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The Grey Cup

He's going to give me nightmares.

For the last couple of days I’ve heard talk about the Grey Cup. I figured it was some kind of hardcore Grey’s Anatomy marathon and chose to ignore it. I read one of Paul’s incoming texts (not because I’m intrusive, he asked me to because I’m so trustworthy…and he couldn’t reach his phone) and it mentioned the Grey Cup. I told Paul it was something about Grey’s Anatomy and he gave me the do-you-have-downsyndrome-and-didn’t-tell-me look.

The Grey Cup is the Canadian Football league’s final game of the season–kind of like the Super Bowl. But instead of a bowl, it is rightly referred to as a cup. This year the Grey Cup (or the Gay Cup as I like to call it) involves the BC Lions and the Winnipeg Bluebombers. That’s right, Bluebombers. Other team names that I love are the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Edmonton Eskimos. Heh.

Montreal’s team is called the Alouettes. Seriously though wtf. I did some research–you know that song, Alouette, pronounced “Al-u-etta”? Well, I guess its about plucking feathers from a lark. So their team name refers to a person informing a lark that someone is going to pluck it’s head, nose, eyes, wings, and tail. UMMMMMMMMMMM And their mascot is a bird. So I’m not making this up. I just thought of a perfect team phrase: “We’re gonna pluck you up.” You can thank me later, Montreal. Actually no, thank me now.

So that’s Canadian football. I don’t even like football to be honest. It’s the longest game of all time. And there are so many stops and starts and so much going on. I get confused. So I’ve stopped pretending I’m interested.

Final note: the CFL’s (Canadian Football League) slogan is ” This is OUR league.” It sure is, Canada. It sure is.


15 thoughts on “The Grey Cup

  1. Lisa says:

    Well written! Very funny.The “gay” cup! haha I like the way you finish with, “It sure is Canada. It sure is.” Hard for me to imagine a bunch of French men and women cheering at a football game. It seems so beneath them. I guess that’s where French Canadians and the original Frenchies differ? Haha!

  2. Canadians are the most wonderful at naming their teams. There’s a new minor league baseball team in London, Ontario who want to be called the London Rippers. Their symbol is Jack the Ripper. The only thing on my Christmas wishlist is a team hat.

    • I like to think of their thought process in naming teams: “Hmm what’s really going to scare people? I know, Jack the Ripper! No one will want to mess with us!” Hard to take the team seriously with a name like that.

  3. Adair says:

    I offer up the Oregon Ducks and Beavers as inane names. At least the mention of those teams doesn’t leave me humming that ditty that most Americans only pretend to know either a) all of the words or b) the meaning of said words or c) all of the above. Thank you, Lily in Canada, for kicking off this #)*@ing song in my head earlier today. For the record, I fall into category C.

  4. Chase says:

    I hung out with a Canadian yesterday (unintentionally), and she was really clueless about real football and mentioned the CFL, and then I was super knowledgeable about the Grey Cup and she was super impressed and then we made out. Except that last part is a lie. Also, it was a guy. Basically, I just knew about the Grey Cup and I felt cultured.

    • Bahaha! Wait, don’t you hate when people write “bahaha”? I gotta stop that. But seriously, so glad I could help culture you. The guy probably wanted to make out with you though because you made him feel at home.

  5. Marya says:

    To my knowledge, the college football players that couldn’t cut it in the United States’ professional leagues when to the Great White North to be local celebrities…what an oxymoron…a sports celebrity in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. Don’t tell CFL fans I told you that the CFL gets our NFL rejects…omg…and a ttyl…and an idk…

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