The Doctor Is In

I think its about time that everyone was introduced to Dr. Kenford Nedd.  Every so often my TV-watching schedule is blessed with a 1 minute session (commercial) from the doc. Dr. Ken Nedd has been practicing family medicine for 20 years, so he’s pretty much a genius in his field. And by genius, I mean…not-genius. He specializes in stress relief. Let me give you an example of what I see on a day to day basis:

Besides scaring the crap out of me, he has a point. Unfortunately, I have come across that point a little less than a hundred times in my life. Like, really? That’s your one minute? You have one minute on-air and that’s the lesson you choose? The only epiphany I have after these commercials is that I should’ve become a doctor of family medicine because it seems incredibly straight-forward. Also, it seems like I could be a Harvard professor as well since the study that he contrived is the most obvious thing known to man.

Maybe I have trouble taking him seriously because his name is Dr. Ken Nedd. Also because he’s being over-enthusiastic to the point of disbelief. No one is that excited about doing something unselfish. Except Jesus. And that’s why we celebrate his birthday unselfishly by giving gifts to other people (and secretly hoping that we get everything off of our lists that we unselfishly made for ourselves).

I appreciate having a minute with a doctor without leaving my couch, but I just think it should be a little more worthwhile. My minutes are precious, doctor.


23 thoughts on “The Doctor Is In

  1. Lisa says:

    He makes me want to kill myself…… Just kidding. But seriously, the message that he’s selling, in that particular clip, has been around since biblical times. I’m pretty sure you don’t need to hear that from a doctor. I guess some people might think that since he’s a professional what he has to say is very valuable. He seems like a nice guy so I don’t want to sound like a meanie. He just needs to take it down a notch.

    • Haha I know. He has a kindness to him, but still. He needs to stop. And there are people online who are like “Dr. Ken Nedd cured me!” Its like ummmmm how? People are weird.

  2. Becoming Bitter says:

    I hate overly enthusiastic people. This could be a new torture method you know. Strap someone to a chair and make them watch that commercial over and over again. *writes genius idea down on a scrap piece of paper*

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      I think we have Lisa. I’ve made a list of people I would like to test this on. If you have any more people in mind let me know. *evil laughter*

  3. Marya says:

    Ok Michael Cargill I’m laughing big time… Isn’t Bob Boblaw or Bob Loblaw Henry Winkler’s side-kick (Scot Baio) attorney from “Arrested Development?” I met Henry Winkler a few years ago and we laughed and talked about that whole Bob Boblaw (?) scenario. Wait…did I just name drop…?

    • Sorry, yeah I meant Bob Loblaw. Arrested Development is amazing and it’s funny even on the second viewing.

      Some of the surrogate dad bits are fantastic.

      Looking forward to the new episodes and the film.

  4. natatantat says:

    The only Ken I like is the one that Barbie is dating. He’s much more believable than this chump. He was definately educated at the University of Phoenix.

    • Ahh sorry I didn’t see this comment until now. Lol totally University of Phoenix material. I do have a soft spot for Barbie’s Ken. A much more believable doctor.

  5. Kym Cordick says:

    Would like to have Dr Ken Nedd as a doctor . To many doctors are far to busy to truly see their clients as people with emotions and the need for back to basic care before the pills. Would be nice to be truly listened to as a human being. I like his one minute segments. Thank you Dr. Nedd

    • Sorry I didn’t see this until 2 years later..oops! Yes, I guess Dr. Nedd has a special something that some other doctors lack. I’m glad he has some fans 🙂

  6. Miki says:

    Presume that other than Harvard T.V. viewers.:))..or those needing chemical support (anti-depressants included) Dr. Nedd must project an ephemeral quality…called “Being Alive” and enjoying it. — Miki

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