Winter Favo(u)rites

Banksy thinks he's so smart and political. Ugh. But he's still so cool.

If you didn’t catch my last favo(u)rites post, you need to catch up on some awesome reading. Occasionally I like to take a break from writing about Canada to write about things that I actually like. I do this seasonally, so don’t expect a super cool post like this every month (unless you guys really like them, then I’ll think aboot it). Let’s get started:

1. Soup. Soup is like one of my favorite foods of all time, but I especially love it during winter. Also, maybe because I have a sore throat so it feels good. ALSO, it might be because I’m lazy and soup is so easy to make. It’s also soup-er easy to eat as well. What other food can you put in a mug and drink while you play video games? None is the answer. None other food.

2. LMFAO. Please don’t judge me. “Party Rock Anthem” is such an addictive song. And if you haven’t seen the “Sexy And I Know It” music video, you should go watch now. Warning: If speedos scare you, refrain from watching.

3. Bill Bryson. I love reading anything by Billy Bry. He writes about his travels throughout Europe and he’s so charming. But he’s also honest–if he thinks somewhere is a dump, he’s not going to lie and say it’s “quaint” or something. The book that I’m reading now is called “Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe”. In part of it he talks about how Paris spends a hundred dollars a year per person on street cleaning compared to London’s thirty dollars a person. He said, “…which explains why Paris gleams and London is a toilet.” I love London, but this is so true.

4. Anti-bacterial. I’ve decided that this is better than soap. Is that gross? Maybe. It just feels cleaner than washing your hands. Also, its so much easier to just pump and rub, than to pump, turn on the water, wash, rinse, and dry. If you anti-bacterial all the time, it has to be better than washing your hands, right? Please tell me I’m right.

5. Spray painting. If you’ve never spray painted anything, I suggest you try it because it’s so fun. Paul and I decided to make a table look brand new by spray painting it white. It seriously makes me want to consider being a graffiti artist. I could be the next Banksy, guys. I mean, he’s creative, but I could do that. Maybe.

6. Saving money. Let’s be honest, saving money is gross and spending it’s the best. I don’t know if you know this, but I came to Canada with no savings of my own. Just a husband, and hopes and dreams. Now that I’ve been here for a while, I’ve started saving money from my under-the-table job (babysitting) and it feels really good! I just recently bought an entertainment center/credenza and I have never been more proud of myself. Besides that time that I graduated…and that time I got married.

7. Candles. Candles are the only thing that can transform an apt from smelling like garbage, to smelling like a magical fairy land. The problem is, no where in Canada sells matches. I’m not kidding. Pharmacies, grocery stores, 7-11’s–nope, none. They only sell lighters. Whaddup wid dat? I eventually went to the camping section in Wal*Mart and found waterproof matches. Boo-yah. Beat the system.

8. Happy Endings. This is a really funny show. My neighbors got me the first season and I started watching it and I approve. Plus, it takes place in Chicago (my home city) so I kind of feel closer to home when I watch it. Also, it’s on right after Modern Family so I can just add it to my Wednesday night line-up. I’m an old lady.

So that pretty much sums up my list of faves this month.  I would ask what some of your faves are, but then I’d have to pretend like I’m interested.


20 thoughts on “Winter Favo(u)rites

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    I’ve been eye raped by a speedo before, so no thanks. I like listening to rock/metal music – LMFAO isn’t really my style.

    Anti-bacterial soap is… well I used it, but it’s recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water.

    Happy endings? No, again not really how I roll. Tragic and bloody endings are more my kind of thing.

    • LMFAO isn’t really my style either but for some reason I can’t get them out of my head! Speedos are so creepy. And yes, I think you are right about soap and water. Do you like the show Dexter at all? Seems like your type of thing,

  2. If you become a graffiti artist (think of it being pronounced as “gra-fit-e” for a silly emphasis) remember that if you want respect you gotta tag it high. The higher you tag the more respect you’ll get.

    You’ll also need a signature so you can get a reputation. Possibly something about soup. You seem to be real into that.

    • Yeah I see where you are going with this. I’ll have to brainstorm on the soup tag, but it’s gonna be good. I’ll make sure to do a lot of my work on trains so they’ll eventually be seen by all of Canada, and maybe some of the US. I’ll be famous in no time.

  3. I like soup. It’s cheap and easy, just like me. I have read one Bill Bryson book which was The History of Absolutely Everything and it was a corker of a read. All about science and stuff.

    I have liked chocolate advent calendars this month.

    Unrelated tip: Try and keep the total number of categories and tags on a post below 10 – any more than that and they are counter productive.

    • Tagging things is one of my favorites, okay? Yeah I have that History of Absolutely Everything on my self…I’m scared to read it. Advent calendars are always good!

  4. Lisa says:

    I like Happy Endings, too, except when I fixate on that one girl’s low hairline. She has a scary hair growth pattern that rivals Teresa Guidice on New Jersey housewives. It’s very distracting.

    • I never noticed how low her hairline was. That’s scary. Usually I am so observant. I guess I was too focused on how they all have amazing apartments in Chicago and never really work.

    • Adair says:

      Thank you for mentioning Teresa’s hairline! I watch her and her daughters who share that hairline and I shudder. I’m betting Tre has to wax her arms, too, because we all know she has to wax everywhere else.

      • Lisa says:

        It’s gotten to the point that I lose concentration when watching the show. She looks like Neanderthal man, or was it Cromagnon man? She is the missing link. Lol And don’t get me started on her girls!

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