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This content is unavailable from your location.

Seems like a good life.

You know what really grinds my gears? When certain websites don’t properly function just because I’m not in the right country. I cannot express how many times in the U.K. and Canada I have tried looking at a site, or watching a video and the dreaded “This content is unavailable from your location” would appear and ruin my day. Or at least 2 minutes of my day. Plus, isn’t that racist? What they’re saying is that only Americans can view this material online but non-US citizens can’t. Usually this wouldn’t bother me, but since I’m not in the US it does.

Why don’t they make websites work in every country? And why do some online stores only ship to select areas? And why does come up even if I type in Everything is just so gross. I’m sure some kids in Latvia would like to watch clips of the Colbert Report, but guess what? They will never see that kind of goodness. And I would bet my bottom dollar that a teenager in Argentina would love to order some clothes from J.Crew instead of wearing an alpaca sweater for 7 years. But that won’t happen either. Unless J.Crew opens a store in Buenos Aires.

So why doesn’t someone fix this problem?!  They say that the internet connects everyone and yadda yadda, but does it really?! I feel like some countries are totally missing out on major life trends. Until this internet problem is fixed, I will never be completely happy. It may look like I haven’t a care in the world, but deep, deep down my soul is somber.


10 thoughts on “This content is unavailable from your location.

  1. Marya says:

    I gave your latest blog a “five star” rating because you say what other people are thinking…or are too insecure to “put their feelings out there.” I’m wondering if certain countries have a sort of Communist regime with their internet/television selections? Think China. And, just how “broad band” and “satellite reception” are our communications systems? For example, when I lived in Spain in the mid ’80s, the HOT shows were: Dallas, KnightRider (my apologies to anyone who thinks “The Hoff” is a “Hottie.”), and Miami Vice. I’m thinking the prime minister had something to do with only allowing those shows aired during prime time. Which leads me to another topic…how much reality TV do our world leaders watch? So…I believe when “This Content is Unavailable From Your Location,” pops up on your screen, it’s because the leader in that particular country has more control than you know…and simply doesn’t want his/her people engaging in such “Tom Foolery.” No J.Crew for you Eva Peron’s great grandchildren…

    • All I know is that the Obamas don’t like Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And that’s why I want them out of the White House. I could SO see you in Spain in the 80’s.

  2. It would freak me out the first time that this happened. I’d think the government was spying on me.

    In North Korea every website must have something to do with Kim Jong Il on it. The NBA logo has his face. All Youtube videos have him doing voiceover (similar to America’s Funniest Home Videos). And a few years back whenever a Korean scene-kid would join Myspace, his first friend would be Kim Jong Il.

    But seriously, that guy needs to die soon.

    • I can’t believe its never happened to you before! Its a common occurrence for me. But I could totally see KJI doing that. Although the myspace scenario is pretty genius–he probably hasn’t thought of that one yet.

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