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Fisherman’s Wharf

Part of the 99% I'm assuming.

When my mom visited me a couple months ago I tried to compile a list of cool activities to do with her. The list was slim. One of the places I decided to take her was Fisherman’s Wharf.  It’s a cute dock/harbor with little stores, a fish and chips shop, and an ice cream stand. I remember first visiting this location with Paul and his parents and wondering “Why the hell hasn’t anyone taken me here before?” It’s definitely one of my favorite spots to go. And it makes me wonder how many other cool spots I’m missing out on.

When I took my mom, we were fascinated by the harbor because not only were there shops, there were probably 20 floating houses. What a weird life style. Could you get sea sick in your own home? Where does everything go when you flush the toilet? Do you eat fish every night? What would happen if you sprung a leak?

I remember that there was a family out on their “patio” and they had a bulldog. I wonder if he ever pictured living in a house on the water in his little doggy head. He probs regrets being born. I want a bulldog.

The coolest part about Fisherman’s Wharf though, is that on the corner of the dock, a little speckled seal pokes his head out of the water every day. He’s so cute. My mom and I named him Marble. So creative. There’s a little shop that gives the kids fish to feed Marble. So far, its been the most entertaining part about living here.

Marble's body looks like mine.


5 thoughts on “Fisherman’s Wharf

  1. Sammy says:

    OMG. Marble needs to do less looking cute and more exercising. I thought eating fish and swimming were supposed to be good for you.

  2. Lisa says:

    Awww….so good to see the marbs again! Seriously, what a great life. Poke your head out of the water and somebody feeds you a fish. I think Marble knows he has a good thing going on because there are no other seals around. It’s his turf, I mean surf. Obviously he’s territorial.
    I think the main reason I loved the fisherman’s warf, other than the fact that they sell food there, was that it reminded me of a place that Popeye and Bluto might live. Very colorful indeed.

    • True. I feel like the people could, at any moment, poke their heads out their windows and start singing:
      “I’ve a whale of a tale to tell ya lad,
      A whale of a tale or two!
      Bout the flappin fish and the girls I’ve loved
      And nights like this with the moon above,
      A whale of a tale and its all true,
      I swear on my tattoo!”

      I was going to only type out one line, but I couldn’t resist.

  3. There are about 30 canal boats down the street from me. I don’t really get it; it’s like a floating gypsy caravan about the size of a prison cell. I saw one that was powered by a wood-burning stove. That is a level of stupid I can’t even classify.

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