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The Real Deal

The $1 coin. Isn't this everything you've ever wanted AND MORE?

So apparently the US is not the only country that makes those insane collector’s edition coins that no one actually uses–they just end up collecting dust and making you one step closer to being featured on Hoarders: Buried Alive. Canada has come out with their own, bizarre version that has been deemed important and I, for one, don’t understand why.

The Royal Canadian Mint (Really? The Canadian Mint is royal? Just because Canada is part of the commonwealth-which reminds me of welfare for some reason-doesn’t mean everything is royal. But whatevs.) is producing 5 special coins to celebrate the fact that they were the first country to have National Parks. Which is cute I guess.

The special $1 coin will be called Parks Canada Centennial Coin. SO CREATIVE. An article described the coin like so:

” intricate and detailed design features stylized land, air and aquatic fauna, varieties of flora, as well as a symbolic park building and the silhouette of a hiker framed by a snow-capped mountain range.”

A bit of a stretch. Is “aquatic fauna” even a real term?

The $2 (toonie…puke) is called the Boreal Forest Coin. What.

They are releasing 3 quarters named Wood Bison, Orca, Peregrine Falcon, respectively. I’m sure you can imagine what those will look like. Not good. And why did they only decide to make 3 quarters? Why not 4 so people could have a whole collector’s dollar? Nahhh makes too much sense/cents. Okay in all seriousness, puns are so gross.

I just did some coin research. Something that I never thought I would ever say. And I guess there is a Canadian Coin Club. Pshhahaha. They have coins that are worth up to $200. WHY would anyone ever need those. The only reason someone would use a sack of hundred-dollar coins is to give to the queen for permission to circumnavigate the globe. They would be handy if we had an apocalypse and had to use our resources to stay alive.  I guess $200 dollar coins are a pretty decent resource.


8 thoughts on “The Real Deal

  1. A collection is never any good when the items are the size of a thumb and you can’t see it properly in bad lighting.

    Why don’t people who collect coins buy something to collect? Something exciting, like stamps.

  2. Marya says:

    My son Matt has quite a collection of $1 coins. Because hoarding creeps me out…and I have been known to throw away plane tickets (pre ticketless traveling days) I am going to his room right away…Matt is currently watching the World Series…and you guessed it…taking those $1 coins…putting them in my purse and I am off to buy some Essie nail polish from our local drug store. Essie nail polish is something I collect.

    • Ooo I hear ya. Nail polishes are addictive, and honestly, worth collecting. At least you can use them over and over again. Who is Matt rooting for in the World Series? I don’t really know the rules to baseball, but I like to pretend. I’m voting Cardinals for the win 😉

      • Marya says:

        Matt is a Cardinal’s fan like it’s nobody’s business. The rest of us are rooting for the Rangers. Last night took everything out of us…that was a game. Craig on the other hand is a San Francisco Giants’ fan and is grateful they are not in the World Series this year. Too stressful. And, last year Matt’s 7th grade academic year NEVER recovered because all that late night garbage watching the World Series ended up Matt using, “I was watching my baseball team and couldn’t get my Science Packet done,” one too many times to his teachers. Hence, Matt rows crew now and his Ipod Touch is only used on the weekends. Not a sweet life for Matt….xo

  3. Pete Howorth says:

    I had a £5 coin once, all nice and big and silver. The looks I got when I tried to spend it, “You should save that” they’d say, why? Then I’m £5 down and I want a pack of cigarettes damn it. Pointless having collectors anything, because then in about 20 years time what will you do with that crap? Either give it away or throw it away.

    • Yeah its kind of awkward when you try to use rare coins (or 2 dollar bills in the states). Everyone kind of gives you that “why do you have that?” look. Forever judged.

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