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Christmas Magic

He's judging you.

In honor of the first day of December, I’ve decided to tell you about All Canadian websites end in “.ca” which is so confusing. Can’t everything just be .com? I saw a commercial (the only way I find out about anything) for Magic Santa and was immediately intrigued.

Basically, what you do is fill out the information for yourself or a child and then Santa will talk to you on the computer as if he knows you. I like to still think Santa is real, so this website is a  confirmation of his existence (you just have to remind him of your name, where you live, and what you want for Christmas).

Unfortunately, there are only so many names to choose from. Oddly enough mine is on there, but common names like Lisa, for example, are not. You will just have to settle for Lisa-Marie. Because that’s clearly a top 20 name.

Santa will also tell you if you were naughty or nice (I always choose nice…nothing is more scary than an angry Santa!). Then he will tell you what he’s going to get you for Christmas. The first time I did it (yes, I’ve done this more than once) I chose a massage and the second time I picked a castle. Those seem like quality gifts.

Lastly, Santa tells you what you should work on in the new year. I have chosen to “improve my self-esteem” because I didn’t see a “continue to be better than everyone” choice. It kind of ends in a mini New Year’s resolution. Speaking of which, how bad does the movie New Year’s Eve look? Ughhhh.

So if you guys are looking for some holiday magic, go to Go multiple times if you really want a healthy relationship with Santa. Or don’t. Just don’t expect any presents this year.


24 thoughts on “Christmas Magic

  1. Adair says:

    Well, that was disappointing. I held my breath, waiting for him to say, “Eh!” after a phrase. There is nothing I like more than a good stereotype! I must admit, hearing I would get my desired gift in French was nice, even if I didn’t understand. For all I know, he told Anne she was getting a donkey, eh?

  2. Marya says:

    What happens if Santa is drunk or messes up and wants to sell the little kiddies some candy? I’m mystified by that yet again, the world of technology has not boundaries.

    Lily, you asking Santa for a castle for Christmas is spot on. I hope all of your Christmas dreams come true.

    • I hope they all come true too! Santa seems like he would be in a food coma at all times, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was drunk on egg nog and cookies.

  3. Becoming Bitter says:

    I just ask my house elves to bring me any gifts I want. I don’t need no fat, unshaven, and rotund man to tell me what “list” I belong in. I certainly don’t want any presents from him either. Who knows where his hands have been?

    But… this was funny though. I didn’t know Canadian websites ended in .ca
    Why don’t they end with .eh ?

  4. It’s a nice idea but doesn’t really work that well. I was hoping to have hours of fun with it but I got bored really quickly. It’s good to see that Lily’s sense of modesty hasn’t diminished after being in Canada for so long.

    I think YouTube has spoiled me, I am used to instant entertainment like this:

  5. Lisa says:

    I like the way Santa has a bunch of really crappy wooden toys on his desk that he’s supposedly “working” on. Seriously? I don’t even think they have that stuff at the Goodwill. Wouldn’t it make more sense if he had an iPad, some dvd’s, etc. to give to the good boys and girls?
    I also think this is an especially fake looking Santa. I’m not gonna lie, though, I got a little thrill when he pulled open the secret drawer for the boys and girls Or, in my case, the adults, from Illinois.

    • I know! I was like “He knows meee!” haha Santa has to have wooden toys on his desk as to not ruin the illusion that he is working hard. All he really has to do is go to Best Buy and then leave. I could be Santa. Plus then I could eat whatever I want.

  6. I remember there used to be a hotline that you could call to find out where Santa was. I seemed suspicious that it was a fake when every year he’d have the same problems. Doesn’t Santa ever learn? He’d get trapped in a blizzard in Canada or forget to bring extra food for the reindeers. What a dumbass that guy is.

  7. natatantat says:

    Being Santa seems like the most fun job ever. Eating cookies, pretending to work, pretending to be real, having thousands of slaves working for you and liking it, being superior to them for all of eternity, getting everything you want, “working” one day a year, having flying reindeer, flying through the air, fitting down chimneys!, people loving you. I’ll stop now.

  8. Im pretty hopeful no one will be presentless this year, there was a documentary out recently called Arthur Christmas and it detailed how Santa forgot one child out of billions but his son Arthur came to the rescue. Now Santa is a skinny guy in fuzzy slippers.

    Off to play naughty with Santa 🙂

    • Totally. It was a relief when I found out that Santa wasn’t real so I didn’t have to worry about disappointing him! I was a troubled child.

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