living in canada

Searching for a life up north? Look no further.

I assume a lot of you are interested in moving to Canada after the wonderful visual I’ve blogged for you. I went out of my way to look up some real estate to save you the trouble of hunting for your perfect Canadian home. You can thank me later…or now.

Who wouldn’t want to live in Nova Scotia (answer: everyone)? What if I sweetened the deal and told you that there are vacation houses in that frigid wasteland. Wouldn’t you want to drop whatever you were doing and pick up some highly coveted property? Imagine, while all your friends were trying to decide where to take their summer vacations, you wouldn’t have to stress! Oh geeze, I’m already set–my family has a place in Nova Scotia.


If Nova Scotia isn’t the place for you (can you really afford to be picky in times like these?), then you’re in luck!  I found one more property before I felt queasy.

On beautiful Lake Memphremagog there is a former fisherman’s shack for sale. Firstly, who wouldn’t want to live on a lake that they cannot, for the love of all that is holy, pronounce? And secondly, who wouldn’t want to say that they live in a shack? I mean, there are quality homes like these everywhere in Canada. You have to do your research. Or just walk around.



7 thoughts on “Searching for a life up north? Look no further.

    • Trust me, I would NEVER want to take that away from them. They can have it. Have you ever driven through the state of Montana or the Dakotas? We have a lot of land too. I don’t think America will ever have to worry about over-population.

  1. There’s a stranger sitting in my lap as I type this and a family keeps elbowing me in the back of the head. Don’t give me this “not to worry about over-population” crap.

    I don’t get why more people don’t live out in the great plains. I know they’re plain, but they are great, right? I’d love to live in the middle of nowhere. Then I could grow a beard and people wouldn’t make fun 😦

  2. Marya says:

    I think we should applaud the Canadians….they make “lemons out of lemonade….” they “grow where they are planted…” and they live by the addage, “no matter where you go, there you are…” Bless them.

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