See how much cooler Target is?

In Illinois, Target was a big part of my life. It was the perfect place to go when I was bored, or felt the urge to spend a quick $50 on who knows what. It’s almost impossible to go to Target and come out empty handed. Even if you go in looking for one specific item, chances are you will have found 10 other items that you all of a sudden desperately need. Or does that only happen to me?

Canada has a Target-like store called Zeller’s. I don’t go there a lot because it’s called Zeller’s. I also don’t go there a lot because it’s attached to a mall. That’s just downright dangerous. If my home Target was attached to a mall, I would literally be gone all day every day. I would have no money and live in a box. So I have to avoid Zeller’s as to not spend my life savings on random items.

In the next year or so, it’s going to be insanely easy to avoid Zeller’s because it won’t be Zeller’s for much longer. Canada finally has wised up and decided to change all of their Zeller’s into Targets. I cannot even express how excited I am! A brand new Target to call my own!

I can see why Target attracted Canadians–the colors are red and white. Zeller’s colors are also red and white. Easy transformation. I think it might have something to do with the guy who owns Target also owns Zeller’s as well.

If you don’t have a Target (I’m looking at you, England) then you are a lost nation. And basically dead to me.


28 thoughts on “Target

  1. Adair says:

    Target is what I imagine Heaven is like; full of wide aisles, polite help, and, like The Container Store, full of stuff you didn’t know you needed. Yeah, throw in some angels, clouds and the ability to eat without expanding, and, it’d be Heaven.

  2. Lisa says:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. Now I won’t worry about you so much because I’ll know that you are a car ride away from everything you could possibly need and want. Wonder if they’ll have a Food Avenue or Starbucks inside? Hmmm….

  3. Becoming Bitter says:

    Nobody hate on me, but I don’t really shop at Target.

    It’s pretty far from where I live so I go to Walmart.

    I never knew they had a store called Zellers in Canada.

    Why didn’t they just name it “Eh?”.

    Ooo I just thought of a youtube video I wanted to show you.

    I’ll tweet it to you.

    • Lisa says:

      Walmart is the equivalent of Target, it’s just a tad more ghetto. The Walmart here in Illinois has elderly greeters that welcome you but then when you are about to leave, they give you the stink eye because they think you stole something. I find Target to be a little more organized and therefore a little more civilized.

    • Yeah tweet it to me please! Walmart is okay when there is no Target around. I have a Wal Mart here, and when I lived in Utah *shudder* there was no Target in sight.

  4. Yay for Target and being the barometer for what constitutes a lost nation.

    It sounds quite a lot like the downstairs section of IKEA, chock full of stuff you don’t need yet you buy up anyway.

  5. Best place ever! But we’ve discussed that before.

    I don’t like the uniforms though. Red shirts with tan khakis? Maybe I’m being a diva about this but I could never work there because of that.

    • True. Red is such an unflattering color. I don’t even know why it exists. I have been mistaken as someone who worked at target because I was wearing a red shirt and jeans. Bad idea.

  6. Becoming Bitter says:

    Lily WP is so damn stupid! I changed my email address a while ago and instead of forwarding the subscriptions it cancelled all of them. WTF.

    I think I’ve subscribed again to nearly everybody, but I also think there may be some more people left.
    Let me know if I’m on your “following” list 2x.

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