victoria b.c.

Ogden Point

A path to heaven.

Because I live on an island, there are tons of boats, harbors, ships, docks….and other marine related things. People are really into it and once they start getting into specifics, it goes way over my head. Maybe it’s because they’ve lived here for a while. I feel like I need a manual sometimes to keep up with all of the boat speak.

There is this really cool place right on the waterfront where you can actually walk out into the breakwater and reach a lighthouse (see how I used breakwater and waterfront in the same sentence? I have no idea what I’m saying). The path is elevated quite a bit, but from up there you can see a lot of cool creatures. I have seen bright orange and purple starfish and even an octopus.

There’s a diving school close by which makes it easy to always have someone to judge when you go: “can you believe they’re in that freezing water?” “he looks like he’s doing it wrong” “they probably think they’re so cool” are a couple of things I would probably say if I was at Ogden Point right now.

Little did I know that people (well, normal people) could have a fear of walking on a raised, narrow path above the ocean. When I took my mom to Ogden Point, we made it halfway through. We turned around not because she was scared of falling in, but scared that someone would push her in. Love it. You never know who’s out to getcha! But I could definitely see how this would be kind of terrifying to someone who is scared of heights, or say, dying.

The thing that really freaked my mom out was that I told her that I’ve seen women pushing strollers on this path, as well as dogs, and little kids. They all have had a chance to fall to their death.

So this is a good lesson–if you don’t feel good about doing something, don’t do it. What if I made my mom keep going and she fell to her death and landed on the rocks? I would feel really bad. And then everyone would think that I killed her, which I kind of did. Way too much pressure, guys.


18 thoughts on “Ogden Point

  1. Adair says:

    I had to read this twice because I speed read (i.e. skip most of the vowels and a number of the words), which make for the occasional “Huh?”. I thought you’d said ‘corpse’ instead of octopus, so, it made sense your mom could die there. Silly me.

    • I can’t believe you speed read my posts…every word is precious! Haha but that would be super creepy if there was just a corpse causally floating by…

  2. Lisa says:

    SO SCARY!! This narrow concrete path which is without ANY railing or curb or bumpers would NEVER fly in the states. It has safety hazard and death written all over it. (It amazes me that no one has plummeted to their death while glancing over the side to see the very cool sea life. I guess Canadians have really good balance and no fear of heights.) One false move and your dead. What if I tripped and fell? I’d be dead. What if I lost my balance? I’d fall to my death. What if someone was trying to get through and brushed past me accidentally? I’d die. I’m actually not afraid of dying but I am afraid of falling 30 feet and going SPLAT on some rocks/ concrete. That’s not the way I envision myself leaving this world.

      • Lisa says:

        And it’s narrow! Wouldn’t you think they’d be more concerned about safety? Don’t listen to Lily it’s definitely more than 20 feet. Why would a mom push a stroller on this wall? I think it’s crazy.

    • Adair says:

      I’d be more fearful of falling the 30 feet to the rocks, and, as I twitched my way into death, realize some fool is taping the entire thing to put it on YouTube. And, as I died with that knowledge, I’d wonder if it would get more hits than Denver the Grinning Dog.

    • I like that you’ve read it 3 times. That makes me feel good. I don’t know if I am saying something positive about Canada, rather, just leaving out a lot of negatives.

  3. I know I’d be a little frightened doing that. I won a balancing contest in middle school, but even so I sometimes feel like I’m going to fall over just standing around doing nothing.

    Canadians are pretty fearless. Except when it comes to short shorts and war. They’re terrified of those.

  4. Lisa says:

    Thanks for validating my very normal fear, Moose. I appreciate it. I’m not one to wear a bicycle helmet, I don’t even like wearing a seatbelt. I’m not a safety freak or anything but walking along the top of this narrow wall, with moving water on both sides, was definitely nerve wracking.

  5. Marya says:

    Here’s something to chew on…or not…when we lived in Gainesville, FL we encountered one-too-many lakes, not fenced, and alligators swimming freely and sunbathing on the banks. Lake Alice is ON the University of Florida campus. It presents itself directly across from the on-campus “Baby Gator Daycare” facility for children/humans. Alligators are all over the grassy knoll and banks of Lake Alice. One even crossed the street to check out the kids playing in the “Baby Gator” playground. Where are the policeman? And for that matter, where is the U.S. Coast Guard? Where’s the fence? Where are the legal waivers to sign your life away before you get out of your car with a camera and take pictures of you and your family five feet away from a live, on-the-loose gator? Do I have a case, officer?

    • Lisa says:

      OMG! Gators gonna getcha! They’re on the loose in South Carolina, Hilton Head, too. They just crawl out of the water and up on the putting greens. They are prehistoric scary. Apparently the USA can show some poor judgement too.

  6. Marya says:

    Nothing like golfing and having a gator staring at you on the 15th hole…ok…that has never happened to me…probably to Tiger Woods. Now, there is someone who needs to take a walk on the concrete wall in Victoria (The Great Wall of Victoria) and then go to Florida and be eaten by a Baby Gator. Not a fan of Tiger…as you can tell.

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