Emily Carr


Everyone is crazy about this chick. She is what you would call, Victoria’s celebrity or a Canadian icon. She was born in 1871 in Victoria and became an artist and writer. She has a university named after her, a library in her name, and a number of elementary schools as her namesake. Personally, she bugs me. Only because everyone is spending too much time focusing on her, when they could be focusing on me.

Here’s a little background on the Carr klan:

The Carr children were raised on English tradition. Richard Carr, born in England, believed it was sensible to live in Vancouver Island, a colony of Great Britain, where he could practice English customs and continue his British citizenship.

Okay, Dick, can I call you Dick? Why did you move when you could have practiced English customs and continue your British citizenship in oh, I don’t know, England? Seems like a weird decision. He was most likely running away from something. Possibly going to jail. How selfish. Emily was probably pissed. So she had to get her anger out by painting pictures of trees and totem poles. I’m assuming that’s how it was.

I guess she was inspired by the “indigenous peoples of the pacific northwest coast” which already annoys me because I hate Native art, as you well know. Her artwork is decent, but nothing that would be considered life-changing. Let’s compare these paintings shall we?

Emily Carr, I’m sure your dad was a psycho, but that’s not an excuse to paint really terribly. Your fame will forever baffle me.

Anna Kostenko's painting of a tree.

Emily Carr's picture of trees.


34 thoughts on “Emily Carr

  1. …they are supposed to be trees? It looks more an amalgamation of spikes and freshly-fed venus flytraps.

    I don’t quite get the whole US-Canada thing but it is starting to sound like the English-Irish connection. Ireland is seen to be a place of backwardness and oddities. Mainly because it is.

    • Yeah, we mainly make fun of Canada because its weird having a country that is so similar to us, but yet so, so weird. I remember everyone hating Ireland when I was in England. It was pretty funny.

  2. Are is very subjective which means I can’t decide if her pointing sucks, blows, or stinks. I think she’s trying to rip off Starry Night. At least she never mailed an ear to someone, that we know of.

  3. Lisa says:

    Haha! Yeah, it looks like a Van Gogh rip off. I think your theory is probably right about her feeling trapped and angry and resorting to crazy painting. At least you researched a little bit. How many of us never look to see who the hospital, school, etc. is named after? She is kind of an old fashion hottie. Personally, I’d rather be famous for being hot than for painting. I guess that goes without saying?

    • Totally photograph style! I love when I can barely tell the difference. I have true respect for something like that. And yeah, lets be honest–everyone wants to be remembered as a hottie.

      • Lisa (my mom) has given you a thumbs up in life. So cute. The USA is a great place, not gonna lie. Aww I hope someone didn’t make you bitter. I mean, I like that youre Bitter, but not that youre bitter. hah

  4. Lisa says:

    Tis true. I am Lily’s mom. I like how these blogs reveal little bits and pieces of us. I love your mystery and dark persona, Bitter. I also like the fact that you’re a smarty pants and have worthwhile things to say. And lastly, I like the fact that I basically agree with you 100% of the time which is actually sort of narcissistic on my part. Haha! (I like seeing myself reflected in other people! ) lol!

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      Thanks for the compliments Lisa. I really like your kind of narcissism and your sense of humor as well. We both seem to find the same things distasteful too. You are also right about the fact that a blog reveals a little bit of the blogger’s personality. I hope to see a blog of your own one day too.

    • Becoming Bitter says:

      I feel that way too Lily. Unlike what Mr. Kinky-in-the-Gym said… I am genuine in the compliments and praises I give to people. I don’t go around praising every 400,000+ blogger here on WP thank you very much. I don’t have that kind of time.
      I have had my say and now I must go and learn more about the dark arts…

      • That is good that your compliments are genuine. Nothing is worse than a fake compliment! Go learn about the dark arts and tell me how it goes.

  5. Adair says:

    I got nothing on this, as the remark section caused me to lose interest in the Woman Forced to be a Canadian and her Acid Trees, however, as I love clubs, I decided to add my .02p to the mix. also, if Bitter and Lisa start dating, I feel we should all be apprised of the details.

      • Adair says:

        Who am I?

        * Someone who hates the ‘Twilight’ series, yet, cannot stop herself from watching the movies. It is like knowing you have a bad tooth, but, you can’t stop your tongue from touching it

        *Someone who uses dangling participles

        *Someone without a life so she reads about the antics of other people on a variety of blogs.

        * Someone who appreciates the perfection of cats.

        * Someone who actually watches TCM.

        * Someone who is amusing on occasion. The last time was a Friday in March of ’08, around 2:15 pm

        * Someone who has never been to Canada.
        No, really, it’s true. I did, however, drink Tim Hortons when I visited New York. And, I watched ‘Rosemarie’.

        I hope this helps.

  6. Marya says:

    Let’s get back to Emily Carr…the hottie…Every time I see a photo in sepia from days of yore, I imagine what that pioneer woman would have looked like if she had had a Mac counter nearby, a ceramic curling iron and a great night cream for hydrating the face you brought to a wind, swept prairie. Her beauty definitely went to waste in Victoria. I imagine Emily Carr would have been the belle of the ball on the London front had she stayed where she belonged. In London, Ms. Carr would have found her own artistic style instead of ripping off Van Gogh.

    • She would have been wayy better off in London. She even looks kind of mad in her photo–“things could have been better” is what she was probably thinking.

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