Don Cherry

Can you guess which one is Don?

I have never watched this much Sport’s Center and Coach’s Corner in my life. Ever since I got married, sports are always on the TV and I think part of my soul is dead from it. Guys, just so you know, any girl that acts like she likes sports is trying to impress you. Sad but true. I’ve never acted like I liked sports, but I have acted like I was interested in games. Meanwhile, I just really wanted to go to the concession stand. And if a girl legitimately likes sports, then she has too much testosterone and might be a she-male. Just sayin.

The other night on Hockey Night in Canada (yep….thats a real show), I could not for the life of me look away from the screen. The commentator was this guy, Don Cherry, wearing the most ridiculous excuse for a suit. I guess he is known for his insane wardrobe choices, but come on. I loathe when people dress really weird for attention. Unless it’s Gaga, because lets be real, she started it.

Not only is this guy a complete eye sore, but he is so annoying. He’s loud and interrupt-y. Those are the same reasons why I could never live in NY. Because everyone there is like that. Try to picture a soft-spoken, relaxed New Yorker. You can’t. That’s because they don’t exist.  I feel uneasy after I watch 1 minute of The View. So you can probably understand why I already detest Don Cherry.

I guess he used to coach the Boston Bruins until every member of the team wanted to commit suicide and then he had to resign. I’m pretty sure that’s how it went.

The good part about Don Cherry however, is that his favorite part of hockey is the fighting. Which is my favorite part too. He has come out with compilation videos of the best fights of the season for 21 years. Impressive. They are called Don Cherry’s Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Hockeyand they come out every year around Christmas. How appropriate.

I can't even.


10 thoughts on “Don Cherry

  1. Lisa says:

    Don Cherry is not real. Seriously, is the hockey audience made up of 5 year olds? He looks like a character from Sesame Street or Sillyville. Maybe he appeals to the she males
    In the crowd? I pity you.

  2. OMG.. I understand my testosterone level now! lol. There is a guy that commentates for the NBA (can’t remember if it’s ESPN or what) that wears pretty fug suits. Needless to say, he has nothing on that guy.

    • LADY GAGA STARTED IT??!!??!?! Okay, well, she took it to the next, and best level.

      Defending Don Cherry’s wardrobe is inherently stupid.

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