Norway House

Being Norwegian, I am proud of my heritage. It’s pretty much the best when you know that your ancestors were the bullies of the archaic world. I think I would have made my forefathers proud in that I carry all of the characteristics of a true Norwegian. Even when I visited Oslo, everyone was fooled. I blended right in. Besides wearing a braided halo on my head–that’s still a thing there–I was set.

I look like I belong on that ship.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw a place in Victoria called “Norway House”. First thoughts: I need to live there. Is it only for men? Is it a secret club (I love secret clubs)? Are their weekly Norwegian activities to do?  So many questions!

Norway House, or Eidsvold Lodge, was built in 1946. They’ve had male and female presidents over the years (in fact their first president was a woman) but everyone seems to have an authentic Norse last name. Ughghg I guess I’ll have to make up an alias. I’m thinking Ingrid Jacobsdatter. See what I did there?

I just looked at the “Lodge Officers” page, and everyone is ancient. This could have been such a cool idea and now it’s ruined by old people like everything else. However, on Saturday they are having a craft fair and it mentions Norwegian sweaters. I’m so there.

Ugh except I just saw a flier for the Nordic Festival that was held in September and it says, “cultural displays, entertainment, open faced sandwiches…” OPEN FACED SANDWICHES? Just because its the Norway House doesn’t mean you have to pretend you’re actually in Norway. Call me when you can afford the other half of your sandwich.

This is so depressing. I thought Norway House was going to be cool. I should probably research my topics before I start writing because this post has gone completely downhill.

One classy joint.


12 thoughts on “Norway House

  1. Lisa says:

    Hahahahahaaha! Open face sandwiches!!!! Too funny. Looks like a real happening place. I think you should show up anyway, good for a laugh or two, ja? I’m sure they’ll love you and tell you ancient stories of Vikings they knew.

    • Ja ja! Tak. Open faced sandwiches are so povo (as Ja’mie would say). They do genealogy there. Maybe I should bring in our records and be like, “Ummm I’m more Norwegian than all of you (clearly a lie), so this is my house now.” I feel like that would be successful.

  2. I never realized open face sandwiches were Norwegian. No matter how much the vikings would loot, they could never find the top half of that sandwich.

    There was a villain on The Adventures of Pete & Pete called “Open Face” and his gimmick was that he only ever ate open faced sandwiches. Maybe this was some sort of a clever allegory.

  3. Lisa says:

    Yeah, I think they’d really appreciate a young whipper snapper like you telling them about their homeland whilst eating their open faced fish sandwiches. (I assume the sandwiches will have some sort of scaley fish involved since that’s pretty much the only food they serve at the Norwegian showcase at Epcot- my only reference for things Norwegian)

  4. Marya says:

    Ok…enough Norwegian talk…I’m 1/4 Icelandic…my mother is a Thorstenson…Iceland Days in Spanish Fork, UT is quite…can’t think of a word…Meredith said I should say…”quite a special event.” I’m feeling everything you are feeling about being excited about a connection to your roots and then…seeing the Norwegian house has a lead balloon feeling to it. I’m thinking Epcot might be a magical place after all…because we do live in a “Small World After All.”

    • Ohhh Spanish Fork. I don’t like to admit this, but sometimes I think Iceland is cooler than Norway. I mean, Norwegians are obviously cooler, but as for the countries themselves, Iceland wins. Hello, hot springs!

    • Lisa says:

      I always knew you had some Scandinavian blood in you… wait, is Iceland part of Scaninavia? Does it have fjords? (I don’t really care, I just wanted to use that word.) No matter. It is a small, small world after all, especially if you are a very tall, size 12 shoe, wearing woman.

  5. Marya says:

    May I interject that my great-grandfather was the EARL of the Island in Iceland? I’m beyond impressed with my THORSTENSON family name. My only son who looks like an Icelander gets the mug I purchased at “Iceland Days” that simply states…”I’m Proud to be an Icelander.” ‘nuf said. He drinks out of it every mornin’ for breakfast. It’s that extra boost he needs to get him through his 6th grade day. I’m just loving the high cheek-boned Scandanavian recessive gene we all posses…no cheek-bone implants for us Dr. 90210!

    xxoo m

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