Who has Adair?”
      “I thought you did!”
      “Oh, noes!! Marya left her in the bathroom when she was helping Lisa adjust her tights!!”

      And there I’d be, on Skype, dressed in my Cruise Clothing and spray tan, having to watch people I don’t know washing their hands, abandoned and alone.

  12. Marya says:

    I took Lisa’s lead and decided to re-read the Lily’s caption on the bottom of the costume photo. “Just No.” So funny. Well that is always what I have told the family when we approached the Canadian Showcase @ Epot…”Just NO!”

  13. Janna says:

    Remember our ROOTS Canada hoodies…literally the only thing in the Canadian Epcot store worth our time….and they’re not even authentic Canadian clothing. They just looked cool.

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