victoria b.c.

The Empress

I like the strategically placed carriage. Look how charming we are!

The Fairmont Empress is the oldest and prettiest hotel in Victoria. It has really beautiful ivy growing on it that makes the hotel look like some kind of castle. And in the fall the ivy turns bright red and it looks like the building is bleeding. It’s a pretty classy joint. I just wouldn’t recommend staying there.

When my mom and I visited Victoria for the first time, we were booked to stay at the Empress. It has a great location, right in front of the downtown harbor (and I am a sucker for harbors). After we checked in, we went down many a hallway to get to our room. When we finally got there, we got to our room and it smelled kind of like old people death. So we kind of sat there for a second and realized that the room was pretty warm too. We asked if the AC was working and the concierge told us that they didn’t have AC, but we could put a bucket of ice in front of a fan. “Hmm I’m sorry, we can do what with what?!” What kind of medieval suggestion is that? I would rather have someone fan me and feed me grapes than set up a fan with ice in front of it. But I digress.

There are a couple of really cool spots in the hotel. They’re really famous for their tea room which faces the harbor. Afternoon tea and scones are held there every day for a quick $60 a seat. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth have attended a luncheon (aka had lunch) in the tea room.

Also, the Empress has a luxurious spot called the Bengal Lounge. Apparently the lounge is supposed to have drawn “inspiration from Queen Victoria’s role as the Empress of India.” This is my favorite room in the whole place because it has that I-have-slaves-feel. Plus, they have a curry lunch and dinner buffet. Any place that offers a buffet is my new favorite place.

You would think they would have chosen a bengal tiger statue...but nope. Jaguar.


6 thoughts on “The Empress

  1. Lisa says:

    You’ve really captured the feel of the Empress with the smell of death, or was it old people? I did indeed feel like I had entered a home for the elderly. And the walk to our room was seriously 10 to 12 minutes long. We needed like a GPS, compass, and provisions to locate it. What a delight it was when we finally arrived and it was the size of a walk in closet set at 92 degrees farenheit. Hahaha! Good times!

  2. Marya says:

    I’m enchanted with the idea that you don’t have to cross the pond to get that British feel. Victoria seems to have it all…now they have Lily…It’s nice to know that red leaves mean blood and The Bengal Room really means you will be seeing a marble jaguar…or jag-u-ar…as they say in Britain and Canada (aka Britian’s stepsister).

    • Red leaves always mean blood. There is a little too much of a British feel! I’m kind of craving more of that lumberjack feel, if you know what I mean…

    • Lisa says:

      I’m enchanted with people who use the word enchanted. I’m also enchanted with people who send cute pictures and funny notes through the post.
      I seriously love you.

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