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Gangs in Surrey

Being behind a chain-link fence is no way to live your life.

When Paul and I were in Vancouver a couple weekends ago, we watched a news special on Indo-Canadian gangs in Surrey, B.C. I found the whole thing really odd. First of all, I had never heard of Surrey, but apparently its the second biggest city in B.C. Get this, the population is 394,976 and there are approximately 200,000 Indo-Canadians living there. By the way, this is the last time I’m referring to them as “Indo-Canadians”. Too PC for my blood.

The Indian population in Surrey is great in measure, but they have a severe problem with organized crime. When I was watching this report, it surprised me. There were kids of only 15 years old in these gangs–involved with murders, theft, and drug trade.These gangs are so powerful and popular that counselors often come to the high schools to persuade kids against joining them. The growth of the gang life is so strong that now, many groups have identifiable logos and have been rated the third strongest group of criminal organization in Canada after outlaw bikers and Asians. I love how Canada still has groups of outlawed bikers. So cute.

Growing up near a relatively large city, I was used to turning on the news and hearing about drive by shootings and drugs found in someone’s car on a daily basis. But its weird for me to think of a city that has so much crime occurring and no one really talks about it. Like it’s just a normal thing. I feel bad for the kids who grow up thinking that being in a gang is something to aim for. What kind of life is that? Probably really dirty, secretive, rich, powerful, tough, fun…..

Anddddddd now I’m done feeling bad.


2 thoughts on “Gangs in Surrey

  1. Marya says:

    Maybe you can launch a sort of…Soprano-esque…type of TV series…revolving around the comings and goings of these people. What a sad town. Reminds of Rock Springs, WY…a windy, wide spot in the road in the southwestern part of the state…meth capitol of the U.S. per capita…ironic that the name of the town is ROCK SPRINGS. Leaving my home of five years in Colorado meant never having to pass through Rock Springs again…and making a pit stop at their Wal*Mart…Lest I forget!?!

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