To my loyal readers

I never get nominated for anything. No trophies, no ribbons (my life is a joke). Only a college degree in History. And if I can get a degree in History, basically your dog can get a degree in it as well.

I am SO excited that my blog has been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award! I am just trying to make my way in the world/interwebsphere. I feel so appreciated. I have to thank the lovely, Random Female Blog for nominating me and for being so random and female. Your short and sweet entries truly make me happy.

To follow the rules and to truly be awarded, I have to nominate other blogs that I think are great.

Mooselicker – A guy who lives in NJ, with a plethora of hilarious posts. I’m pretty sure he’s my spirit animal.

Michael Cargill – Sir, my blog is a better place because of you! A blog full of personas, horoscopes, and my personal favorite, Nurse Ratched.

Rage Laugh – A guy named Tony (I didn’t realize people still had that name) who rants and will make you laugh. And he also likes Louis C.K. Bonus points.

Sparklebumps – A relatable gal from Minnesota that makes me chuckle.


Thanks again for reading my ramblings!


16 thoughts on “To my loyal readers

  1. Sorry, only just seen this mention here! Thank you very much for nomination and the mention.

    I am glad that my stuff cheers at least one person up. I have to confess that I am not too sure about how popular the Nurse Ratched posts are but this gives me encouragement.


  2. Spencer says:

    Congrats lil’ Lil, that’s awesome. I lol’d in real life at the ‘Tony’ bit. Haha. I’m catching up on posts right now. At 4 AM. At 2 AM, by Anna Nalick.

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